23 August 2006

This is WAR...

Knn................... ohh wanna sat lei lang me now la wingz.... eventho u my boss but i no face gip liao..

Ok... before that.. fact is..

i am exactly 112.9874736859 kg.. ok .. not 9Xx.xXx - i give credits to wing who thinks i am lighter..

The f*cking haze is back.. so not that i am not concern or somewhat but please buy a the penguin ionizer from us to booze sales..yeah right so that i can throw my f*cking quota to wingz and i can continuously insult him. Having a boss-employee relationship is not easy these days. Either i kena f*ck or he kena f*ck. So if i do my part ..he will shaddap, bent over and let me f*ck.. if not......it will be reversed roles lar..

I in dilemma now..cos hor.. i stardee until standard 3 nia.. standard 4 onwards hor..i mengemis underneath penang bridge liao geh... then of all person hor...wingz chap me back and ask me work for him geh.. so work work har... gaji little but work like cinderella... damn kesian.. bonus also gip 1/8 bulan oni wo.. tns.... reason he gave: cos 1 = must and 8 = luck ...... so Achelli i wanna quit my job geh.. but...no one else wanna employ me woh... so no choice ler.. i am telling this cos wingz cannot simply fire me mar.. if not i will labour law him woh...


Ok.. i tell u sumthing lar.. for some reason, my boss wingz like to spend time in pharmacy geh... sometimes he even so pin tai go stalk all the piao mei with short skirt and take pichure also.. u think he so damn good ar.. abor you think he go shooting range for fun ar? he achelli wanna practise mata only geh..

So that day hor.... he saw this damn super chick working at this pharmacy la (name and location of pharmacy not mentioned just incase), so wing... stim dy geh.. beh tahan dy.. so he approach her asking for condom la.. (to want her to think he is good and practise safe sex geh)

Wingz: Wei piao mei... i wan buy condom ler.. *make shy face*
Staff: neh choose yourself lerrrr *points to the variety
Wingz: but but but...... i dont know wo... my size so big.. u sure this sizes all can fit or not..
Staff: *bit malu and blushing dy* harrrrrrrrrrr....
Wingz: like this ler... you put your hand it and testing 1st ler.. then u suggest the size for me ok?
Staff: ok la..
*wingz face light up with delight.. and make high high dei mia face*
**staff put her hand in and mor mor abit**
***she then quickly took her hand out***
Wingz: keng lehh... keng lehh... how ah piao mei.. i damn big hor.. ???
Staff: hmmpph... i know what to recommend you dy....
*packs a few 'special packaging' looking condoms in a plastic back and tut tut the cash machine'

***siaran tergendala***

My boss say if i tell what happen.... i will kena fired woh...f*ck larr..
^according to labour law, if boss instruct liao... then if still do means integrity issue woh.. so... have to obey woh... knn^

tiu...... this linpeh also another one la... i asking for bek up here he dunno go where.. then he jadi batu api summore say i fat woh..... that day in the office there i mopping floor he suddenly come step step with his dirty shoe.. then purposely spit inside boss mia drink wo..

My boss also never say anything..... i think he black magik my boss ... i think he gip wingz kkj kuk fan (normally known as nasi himpit cipap...but.. linpeh got nasi himpit kkj only).. no wonder my boss no scold him ler.. sales he do also like sh*t..

ish.. if you all wan to know the ending of the scene in the pharmacy only if one thing happen... the comment for this post hit over 100... power of the community mar.. no bek up...i will kena tiao.. got bek up.. my boss has to bend over.. ngkkakakaka


  1. Anonymous2:45 am


    9x.xxxkg de leng lui, tell mi the whole story pls

  2. kam kam bet who will win this war...
    kam kam bet bet.....

  3. Anonymous6:15 am

    i buy wingz lose! wahahhaa boss tai sai ar! :P

  4. I wanna know I wanna know!!!!!

  5. heard of war later george boob oso kam...shhhh...

  6. did i smell gun powder? eh, Shireen... is this real war ah? Tell the whole story la, kekeke.

  7. Wah..wana fight wit ur bos meh..Ur bos kkj dam big 1 wo..Piao mei aso 'scare' wit it..Better bcareful

    *OK, i support u to finish da setori

  8. Anonymous9:03 am

    i thot your boss ask u to rasa his kkc then sent you to buy the condom for him? no meh? he told me wan wor.

  9. ok ok . count me in.. tell me the ending story please...!

  10. Tell us the ending la!

  11. Anonymous10:56 am

    jibet wings,
    ngai tag 9 ngee hoi!

  12. I like war especially bolog war. But this is so spesel because the war happen in the same bolog!!! Go go go Shiren!

  13. Sounds very scandalous indeed. Haha!

  14. Anonymous11:10 am

    wah...war arr....?

    of cos I stand on sis side ler...

    *shireen K sis*

  15. anony/dawn/patrick: aiyerr...... can tell story .. wait till finish 100 1st ler..

    pisang: wah u .. side business ar.. must give me 20% wan woh?

    nel: let him come ler

    kenny: shhhhhhh gun powder... not yet...

    young brat: yah lo yah lo.. piao mei also sked

    pek: dun simply say ar... later jais kam after me...

    lilian: yah 100 nia..

  16. chey.. u all wan know the story.. but no point also la... TNS. my boss say integrity woh.... tiaoooo.... fast fast make 100 comment then it will act as petition liaooo.. FASTTT

  17. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Yes, do tell us what happen next...

  18. Anonymous12:37 pm

    wuahaha..perang blog ar? I put side bet la, siapa bookie?? Pisang ka??

    Got tell the ending stori anot jek??

  19. Anonymous1:09 pm

    yay war....war...the stori dem kan cheong man...kekkekke..er..if i prebetly msn u..u will tell me anot?..tell lar...

  20. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Am anticipating...

    Btw, i really like your style of blogging.... Cute!

  21. Anonymous2:49 pm

    fast fast la...not even close to 50 yet...

  22. ok ok pisang, shireen : winz, i bet 1:0

  23. aiyerr... not even 1/4 ler... no point .. i have to discuss the appointment of my bookie 1st la..

    eve: prebet msg also i kenot tell.. integrity issue.. fai si kena fired.

    anony: u like my style i also like you ler... must leave contact so i can siong tai with u mar..

    angryman: u say leh?

    patrick: eyer pat pat.. i really like u ge jekk...

  24. let him kam later ohsama oso kam...lol

  25. Lin Peh sokong itu shireen will win because she fatter than Wingz ! Timbang kati oso she will win wan !LOL!

  26. Anonymous6:21 pm

    linpeh so mean la...aiyo...sampai 100 komen mei jek?...

  27. Anonymous6:22 pm

    linpeh so mean la...aiyo...sampai 100 komen mei jek?...

  28. Anonymous7:19 pm

    maybe the piao mei giv him the smallest size of condom XD 71 comments to go! GO! GO! GO!

  29. wingz go mega sales at pharmacy ah? buy backside phangchooi, buy spesel kkc cover, summore buy what jek? tell all la, shireen. ;)

  30. Wah, Wingz so fierce ah??? Kick his ass, serene!!!!!

  31. ishhh .. 29 nia ar??? too bad ler..
    i shud be waiting for angryman to 9 9 flood this comment box..

  32. Anonymous9:22 pm

    31st comment...*waiting patiently*

  33. Anonymous12:03 am

    Am I allowed to post 80 comments? =D

  34. cav: Can.. almost welcome.. ahahhah if not.. too bad ler... i cant hold on to it any longer... if another post come in.. that's it loh!!!

  35. again!!!

    sien loh. 60 more to go.

  36. Anonymous12:49 am

    fast fast lo...
    my kkj also cannot tahan lo
    it also want to know the story...

    later i go to the phramacy find that piao mei

  37. Anonymous12:59 am


    really need 100 meh?
    cannot discount for us meh?

    the sales-rep also give u a 70% discount for the digital weighing machine lo

  38. Anonymous1:09 am

    tomorrow my piao jie birthday
    give discount la

  39. Anonymous1:10 am

    the day after tomorrow no 1 birthday liaw
    so give discount oso la

  40. Anonymous1:28 am

    wah ... so many people here wan to know the story ah... all also tiko....

  41. errr... i wish i could... 100 it has to be.. if not... i will get fired woh... unless u all wanna adopt me ler

  42. jason : i lap u long long time and also your camera.. :X

  43. Baru 50 comments..No scare la..Just post up da full story.

    "Lin Peh sokong itu shireen will win because she fatter than Wingz ! Timbang kati oso she will win wan"

    U sure win sama tu Wingz punya..He wun dare fire u.If fire liao, who help him go sell his product??

  44. Anonymous1:29 pm

    please resume the siaran tergendala

  45. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Lai I Help!

  46. Anonymous1:55 pm

    again =D

    Facts - No matter how hard elephants try to jump, they will never succeed.

  47. Anonymous1:56 pm


  48. Anonymous1:57 pm

    ... this is getting tiring...

  49. Anonymous1:57 pm

    T_____T God help help us

  50. Anonymous1:59 pm

    .... how many more to go?

  51. WAH Lau eh.. 100 comments ah??? Dam potong stim la... now only 59..im the 60th comments.. need another 40.. quick quick put comments here for story to cuntinue

  52. fat sang meh se??

  53. sien la tell la

  54. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Eh, not yet reach 100 ar? Faster tell lah. Too long suspense afterwards joke not funny liao

  55. Quote:"Inevitable said...
    I like war especially bolog war. But this is so spesel because the war happen in the same bolog!!! Go go go Shiren!"

    LoL!!! Pls tell us what's in that box laaaaaaaaa....

  56. Anonymous9:52 pm

    GO GO GO

  57. Anonymous12:23 am

    walan neh, so long liao, still cannot get 100 comments ar?

    mo man tai, i cum and hep u

    comment comment comment

  58. Anonymous12:42 pm

    alady 3 day liaw...

    those comdoms brought by wingz oso
    fa mou lo

    fast fast to 100 lo...

    left 30++ more comments only...

  59. 70th comment.....

    i oso wanna noe wat happen next.....5D5D reach 100 leh....

  60. shireen k, u better tell us the interesting ending one once u had reach ur target ya! else...hmph.. dont support u liao!!

  61. belum 100 comments ah? so slow la, okok... i add in another 1.

  62. i promise wont broken geh.. i got hau chi geh...

    but 9 9 also 70 oni la..

  63. Anonymous1:29 am

    weiiii no more komens dy ar... reach until 73 dy ar? aiyer... earlier I left komens... mou geh??

    c'mon la... be sporting la... fill it up to 100.....100 +++++ oso nemind la....


  64. Anonymous2:49 pm

    I wanna know the ending also! Quickly add the comment box!!!! 100 here we comezzzz!!!!

  65. i wanna know too! =D


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