25 August 2006

New American Holiday

One day a very powderfool middle east terrorist (MR. U-no-Hu) kamED to Malaysia to seek the advice of our fehmes Fengshui master Ms. Lilian Chan dot NET.

Mr U-no-Hu is heavily disguised and also surrounded by 30 bodyguards when he enters the opis of the fengshui master. After a brief introduction they sit down and things started to get serious.

Lilian : Mr. U-no-Hu, what can I do for you today?
UnoHu : Err .. i come to you to seek advice, I wanna take my country bek from those blardee amadikans but lately i very SUEY ... lotsa my mahjais kena killed! I cant afford anymore losses, therefore I come to seek your advice.
Lilian : Erm ... lemme see your palms

*UnoHu extend both palms*

Lilian : Erm ... your effort will not be fruitful and there is something i derno whether to tell you anot .... i sked you angry with me after i tell you then u rape n kill me.
UnoHu : I wont kill you lar ... i plomise wan! faster tell!!! I wanna know the truth nuthin but the truth!
Lilian : Ok lar i take your word for it! ..... I saw in your palm just now that you are destined to die on an Amadikans Holiday.
UnoHu : You sure?
Lilian : absolutely!
UnoHu : Which holiday???!!!!
Lilian : It wouldnt matter ..... whatever day you die ... that will bekam an Amdikans Holiday!


  1. Anonymous2:49 am

    omg! two jokes in one post! buy one free one! gimme two!

  2. i he no die then kesian lar amalika no holilay...lol

  3. hhahaa.. one arrow kill two birds!!

  4. kakaka... like that I also can be feng shui master lor. great idea of joke... wakakakaka.

  5. Anonymous11:11 am

    UnoHu sure desperate one, go see Lilian for advice!!

  6. Anonymous11:33 am

    I don't want amedika holiday, I want Okland holiday.

  7. hahahahaHAA holiday pulak

  8. king of jokes...Hongkong TVB is looking for U... high pay director job. Call Chow Yun Fatt now.

  9. Cilaka, lucky you no link me or else later all the unka ho machais kam and kill my bolok for being so suey hou.(unlucky mouth/curse)


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