20 August 2006

A Week With Little Ethan

This fler is very very very very cute!!! Everytime i see him i wanna pinch his chubby face!!! Hes very notti too! cant sit down quietly wan ... everytime he sees me poiting the camera at him he will run and hide!! So, its not easy to take his pictures

Anyway due to popular demand I gonna post some of the pictures i took while we are having dinner at Tsui Village Restaurant at Low Yat Plaza on Friday.

2 Lil Devils in a chinese restaurant

See what see?

You cant catch me!!!

The Killa Look

I got Milk! You dont have!

You say cute anot?!!!! Wat you waiting for??? fast fast go make one as cute as Ethan la!!!! FAITIT!!!!

Anoder community projek by Rojaks Daily to expand the total populations of Malaysia.


  1. Anonymous1:17 am

    Wa, very cute indeed.

  2. wahhh - cute cute...beh tahan

  3. hehe...chubby nye...

    no gf how to make???u got supply o not???lol

  4. Anonymous4:05 pm

    very cute lah. i also want one.

    eh, wingz, do you know that because of the increasing human population, all countries are encouraging family planning. You know lah, world resource getting less from day to day mah. Only one country encourage more and more birth. BOlehland lah of course.

    But, i couldn believe wingz also endorse this. astaga.


  5. *pinch**pinch*

    I want Jayden to be liddis!!!

  6. ace: faster make one laaa

    foodcrazee : eh faster go make

    ahnel : mch u so hansem how can no gf??

    ricadoe : i sapot vision 2020 mah ... we kena reach 70 million population by 2020 u know?

    sasha : u kena dye jayden mia hair to gold kaler ler lol


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