5 August 2006

Phuket Island : Food Guide

The first thing you should do when you arrive in Phuket, is to rush to the nearest 7-11 (they got heaps of 7-11 in Phuket! HEAPS!!) and grab yourself a dozen of this :

Minute Maid Orange Juice

Minute maid Splash Orange Juice!!! THE BESTEST Orange juice in TEH WORLD!!!! I never never taste any orange juice as tasty as Minute Maid is! All the orange juice in Malaysia and Singapoh also no fight!!! Simply the best!!! trust me on this! I no tim you wan! Sommo price also very cheap ... ranging from 10 bath ~ 13 bath (RM1.00~RM1.30)

Note : The minute maid we have here in msia (sold in McD) are not anywhere near the taste of the Minute maid in Phuket! Dun take my word for it! try it for yourself! its only RM1 each! what do you gotta lose? :P

Over the period of 4 days and 3 nights I bought almost 36 bottles of Minute Maid Orange Juice for the 3 of us.


Ok, lets move on to food .... first is fruits! This is the way they sell Rambutan .. on the back of a pickup truck.

Those rambutan are without stems and branches ... they are stipped naked from all those unedible rubbish and only left with the fruit itself. As you can see in this pics ... the truck are filled to the brim with rambutans.

I dint know how much per kilo bcoz I m not fond of fruits myself.


Sala Thai Resort and Restaurant

Spaghetti : 89 Bath (RM8.90)

Pizza : 140 bath (RM14) Very big portion!

Surf n Turf with whole Lobster : 320 bath (RM32.00)

Verdict :
  • Food is very very tasty, great value for money!
  • Service is superb! (they even took the liberty to switch their TV to cartoon network specially for Lil Devil)
  • Cozy and relaxing ambient with plenty of water features around the restaurant.
Almost excellent!! A definitely MUST GO if you are in Phuket.

I like this restaurant so much I even scanned the map out for you, I strongly recomend Sala Thai Resort and restaurant!

Tantawan Seafood Restaurant

This is what lured me into this restaurant, The Rock lobster I had the night before in Sala Thai Restaurant.

The place looks good in the beginning, it was drizzling outside so we got ourself a table indoor.

It was so stuffy and humid, it makes us felt very uncomfortable. The air ventilation in this restaurant is near to non existance.

Lil Devil Stir Fried Kuey Teow 90bath (RM9.00) Very delicious!!! Their kuey teow are totally different from the one you find in our country. Theirs have more texture innit and taste better too!! A must try in Phuket!

Fried Rice : 80bath (RM8.00) This one so-so only .... I really prefer the rice from Bangkok which is more starchy and they have a better texture.

Set Dinner : Lobster Salad with Grilled seafood served with butter rice 250 bath (RM25) the lobster salad is good but the buttered rice cant do justice and the seafood are a not as tasty as it looks.

The variety of seafood you can choose from(price shown here is inclusive of the cooking service charge)



I tried looking for their map but suprisingly they arent anywhere in the map, if you wanna go just tell the tuk-tuk guy that they located are in THAWINGWONG RD.

Verdict :
  • Great value for money! (even better than Sala Thai)
  • Food : So-so ... go for the Kuey Teow!
  • Service : Average
  • Ambient : Noisy (they got this live band playing and ... )


Breakfast is free of coz ... courtesy of The Andaman Beach Suites

Since its free instead of judging I will just be making honest sincere statement only ok?

Choices are kinda limited, you get pastries, salad bar, juices, eggs counter, fruits and some local delicacies. The taste? lets just say I m never fond of hotel's food.

Their service is excellent! they even helped me carrying my Lil Devil around and help him get his croissant etc ... something i never experienced in Msia.

My first cuppa coffee for the day and of coz its free flow.

Lil Devil's 1st cuppa orange juice for the day, still half awake looking like a zombie.

The citric acid in the orange juice (sourness) helps
waking him up entirely! Look how awake he is now!

The usual stuffs, eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, toasts etc ....
Hey its free ok?! dun komplen!


Come to think of it, this is the only proper lunch we had in Phuket. Most of the time we were running around the place and we rarely have time to sit down and take a proper lunch.

I really derno where is this place and what it is call, we just tell our guide that we are hungry and he bought us to this place, which he claimed is good and cheap

Lobsters again!!!! YUMMY!!!

Lil Devil dominating the whole coconut to himself.

The view from our table. btw, its drizzling out there.

To show to you how fresh their seafood is, right after we place
our order ... they send someone to catch the fish!

I dunno whether its me or what but the cucumber in Phuket and the most crunchiest i even eaten! Its the same everywhere ... they are bloody crunchy! not like those we get in our nasi lemak ... soggy and looks like shit.

This time the fried rice is not bad, that day we are all starving so basically I got no time to look at the menu or to check out the price tag so, i dunno how much is this fried rice but very big portion!

Big big prawn, weighing more than 100gm each! very fresh and very tasty.

Shweet and Sahwer Fish fillet (safe for Lil Devil mah, no bones)

If I m not mistaken .... the bill come up to somewhere like 600bath (RM60) lidat.

Verdict :
err ... no point for me to judge them also .... not that i can tell you where they are lol!


There are 2 Subway fastfood restaurant in Phuket, this one opens for 24 hours a day

Nice place to sit down, take a break and rest for a while after
rounding the whole shopping areas for a few times.

Of coz Lil Devil will also get his daily dose of ice cream la .... holidei mah!

Another ice cream parlour ... this one claimed to be Italiano Home made icecream

The varieties!!!

I think i should stop taking piktures of Lil Devil ledi .....
hes turning into a camwhore liow

Phuket own Spesel Donuts!! Somehow i cant help but thinking
they looks like something else ... something not very edible ...



Being an Ahpek myself everytime i have chance to get outta Msia I will definitely go checkout their McD one! .... Jakun mah!

Msia McD sucks! McDs in Phuket got sell lotsa different varieties of burger and other kinda food ... all we ever have is Grill Beef FARKover!

This is THE only McD in Phuket (i'd been told)

They have a different uniform compares to us in Msia.

Samurai Pork Burger

Pork Burger!!!! SAMURAI PORK BURGER!!! HOW COOL IS THAT??!!! Value meal with Large Coke and Fries 115bath (RM11.50) It taste just like the Prosperous Beef Burger we have in Malaysia during Chinese New Year.

Fastfood in Phuket are not cheap .... in fact they are more expensive than the one we have in Malaysia (now you know why our McD sucks huh? cheap mah! what you expect lar! LOL!)

Map to McD Phuket

McD's Menu for Value meals

This place is seriously packED!!! over 70% of the customers in that place is angmoh! lemme rephrase that ... over 70% of everyone in Phuket is angmoh!

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Another fastfood chain i m sure to try everytime i go to anoder country is KFC. There is 2 KFCs in Phuket and none of them are near to the beach or resorts. They are in the city and it will takes around 20 minutes ride to get to the city from Patong.

This KFC is situated in TESCO, yep the same Tesco we got here ... there is one in Phuket, not only Tesco, they even got Makro and Court Mammoth there!! Tell me bout it!

Look at the menu in the above picture, most of the set still is higher than what we are paying for over here. Like McD, KFC in Phuket too have more choices than us.

Lil Devil with his Pop Corn Chicken and new toy gun that
will morph into a robot from Tesco

Some kinda choc icecream

Cheezy flavored popcorn chicken

Look at their price for the set menu


Street food are abundant in Phuket, every tom dick and harry seems to be selling some kinda food.

The area circled by the blue border will be the place with most street hawkers, buden they are everywhere! Other places also have food court but they are kinda spread out. (from what i noticed la)

I never did bought nor ate anything from these road side vendors for the fear of catching diarrhoea. I used to be more adventurous than this but this time i m travelling with my wife and kid and i m suppose to be looking after them, so i dont wanna end up having them looking after me instead.

A familiar sign saying "DISINI ADA TEH TARIK MALAYSIA"

Siew Yoke!!!! YUMMMM~~

Fried Chicken Stall

Stalls selling a varieties of food from friend chicken to fruits and luk-luk

one of the many road side stalls in marked area on the above map

I think this stall is selling some kinda beef noodle

Jambu air!!! my bini's fav! she just hafta buy some on the way back to the hotel

Luk Luk Phuket style

Mobile Laksa Peddler, we used to have this kinda peddler in KL but not anymore.

I derno why, but lotsa angmoh Q up to buy pancake from this stall .....
I m so tempted to try but at last i chickened out also.


Yup, they got STARBUCKS there too! no free WiFi tho.

Decos in front of a yapunise restaurant

Patong Seafood the best since 1979!

Anoder Japanese rest with a sumo figure in front, we thot of going in
there but the menu dint look good enuff

Haagen Dazs

I took more than 2,000 piktures on this trip and sorting them out + editing them isnt an easy task at all.

Overall this trip is not bad at all, altho i came back tired-er than before I go .... nevertheless this is the first time I bring my kid outta the country as a father and belif me ... its not an easy task either! With the mummy busy bargaining and shopping leaving me and the kid standing like s*hai on the sidewalk .... I guessed every dad will get to experience this at least once huh?

As money is a rare commodity nowadays, we did not spent much on this trip. We spent less than RM3k for the whole trip, inclusive of flights, accomodation, food, shopping and tour, and thats for 3 of us!

I think this trip is a real bargain! Hope we got money to go back to Phuket again next year!

Kambing up next week! Where to stay in Phuket!


  1. Anonymous8:41 pm

    eh tiu, i baru had dinner, now see all the food beh tahan liao ...

    eh Mcd in Msia got minute maid ma ... but expensive a lil lo ...

  2. why no write up wan on the colourful street food?

  3. Nyonya, ini Wingz wrote halfway, he got too hungry with his own food pictures so he cabut to eat. (got mentioned up there) LOL.

    Wingz - That pic of lil devil with sleepy eyes and then eye open big-big very funny wor.

  4. nia seng... tot wanna keep fit eh... see see the foods beh tahan liao... Thailand's food really kernot fight one... even the normal fried lice ah i think the best i ever had in my life. Other countries got pork burger at McD one, just our country talak. ur lil devil shud call as lil cute devil liao... hahaha. Happy holilay!!!

  5. u making me HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYY!!

  6. Anonymous10:38 pm

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  7. Anonymous10:40 pm

    I tot the foods in phuket cost a bomb until I see this post. Really great vaule for money!

    Btw, the specel donuts look like... like...

  8. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Fuiyoh..So much foods..Wingz, you tambah berapa kilos liao?

  9. nvr try their delicacy meh??? fried bugs and stuff???? and how's da ah kua there??? got kacau u ar???or u kacau them??? LOL XD

  10. Hehe - I also seek out the MacD Samurai Pork burger each time I'm in Thailand. It's like the proverbial forbidden food!

  11. earl ku : haha i blog half way i also beh tahan kena go out n eat lol

    nyonya : hungry ler go out eat 1st kambek only cont lor

    5xmom : that fler dunwan wakeup one ... we dig him up then hes like zombie lidat lor but the sourness of the orange juice really do the trick lol

    kenny ng : yar thailand mia food really ichiban!!!

    crazygrrl : then go make something to eat lor

    bryan : Food are reasonably priced in Phuket .. these are restorants ler not hotels .. hotels i derno bcoz i never ate in any

    aceone : wuah i dont dare to weight ler!

    jasin choo : bugs is abit outta my territory liow ler ... suprisingly i dint see any ahkua there

    anak merdeka : haha agree! agree!!

  12. IS the Minute Maid splash mixed with other juices?

  13. Anonymous6:32 am

    wuah! i beh tahan! those lobsters look so yummy!!!

  14. mahai.. i scroll and scroll sampai finger oso jam. thought last last you going to show where got the bestest 'chicken'. apalah!

    dei, next time we go, don bring family lah.

  15. ah pek...gua agree sama lu...we go shoot gun...i mean real gun not water type...lol...

    wingz...okanise d trip ler...

  16. yeah wingz you organize the trip lor but all the money sendiri tanggung

  17. wuah! i wanna go phuket liao!

  18. nice pic and rich in color, I really enjoy the pic !!

  19. very nice pictures ah rojak!

    i understanding how diffikut is to edit and selecting picture..

    we appreciating your effort and hope you keeping your good work up!

    I'm new here...hoping to be rojak-ized soon!

  20. Anonymous11:30 pm

    never been to phuket and lil devil really going to be a camwhore leh! ;P

  21. lp : no ler tarak mix with others juices .. only oren

    cl : beh tahan lehhh!! faster book your ticket la!

    ahpek : diu!! taukeh .. chicken is hapcai or bangcock la!

    ahnel : eh sure anot? if i organise u sure u wanna go?!!

    pisang : u also wanna go? jangan i organise ledi nobody going hor!

    wuching : come come join my trip!!

    9393 : tenkiu brader! how you lately ?

    jenhan : welokam to you!!! why you new here la? where u been all these while?? but nvm not too late ... i think i still can blog for a few more months geh!

  22. bimbobum : no nid jeles la ... kam join our trip to phuket want anot??

    yar i dunwan take pics of lil devil ledi ... dunwan he ended up as a camwhore lol

  23. See all those food damn syiok!!

    Will u oblige AH Pek's request??

  24. helen : if i oblige would you go?

  25. sure lar i wana go as i plan backpack to taicock long time d...

    don so fast as now i'm in progress wana resign n move to west liaw...

    blogger meet n trip to phukek shoot gun...yoohoo...

  26. i here now coz i lazy eat char kuey teow oni la...all the see ham make me crazy la..must eating some rojakz once in a while geh... lojak lojak eat adi jadi bijak 1 ma..u duno meh?

    haaha...anyways i will drop by more often!

  27. Anonymous8:26 am

    Wa! so Damn fun. make me want to bring my girl girl go also. food also cheap (not makdonalds la)


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