7 August 2006


Looks like on top of Chinese Ghost Celebration today is also the annual Return of the HAZE!!!! Lets throw a huge party and welcome back the HAZE!!!

These pics were taken 1 hour ago in Kajang Silk Highway

A check on the Air Polution Index (API) reveals :
Tarikh : 06 Ogos 2006 (Ahad/Sunday)

STATE AREA TIME 11.00 am TIME 5.00 pm
PERLIS Kangar 52* 56c

KEDAH Langkawi 60* 63*
Alor Setar 59* 59*
Bakar Arang, Sg. Petani 76* 77*

P.PINANG USM 36* 38c
ILP, Perai 62* 61*
Seberang Jaya 2, Perai 67* 68*

PERAK Jalan Tasek, Ipoh 70* 70*
S K Jalan Pegoh, Ipoh 67* 68*
Kg. Air Putih, Taiping 74* 71*
Seri Manjung 62* 64*
Tanjung Malim 55* 108c

SELANGOR Gombak 51* 58*
Pelabuhan Kelang 63* 67*
Petaling Jaya 54* 62*
Country Heights, Kajang 55* 62*
Shah Alam 54* 61c
Kuala Selangor 72* 78*

W.PERSEKUTUAN Kuala Lumpur 53* 61*
Putrajaya 51* 60c
Labuan 35* 35*

N.SEMBILAN Nilai 62* 69*
Seremban 50* 59c

MELAKA Bukit Rambai 64* 66*
Bandaraya MELAKA 54* 58*

JOHOR Pasir Gudang 59* 61*
Larkin 51* 51*
Muar 64* 66*
Johor Bahru 52* 52*

KELANTAN Pengkalan Chepa 29* 30*
M.Sult.Ismail, K.Bharu 34* 43c

TERENGGANU Kemaman 55* 56*
Paka 39* 42*
Kuala Terengganu 46* 46*

PAHANG Jerantut 54* 55*
Indera Mahkota, Kuantan 45* 49*
Balok Baru, Kuantan 55* 57*

SARAWAK Kuching 55* 56*
Sibu 49* 46*
Bintulu 61* 63*
Miri 31* 33*
Sarikei 47* 45*
Limbang 29* 29*
Samarahan 53* 54*
Sri Aman 51* 52*
Kapit 40* 43*
Petra Jaya 53* 52*

SABAH Kota Kinabalu 31* 31*
Tawau 52* 50*
Keningau 45* 45*
Sandakan 36* 36*


API Indication No of Areas No of Areas
(11.00am) (5.00pm)
0-50 Good 16
51-100 Moderate 35
101-200 Unhealthy 0 1
201-300 Very Unhealthy 0 0
>301 Hazardous 0 0
# Technical Problem 0 0

Nota / Note
* = Habuk Halus (PM10) c = Ozon (O3)
a = Sulfur Dioksida (SO2) d = Karbon Monoksida (CO)
b = Nitrogen Dioksida (NO2) & = Lebih daripada satu pencemar


So, if you got nothing to do then :
  1. You better stay indoor as much as you can.
  2. Turn on your aircond and close all the doors and windows
  3. Ionizer and air filter will be most valueable at this time. More info click HERE if you dont know where you can get hold of an ionizer then need not to worry, you are in luck! You can get it from me!
Penguin air Ionizer, Ozonizer and HEPA Air Filter 3-in-1

Penguin 3-in-1 Ionizer, Ozonizer and HEPA Air filter

Comes with :
  • Ionizer, Ozonizer & Air Filter Unit
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 HEPA Filter
Price :
RM 120.00 (Penisular Malaysia)
RM155.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Price shown above inclusive of shipping charges.

For payment method and further details, please email to rojaks.wingz@gmail.com


  1. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Turn on air con is a no no to environmental friendly. If we really care about the earth, please visit these links:

    This short video is worth watching as well.

    I think when we are pointing fingers to the idiots who burnt the forest, it's better we take actions ourselves. We can't control idiots but we can control ourselves.

    Sorry to put all these links here. I'm so sad to see the awareness of global warming is still poor to most of us. No offence to you too, I'm speaking in general.

  2. I agree with Bryan's comment. Global warning getting worst now days. Wingz... u selling that ah? I can't to buy it also lah... anyway I talak air con also... how ler? If buy also useless ma. Poor me... will die faster coz air pollution.

  3. No air-con then die lo for poor ppl like me..

    Now only u realize haze is back ar..Since last week i ard realize coz i cant c KLCC frm my place.

  4. *cough, cough, cough* I sick liao, tiu. Either got 'dirty things' from the ghost month or the haze, the latter most probably. Penang also very hazy but why the reading so good geh? *cough, cough, cough* All I need cough, cough, cough is a good cough cough cough air ionizer but cough cough cough I got no money cough cough cough to buy one. *spit out blood* Hahaha

  5. My nose is running and my throat is squeaking... help help, i am choking

  6. here also full of haze lar...darurat jerebu...

  7. wuah! memang bisness man hor!

  8. haze is back!
    crinks alotsa water...
    not ohkaw water,not beer water,not cola water and water minute maid water. but plane...err plain water

    but don't drinks too much it can kill you!

  9. Anonymous8:14 pm

    hooooi, you think the Ioniser/air cleaner magic machine ah? State the coverage area lar!

  10. bryan : wuah paiseh leh! soli soli ... i will be more aware of this global warming issue from now on liow

    kenny ng : diuu ... pong chan abit laa sapot abit lar ... all proceeds goes to lil devil education fund wan lehh

    youngbrat : ya ler today only i saw it .... last week still normal wor

    5xmom : tulah!!! come come buy my Penguin 3 in 1 ionizer! gerenti you recover wan!

    jeemee : haha i also love aircond ... but pay bill that time poket dem sakit sial

    inevitable : tulah you dont have penguin ionizer thats why!

    ah nel : kuching also kena?

    wuching : wuahh ... where got lar ... helping my braders n sistas only jekkk

    pisang : u forgot to mention 1 thing! drink water n buy air ionizer from wingz!!!

    moo_t : aiyaks!! soli soli forgot to put tim! nvm nvm tomlo i put infos inside

  11. if i intro.. sam wan can i get discount ar?

  12. kuching lar nearest to those farking pipal burn the forest down...sial...nth else more to do mia olang...
    damn smelly...another 1998 misery...

  13. Cough cough cough. Must minum air kau kau.

    Pity the children and those with allergy to dust.


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