8 August 2006

Rojaks in eBay - Penguin 3 in 1 Air Ionizer, Ozonizer and HEPA Filter

Dont Let Haze Ruin Your Health!!

I thought I should do a proper post about this or else people might think i m just kidding. Lately cari makan manyak susah and my Google Adsense kena sabotage over and over again by some nice guy whose hobby is to ruin Lil Devil Education Fund.

Therefore I decided that I should go into e-trading .... hope you flers will gimme sapot!!!

I have been using this Air Ionizer, Ozonizer and Hepa Filter for the past 1 year and I must say it is a very reliable product. (1 year of testing ledi and its still running)

This is the post where i talked about some other ionizer produced by the same company on 12th August 2005.

Left : New HEPA Filter Right : Dirty HEPA Filter

This is how dirty the HEPA filter is after a few days of use during last year's haze days.

This is how the Filter works:
  • HEPA filter (white): It has a filtration efficiency of 99.97% to particles lager than 0.3μm. It can stop small particles coming through with high-efficiency (dust collection function.)
  • Activated carbon filter (black): adsorbs smoke and odors.
  • Low temperature catalyst filter (green): adsorbs and decomposes harmful gases including formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc.
  • Anti-bacterial filter (grey): it has broad-spectrum antibacterial effects and can restrain the growth and reproduction of Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria. It also has a precautious effect to influenza virus.
Features :

  1. Negative-ion (Ionizer) : Cleans your air and freshen through the production of abundant negative-ions, which can remove airborne contaminates, such as smog, pollen or dust. They are helpful to improve the lung capacity and hemoglobin containment, and also have a precautious effect to respiratory disease. The negative-ion is called “vitamin in the air”. But there are only 0.2-2 billion negative-ions in the room, which are very inadequate comparing with that of outdoor. This machine can produce high-density negative-ion to improving the indoors air quality.
  2. Ozone (Ozonizer) : Produce ozone (0.04ppm), which can kill the harmful bacterium and virus in the air and prevent diseases.
  3. Air Freshening function: Dispense floral fragrance to make you refreshed and relaxed (Optional)
  4. 5-stage HEPA filter system: Filtrating the air through five stage air filter system. It has a filtration efficiency of 99.97% to particles larger than 0.3μm. The filter system can eliminate smoke, harmful gases (formaldehyde, carbon, monoxide, etc.) and odors, absorb and decompose harmful bacterium in the air, thus reduce the air pollution and provide clean air in the home.
  5. Easy to handle: The operating mode are displayed on the LCD screen, telling you what kind of mode your ionizer is currently on.
  6. Auto timer setting : under this mode the ionizer will operate for 20 minutes and stop for 40 minutes, power saving and prolonged the life of your ionizer .
Product dimension : 260mm x 250mm x 170mm
Coverage Area : 25m²/269ft²
Air flow Volume : 70m³/Hour

The same unit were also made by the same company to be supply to Disneyland, it gotta be of high quality products for Disneyland to be willing to purchase this to be resale to their customers right?

Here is what you gonna get in your package :

  1. The Ionizer,Ozonizer and Air Filter unit
  2. 1 power adapter
  3. 1 HEPA Filter
All this for only RM120.00 (Peninsular Malaysia) and RM150 (Sabah & Sarawak) Price inclusive of Delivery via Poslaju Package Service.

Please email me at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com for more information.

To prove I m serious I even post the Penguin 3 in 1 ionizer up for sale in eBay :




  1. so hazey these days.. high time to get 1. ok boss, i ambik satu!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Ok, ahwingz...I want 2 units. Confirm delivery and payment later. Thanks.

  4. OK, gua ambik satu jugak. 'Cos I hear clean air = less wrinkles. LOL.

  5. can sponsor me or not? i help promote la.. :P

  6. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Oklah I want one also

  7. Anonymous5:04 pm

    You forget to put the air cleaner coverage area again, only your ebay post state it. 25sq meter, that is 5x5m or 15x15ft room.

    Personally I can confirm this thing works. It will shorten your cold recovery, improve the air quality,blah blah blah.

    Please take note that you must maintain it properly. Replace filter every 2-3 months and clean the cover rapidly.

    Reminder : DO NOT ACTIVATE the OZONISER feature. It did more harm than good for you. In a close room, the increase concentration of ozone is hazardous to your lung.

    p/s: I am not hinting to people using ozoniser to kill ;)

  8. Anonymous5:09 pm

    For little devil health, Wingz should remove the ozone features from your penguin.


  9. ignore my comment earlier..

    yup.. i'll get 1.. more details later..

  10. as i do smoke... with or without also same right? kekeke. actually i wish to have but i really can't affort, i'm nearly broke now. soli brader... maybe i can promote for u.

  11. Anonymous5:32 pm

    ar tiu ... sell mud 7 la ...

    just use the handkerchief and cover nose ma ok liao lo ... save alot man, economy not that good these days ...

  12. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Got warranty or not?

  13. wah?? selling something ah? hahaha..come holiday at kk. haze free at the moment. Free accomodation. I have many pets. I think they don't mind sharing.

  14. take Shireen's bra cover the face ok ledi lah. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. take Shireen's bra cover the face ok ledi lah. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. sengkor : ok will call u to confirm on delivery date of your order

    Kw : wuah 2 units??!!! Tenkiu tenkiu!

    5xmom : ok ok ... errr satu enuff meh? penang so hazy worr

    KY : wuah want sponsor mehhh pokai lar me lidat

    the angel : I got your address ledi ... will send out once i received your confirmation

    moo_t : ozonizer is useful when you wanna remove odors from your room and the concentration is only 0.04ppm so kira very safe ledi.

    crazygrrl : ok u gimme your address ok?

    kenny ng : wuah if yuo no money then who got money wor? Buy ledi will be healthier mah! haze come also no sked wat? knot measure health with money one ger worr

    earl-ku : wuah want say lidat meh? ppl mau business mah .... sapot lar sikit ...

    bryan : got!!

    mirror : very soon the haze will goto KK ledi liow ... faitit buy now so later tarak regret lol!

    cocka : wah lau eh shirleen bra not hygienic lar

  17. wingz... aiyo... u dunno how poor am I now ah? This month my balance money oso not enaugh to buy 1 from u la... just paid my final part time study fee n convo fee, all gone liao... cham!!! u now sell it for ur lil devil education fund, i'm from poor family la... wat fund oso talak, have to sendiri panai panai la. At least I complete my degree at this old age, now start from zero la...

  18. Anonymous12:27 am

    Soli la bro, I got one ledi at home.

  19. eh, you posted $90 at ebay and $120 here. Mana boleh! sell cheap cheap lah!!! I love to have one too.

  20. mirror :wahhh..kk no haze mer?how kam kuching here seem like heaven had smoke everywhre...

    intiunisial now harvesting n they start burning the jungle thats y...

  21. i live on contaminated air. once purified, i die faster.

  22. good lor this thing.
    better than those WATER BASED SMELLY turtle ionizer!

  23. cocka: dun make me slap u ar

    wingz: my bra is dirty is because u soiled it.. that day u pinjam my bra to lastik your neighbour right

  24. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Wingz, check the document in my URl, where it say :

    Why is it Difficult to Control Ozone Exposure with an Ozone Generator?

    All I wanted to say is, handle with care. Since people tend to "fire and forget",so it is better not to use the ozone features.

  25. I wan 1 too...now megasale..got dicount or not?? warranty how long??


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