28 August 2006

Birthday Wishes for Lisa(SCB)

If you still remember our friend SCB (Lisa) who went into comma in April'06 leaving behind a 7 yrs old daughter, well ... her birthday is around the corner (5th Sept 2006) and 9393 organised a little project to wish her a Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery.

To take part in this meaningful project, please head on to this BLOG and follow the instructions there.

Tenkiu for your participation.



  1. Bruder is everybody project, i only GuLi as Lin Peh use to call himself.

    U also very special just ask u to create the post, u without hesitation u had kau dim olidi.

    SCB sure muak u 9 9 when she ok

  2. i'm in but i nvr done any recording before ler but i wil try my best...


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