17 August 2006

Linpeh & Cocka the Garmen Workers

One day Ahpek was waiting for his frend at this petrol stesen while sipping a can of coke, he then noticed there is 2 flers digging at the side of the road .... 1 of them is digging and anoder fler is about 10 feet behind the 1st fler filling back the hole with the dirt which were just dug out by the 1st fler a few minutes ago.

On seing this Ahpek very curious, he walks up to them and asked them :

Ahpek : Oi! what you 2 fler doing here ar? 1 fler dig hole .. the other fler covering back the hole ... u 2 fler got nothing better to do ka?
Linpeh : We are working for the garmen, we just doing our work oni la.
Cocka : Yalar! we work for bandaraya under landscaping wan and our job is to plant tree.
Ahpek : Plant what tree? Where is the tree?
Linpeh : aiyah! this is you all mia fault also! You all always komplen komplen we garmen workers derno how to do work! But now we working u also komplen ....
Cocka : Yala u all only know how to komplen oni la! next time ask us properly what we doing first then only komplen mah.
Ahpek : Yala! i ask ledi lar just now .... i dont see any tree here .... where is the tree?
Linpeh : You see ... our team got 3 members wan ... my job is to dig hole, then Sengkor job is to plant the tree and Cocka will put the dirt back in.
Cocka : But this Sengkor on emergency leave today .... even tho Sengkor not here today dat doesnt mean me and Linpeh kenot do our job wan mah! rite anot? we dunwan you all say we garmen workers only know how to snake!
Linpeh : Yala ... so please dont kacau us doing our job ok? we want fast fast finish here then go yum char later.
Ahpek : MCH!!! ini majiam also can??!!!



  1. tats y they onli hired their own family members... ;)

  2. is this call 'Apa maciam pun boleh jalan'??

    Lu tarak saya pun boleh keja, tapi tarak betul saja ma..Salah mai re-do lo

    Is this the ISI TERSIRAT?

  3. garmen workers r the same everywhere!

  4. Hehehe Love how you always manage to link the other 3 felar..

  5. Wahahaha... typical 'Bandaraya' work, they always do double works coz almost the same incident in the story. Nice joke!!!

  6. Anonymous9:49 am

    So out of the 3, which one should a girl choose to marry??...The answer is Sengkor, cos the other two only dig, dig...but Sengkor can put tree inside the hole!!! Ha ha ha!

  7. That is true, we do sometime work without thinking like both of them in the blog...Hahahah...

    Boss pass us a job, we not understand then ask him why like that like that lah! then he reply that : " I ask you to do then u do lah, ask so much!"
    u r not suppose to ask the boss "Why" and only boss can ask "Why" to his staff!!KNS
    or maybe the boss also dont know why because boss's boss pass the job to him and he pass the job to us without knowing..."Why"

    and it end up the blog like this 2 fella loh! hahhahaa...

  8. Anonymous10:57 am

    Just saw the MCH municipal councils "upgrade and repair" those raod divider that still in good condition. Cause lots of traffic problem and waste our tax money.

  9. Kannot kritisise them wan...they always correct, we always wrong wan.

  10. Anonymous11:23 am

    wuahahaha..mission uncompleted !! End up doing nothing..lidat better go yum char la.

  11. Anonymous12:19 pm

    moo_t : Same here lah, ask to rule the council and then waste money doing all the useless flower here flower there jobs. Now somemore want to control the water supply in Penang.

    -sked eat kari lice auntie-

  12. ah pek, linpeh, cocka, sengkor. and wingz is having meeting in parliament debating where to dig next???


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