20 August 2006

Linpeh and His Huge Farm in Amadika

A handful of us got invited to celebrate Linpeh birthday on Saturday afternoon in Cheras Leisure Mall. By the request of Linpeh ... this is a ALL-MAHLARTLOW-GATHERING and all the others mahlartlows dint wanna come bcoz they knew they aint gonna be any chicks around.

So left only 4 of us ... Me, Linpeh, Cocka and 9393 it was seriously fun, especially with Linpeh around. He got so many tales to tell.

Today he told us about his life during his migration to Amadika so many years ago (no lar so many years ago doesnt serve as an indication to how old Linpeh is today la! LOL!). I bet many of you dint know that Linpeh is an Amadikan dint you? I dint know too! not till today ....

Anyway Linpeh was telling us that once upon a time he migrated to Amadika and he bought this huge huge farm in Texas.

Linpeh : you know anot .... last time when i stay in Amadika that time i buy this farm SOOOOOO BIGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Cocka : How big?
Linpeh : SO BIG so the electricity company refused to pull their cable to supply us with electricity. They said if they pull they will rugi bcoz our farm is so big and the cables requires to run across our farm would cost millions of dollars.
9393 : then how u get power?
Linpeh : We hafta use wind power lor ... so we installed these big ass fan that will generates power as they spin.

Me : Wuah!! terror leh! own power sial!
Linpeh : Terror lehhh? then hor we got all kinda animals innit, we got horses la ... we got cows la... we got sheeps la .... we got pigs ... all the animals got their own farm wan.
Cocka : Wuah so big leh your farm!
Linpeh : Lidat u call big ka? there is more leh! We also got plant wheats lar .... soya beans la... potatos la.... apples la .... orens la ... pears la ..... grape la suma got! Every types of plant we using a few hundred acres.
9393 : Wuah bigger than KLIA ledi lor lidat!
Linpeh : That one of coz la! Then you know how we move around in the farm anot?
Cocka : you ride horse wan right? I know Texas got alot of cowboys wan.
Linpeh : oi! i kam from Mareysia wan la! mana tau ride horse? we use kapcai la! U know kapcai anot?

Cocka : i know i know but why use kapcai?
Linpeh : bcoz my farm very big mah!! use kapcai faster than use horse leh!
Cocka : ohhh lidat la ...
Linpeh : But you see hor ... even tho we using kapcai not fast enuff also ...
Me : Why why?
Linpeh : Last time hor ... i try riding my kapcai to round round my farm la .... i start in the morning from my farm house i go round my whole farm and untill the sun go down ledi i also still havent reach home yet! you say my farm big anot la!!
Me : AAHHH!!! DIU!!! lidat mia kapcai I last time also got lar!!! it also took me a whole bloody day to get home also!!!
Cocka & 9393 : KAKAKAKAKAKA !!!!

Happee Belated BIRDay lar Latuk Linpeh!


  1. good tales to a happy ending - happy belated b'day uncle linpeh

  2. texas oso got kapcai kar???y those koboi mia movie no used kapcai ehhh???lol

  3. Tank Q Tank Q! But why la you go tell all my life story to the world.Make me shy onli...pai seh la ;-)

  4. Whats this joke all about ah?
    I catch no ball leh?
    How come you no put down the teleconversation between Shirleen and 9393?
    That wan more farnie la!

  5. Anonymous12:15 pm

    You know why Lin Peh by sun set oso kenot come back to the farm? The farm so big he round until finish petrol and got to push it home.!!!


  6. LOL... kapcai, damn miss my kapcai. I still remember when I 1st come to KL, I ride my kapcai for my 1st day work I lost my way... almost 4 hours only reach my office, from Sri Petaling to nearby Parlimen need 4 hours wor... damn memperSIASUIkan. wakakakaka!!!

  7. Happy Birday to tycoon Lin Peh!

  8. Yang Berhormat Kenny ! U work parliment wan kah ! Lin Peh wan friend you for projeck la lor ! LOL!

    Aunti Lilian:
    Tank Q Tank Q !

  9. lin peh: u read carefully la... nearby la not inside parlimen. I did accidently ride into parlimen n kena block then check by police my whole kapcai lor... dem scare they will shoot me la.

  10. Linpeh :happi buttday...

    may u get a lot of pweety piaomei tis years n bcame billionaire...no need shared piao mei with me but some of ur cash when u became billionaire...lol

  11. lin peh: 9393 didn't bring some piao muis for you meh?


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