21 August 2006

Traditional Chinese Breakfast with Ethan

Yesday nite slept very erly so dint post anything .... today pulak got Monday Blues therefore no mood to post jokes also. Now lunch time i dem free, since i mood to post jokes i post baby's Ethan pics la!

Yesday morning we bring Ethan and Family to experience the authentic chinese breakfast, we brought them to Toechew Chinese Restaurant in Pudu (besides Pudu Jail), it wasnt the first time for my buddy (I brought him here last time when he came with his dad) but this is the first time experiencing the authentic chinese breakfast for the rest of his family.

7 erly 8 erly Lil Devil alredi wakeup

This fler 7 erly 8 erly alredi blocking the main entrance of Federal Hotel.

The Main entrance of Federal Hotel

Lil Ethan morning look .... see his eyes anot? Big like guli!!!

Lil Ethan make lansi face lol!

Come Msia a few days only sit also got asian style ledi ... this fler got potential
to be Ahlong nx time lol!

Lil Ethan getting cranky

Lil Ethan attaking my phone

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast, altho in the beginning Janel (the doter) kinda hesitated abit (especially when i asked her to try the "Siew Yoke" but after a bite she sapu-ED the whole plate! LOL!

Ethan loves the Har Kau and his mum loves the lormaikai, My buddy still like the roast duck we pratically whack the whole duck in less than 30 minutes.

They left KL early in the morning today and before they left they made me promised to them that I will go over to Perth by the end of the year ...... bloggers gathering in Perth anyone?



  1. i wana go but ticket,stay,eat all tanggung by u...lol

  2. so cute~ i oso wanna open my eye big big @_@

  3. end of the yr?! make sure u keep ur promise. hehe!!

  4. Wingz, blogger together-gathering in Aus, u tanggung like Ah nel say isit..Then no prob...I go apply leave now..

  5. Lil Devil mya hair you cut wan ah?

  6. Anonymous10:19 pm

    yea...gather in australia!!!

  7. the baby so cuteeeeeee

  8. Anonymous1:54 am

    wokeh..cum cum we go australia!


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