12 August 2006

Rojaks Weekend Treat - Intresting Funny Pictures

Weekend is here! and for most people weekend=holiday! Somehow this dont apply to me, this weekend is the same as the rest of the weekdays and i still gotta work *sigh*

Anyway .... here is a few pics i got from Ahnel which I would like to share with you guys

Towel dog, No seriously hes not a towel ... hes a dog!

How many peeple would have the balls to do this kinda haircut? or the stupidity :P

Puppy 1 to Puppy 2 : SEE? i told you it is salty!

I seen this pic before in someone's blog, HOLY SHIT!

Things we dont get to see : Spiderman in Bondage

Redefines the meaning of All Terrains Vehilcle

Hey! you mind me joining you guys for dinner?

Smells like food!!!

This pic were taken in the Sex museum in Amsterdam, Damrak St.

A Regular Scene in China

See honey? I told you bringing the kid to the zoo is a great idea!

3 buttcheeks!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics ...... remember its weekend .... spend some time with your family ok?



  1. have a good weekend too, Rojakz

  2. No weekend for me too... eh, really got that 3 buttcheeks ah?

  3. No weekend for me too... eh, really got that 3 buttcheeks ah?

  4. good holiday.... wingz....and dun work too much...

  5. nice pic, wingz ar, post more jokes ler~! haha

  6. typo : weekend i rarely post jokes one lerr, weekend ppl more releks mah .. no stress no nid jokes lor :P

  7. hehe...i wok every weekend till i forgot wat is weekend d..


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