27 August 2006

Weekend - Cocka's Birday Dinner

erm .... pics of Cocka's Birday dinner ... enjoy!

Cocka recomended Restaurant Hooi Loong, Damansara Jaya. As usual ... the taste of the food isnt that all important. Infact, i dont even know whether it tasted good anot .... all i'd remember is the good company and all the laughters. This once a month meeting up with jolly good frends is kinda therapeutic and rejunative, all you ever got to do is to luff like sohais and leave all your troubles behind.

I reckon pretty soon we could start a professional stress councilling group and attendees will be charge a bloody high fees in exchange for a sane and stress free mind lol!!!

5 varieties dish ( 5 yuet fun)

As usual, when it comes to food ... i dont have much willpower .... the above pic is not even taken by me, i was too busy eating lol!

The kek, took the pic with my palm zire 72 (which sucks for pic taking)

Birthday Low cutting kek

kek from secret recipe

I derno why Jason took this pic also but it look nice!

1st time meeting them, 2 lengluis and 1 lengjai! one of the lenglui si a blogger!!!

Nah! a clearer pic of the lenglui Jian, Ahtak's Lenglui gf and Lengjai Ahtak courtesy of Jason KL Podcast

Lenglui Ahmay caught bitting her nails bcoz she beh tahan looking at 'that' lengjai lol

Erm ... i m prohibited from showing their faces but they dint say knot show legs wat? see all the lengluis legs anot? the only mahlatlow legs here is cocka's one .... can tell which one anot?

Hope to upload more pics as i get them from the geng.


  1. Waaa! So cepat! So efficient! So zheng!

  2. tat lengjai mia gi convert mia kar???lol

  3. aiya wingz, y dont have clearer pics leh? i want to see the leng luis' face la, but cant see clearly :(

  4. i wanna see the birdday cocka's face!

  5. cocka so siok ah... birdday party got so many lenglui wor.

  6. wingzzz... harlow back fm me...wakakakakaaka take care there

  7. karaoke also shiok hor?
    Next time get a 'longer' visa lah...

  8. Anonymous5:57 pm

    why kenot see got how many candles geh??

  9. wuahhhhh the 5 cock... errr...
    i mean the 5 hock what ever the name
    really looks good in presentationleh

    Btw nice cock legs......
    muah ha ha ha ha ha ha

  10. wah....i like the 5 varieties dish!!! give me give me...

  11. mahai! birdday never invite me!

  12. angel : hahaha so ngam got nothing to blog mah so mai post pics lor

    ahnel : convert from what to what ?

    JJ : haha everibodi also wanna see lenglui pics one lerrr

    wuching : wah lan eh ppl wanna see lenglui face but u wanna see cocka face??!!!! u n him got jalan wan izit?

    kenny ng : ya la that fler hansem sial .. dats why got so many luis la

    ahlay: herlo bek too!

    kw : kala-ok shiok la ... nx time u be mamasan lagi shiokk kakakaka

    aceone : candles ka? no nid see la .. the kek mia surface also knot fit.

    m0tsu : can can ... can gimme email addy anot?

    pisang : 5 hocks n 5 cocks?? -_-"

    mirror : nx time i tahpau for u larr lol

    ahpek : mahai u dun bruff la! cocka ledi called u n u say u tarak permit.

  13. Wuch....you wanna see my face for what? Look at the other lengluis la.

    Kenny....You know Rod Stewart's "Some guys have all the luck?"
    That happens to be my theme song. LOL

    Aceone...kenot put candle. The heat from so many candles can melt the cake liao. LOL May even set off the sprinkler system.

    Motsu...tenkiu tenkiu

    Cipet Ah Pek....I offer to tumpang you also you dun want to come. See what you missed?

  14. Wah ~~~~ nice meeting the Tai kos ~~ hehehe

  15. Anonymous12:18 am

    waaaa, I'm the last to komen here!! eh, how come only show 3 ppl's fotos ah? your foto hensem neh... :P

  16. convert from maler to fimaler lar...u say lengjai mar...lol


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