22 August 2006

Shireen K and the Digital Weighing Machine

Am I the only one who thinks its farking hot & stuffy in KL today??!!! My left eye starts to tears since this morning ..... mch thanks to the farking haze!!! The haze is here!!!! Dont go out! Stay indoor!!! and of coz get yourself an Air Filter Cum Ionizer to clean the air in your house!

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Last week me and Shireen K was at this manufacturing exhibition where we stumbled upon a company displaying their range of weighing machines, we went in to take a look ....

Shireen was quite impressed with one of the particular model, its a state-of-the-art digital weighing machine, she was pressing all the buttons and turning the dials on that machine trying to figure out how it works.

Outta no where suddenly a Sales-rep jumped out and approached her :

Salesrep : Miss you got high taste! this is our latest state of the art digital weighing machine! its not even in the market yet but I see you so interested with this machine ... why dont you stand onnit and give it a try? if you like it then i give you 70% discount! Just for you!
Shireen : 70%??!!! Dunwan ler .... i shy ler ....
Salesrep : no nid shy ler .... I promised i wont look at the digital display, no one will know your weight wan!
Shireen : Dunwan ler ... shy ler .... later everyone knows my weight!
Salesrep : ok ok i give you this musking tape la ... you cover the display so no one will know except you ok?
Shireen : Musking tape ar? sure knot see after tape?
Salesrep : Knot see la!! the tape dem thick wan how to see thru it?
Shireen : Ok lor .... you promise not to peek hor!!
Salesrep : I promise! I wont peek!

Shireen then take the tape and stick it over the digital Display, she stand onnit then nothing happened ....

Shireen : Eh eh ... why nothing happening one?
Salesrep : oh i forgot to tell you ... you gotta turn it on first wan! nehhh.. press the red button to turn it on
Shireen : This red button izzit?
Salesrep : yar yar that button ... press and see

Shireen pressed the button whereupon a VERY LOUD digital voice from within the machine announced "Your Weight is Ninety XXXX Kilograms."


MCH! that Salesrep dem bad hor??!!!! *Hide one korner continue luffing*


  1. Anonymous12:45 am

    HaHa! so bad la the sales rep, real story or u bluff geh! haha funny as usual keep the good stuffs coming in

  2. haha... ur blog is cool :) LOL!

  3. hahaha... that's a good one!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:48 am

    WUAHAHAHAA....WUAHAHAHAHA...90 kilo plus ar?? then she heavier or you jek?

  5. Anonymous2:40 am

    90 only ah? hehehe. joke also must extreme sikit ma... put la 110kg or something ;P

  6. i tot d salesrep gv her 70% diskaun coz he knew after she weight on it the machine spoild d...lol

  7. Wakakakaka!!! No need display but got voice, that's cool.

  8. i think u r da salesperson lo..Coz u wana balas dendam ma :P

    Btw, dat weighing machine look so fragile.

  9. bwahaha....

    *spam: a smiley a day*cough*cough*spam*

  10. Anonymous10:35 am

    tsk tsk tsk....shireen shireen...sungguh tak patut wingz buat u gini ye...but but...fight bek la...now this we have to see..keep it kambing wingz n shireen..


  12. Shireen K:
    Wingz calling u FAT FAT FAT FAT !!!! Tiu Him ! Tiu Him ! LOL !LOL!

  13. Shireen K said...

    10:56 AM

    Lolz .......

  14. You 2 very 'kap' lah... kakakaka

  15. nowadays the mesin semua people can use wan - if kenot read, then can hear mah.

  16. no wonder so high tech.. haha

  17. OMG SEI! i would KILL the slimy sales rep! carry him up there and weigh him! damn bad!

  18. Anonymous5:27 pm

    It's a very complex weighing machine! I am sure it's not a cheaper one!


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