28 August 2006

The Weekend Father and Son Time Alone

WARNING : This post might bored certain people to death, if you are not a family kinda person, you might wanna skip reading this post. Others aunties, uncles and married couples please proceed at own risk.

Kids grow up dem fast, hes no longer a baby now ... it was just like yesterday when i have him in my arms but hes walking and running by himself now. I m glad he still want me to carry him around most of the time ... give him another 2 years he will refuse to lemme carry him anymore.

I took the liberty to spend as much time as I could afford with him, watching him grow and monitoring his tranformation from a toddler to a boy. Every moment we spent togehter is precious and whenever i have the chance i would wanna record it down and remind myself that my boy is growing up.

Eventually he will leave us, I do not wanna blame myself for not spending enough time with him. I guessed most fathers do not realise this untill its too late, I do not wanna be one of them.

Hes kinda rebellious even at this young tender age .... I really gotta keep an eye on him just to make sure he do not turn out to be a burden to the society.

I seen too many parents neglected their kids spending most of their time pursuing money and at the end of the day... money wont do them any good either, but sad to say that most parents still do not see this and continue to follow the same path. I want my kid to tell all his frends "me and my father do lotsa stuffs together wan"

We went to the playground today ..... he really enjoyed himself.

Lil Devil at the swing

he called himself "monkey" .... great! now i got a Lil Monkey Devil.

hes trying to hold on to the monkey bar for as long as he could .....

Thats my son :)

Lil kids can think too you know? seen here is my lil devil going into deep thots ... I think hes wondering whats for dinner tonite lol!

Hi! Ahpah!

Lil Devil on a Slide

Lil Devil in a tunnel

Hes aint a burden, Hes my son!



  1. awwww... wingz.... u r very good father... ill teach u some magic so u can teach ur son how to do it as well, but u must need to wait until i expert 1st, kekkeke...

  2. Wuah,u dem sentimental hor? Run fast-fast go back and blog, me and my sons post oso.

  3. One of those heart-warming stories from you. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

  4. Wah, so sentimental and heartwarming ar? Sob!

  5. you wan to buy rotan ah? i got sell. 50 sen one. guarantee can make a good son out of him wan.

  6. Anonymous10:33 am

    Money is very thing friend.

    If money kennot buy everything then I m sorry u had look at the wrong place!

    Poor man like me need money just to fill my stomach.

  7. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Lil Devil big liao. Time for number 2. Faster!!! Must beat 5xmom!

  8. JJ : good father anot later when he grow up ledi then we will know ler

    5xmom : weekend mah ... weekend is family post etc..

    twisted heels : yea i dont have much post lidis lol

    howsy : sometime hafta pretend to be sensitive only girls like wan mahh lolol!

    ahpek : rotan i got stock one ... now every room also got rotan, just grab and weck!

    anonymous : well .. u r entitled to your own opinion rite? there is no right or wrong answer, only got different ways of looking at the problems.

  9. Your post so touching, your wife got cry or not?? The world will be a better place with more sensitive new age man like Wingz superdad. Hope you son grows up to love his daddy very much and make him very very proud too!

  10. aawwwww....You are such a sweet and thoughtful dad. Psstt...got wollap before onot?

  11. i wanna hug your son, hehehe... no no, i'm not paedophile, no worries O=)

  12. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Sigh... yeah, they do grow very fast don't they? One minute they're newborns, next they crawling all over and soon they're walking. Sometimes, I wish they don't grow that fast.

  13. wingz..so sentimental..so nice ah pah..

  14. Anonymous12:52 pm

    *pats on the back* good [strike]boy[/strike] dad.. good [strike]boy[/strike] dad..

    oh ya... u gotta make sure that JJ dun magically dissappear ur son.. later.. ish.. reappear in kukujiao.com's.. touch wood first..

    ehh.. i remember u got dogs rite?? i think i never see pics of ur dogs.. post some la! =)

  15. Anonymous4:47 pm

    i know its kinda late to give comment now ( outdated ma! ) but being the onli child i understand how hollow it can be when parents r not around when i need them the most..they dont really undertsand me either..its getting better tho..

    if i were yr lil devil..I'L LOVE U FOREVER ( papa )


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