10 August 2006

Rojaks Guide to : How to Choose Salted Fish (Ham Yue)

Mahai yesday kena pwned by the fake ahkua pics!!! Nebermind .. i will make it up today with a new discovery, this one consider one of the most important discovery of the century wan.

Alot of the younger generation nowadays derno how to appreciate our traditional food "the Salted Fish" a.k.a. (Ham Yue)

So today I m gonna teach you how to choose a good Ham Yue so next time when you wanna cook for your dad also can la!

Ok ok lets start

1st thing to remember is to notice the salted fish mia tail, tial must looks like the tail in the above pikture then that is consider good lar! if the tail is all broken ledi one (like kena bite by dogs lidat) then no good, dont buy that wan.

Then next thing is to see the fins, like the tail the fins also must be in good conditions, if the fins all broken also means the fish is no good quality one, dont buy ok?

Then you turn the fish around, check the other side (like the way shown in the above piktures) if the fish appear to be in good conditions then u can see the whole fish like very solid lidat one ...
if lidat kalo then the fish very good quality la!

Then you check the upper body of the fish pulak .... check the shoulder and chest, see got any holes or molds anot, a fresh ham yue would not have any molds or holes onnit one. If you see holes or molds then dun buy ok?

Then last skali please check the fish'd teeth, make sure all the teeth is intact and also make sure the teeth is still sharp ok? if the fish still has all the teeth that means the fler is eating very well when hes still alive, so he could be very delicious too!

With that we end our lesson today, I hope by now you all would alredi know how to choose a good Ham Yue!

If you like the Ham Yue in the pics above please get in touch with Ahnel bcoz hes my hamyue supplier! lol!


  1. wingz..u damn gross la!
    i love salted fish one u know or not...

  2. ming : aiyaks! solilorr ... but u dont like my ham yue mehhh?? hansem what??!

  3. Anonymous1:48 am

    wuah..dis ham yue all the way kambing from sarawak ka? no thanks ler. That ham yue can put in museum ler.

  4. Anonymous1:58 am

    That is really a big ham yue!

    1. Anonymous9:53 am

      is this thing really real seriously

  5. Ohmyfuckingod what the hell is that?!?!?! A mermaid who got mercury-poisoned?!! Where didja get those pics? Ewwww. Now, whenever I see ham yue, I'll picture that stupid face and teeth *shudder*

  6. cibai, scare me at 3 am! Oi, next time, write something like 'what wingz used spender looks like' better what. Niamah, later I nightmare I sue you.

  7. Anonymous7:50 am

    cibai! i'm in d middle of makan brekfast!

  8. u tarak mauk terubuk masin kar?if u want tat type i try find 4 u...hehe

  9. aiyuh bradder, you kena pawned enuf lah, somemore try to pawn us meh?

  10. aiya, dis ham yue i dare not eat lah!

  11. Anonymous9:28 am

    Aiyo! Now u've put me off salted fish for the rest of my life!!!

  12. Somebody emailed to me this kiam hee yesterday. Very much a hoax, isn't it? But thanks for the description wingz!

  13. salted fish?
    how to buy? well check mine
    how to make is better......
    more fresh more save
    and no worry.......


  14. :O
    this salt fish very expensive le.

  15. Anonymous11:08 am


  16. it wun ever ruin my apetite

  17. at first, i ard discover y the ham yu fish got hand at the side ge?? Apa ham yu tis fella wana intro..then see see at the bottom, got hansem face aso..

    If i can get this and cook for my dad, then i can be anak yatim the moment i serve on the table

  18. Niansing..i will stop eating Claypot Chicken Rice with salted fish. Damn 9 What-Tak

  19. Anonymous1:38 pm

    The teeth dam scarry la.

  20. look like ham chim peng fish more than ham fish

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Wingz ah..y u put the Ham Yue on the grass. No good la. Not "Wai Sang". Next time put the "yeung sui" ham yue on a newspaper..
    Anyway.. YUM! YUM!

  23. why no nipples?

  24. aceone : this is one very exotic mia hamm yue lei gehh ... got money also knot buy wan lol

    bryan : this ham yue i can eat 3 yrs!!!

    Dawn : wuah you kambek ledi never ajak yum char also har!!! nvm lar u see hamyue u will think of the ham yue hansem face lor! lol

    5xmom : diu u where got sked?! u got holy water at home mah!!! faster drink it!!!

    stone : good la ... u look at the ham yue n eat blekfas ... maybe can smell the hamyue smell also! n its FOC wan!! u see me so nice!

    ahnel : u put the hamyue into koffin n send to me la lol

    ahpek : i mana got pawn u guys lerr... i sajer mau kasi cheekik abit only mahh .. exercise itu jantung sikit lol

    wuching : dun dare to eat then u drink la .. use to make sup n drink .. gerenti delicious wan!

    suituapui : then u gimme all your salted fish u still have at home la! i dont mind taking over wan leh

    pabloapbla : hoax? i thot this ham yue made in sarawak wan? no?

    pisang : wuah u also know how to make hamyue ka? chun wor!

    sming : this salted fish one of a kind!! very rare n exotic! lol

    bimbobum : dun sked dun sked ... come to papa ...

    chick0206 : yala yala lansi la dapat modelling for levis wei

    youngbrat : hehehe hansem leh my ham yue!!!

    9393 : brader nx time u eat claypot u tahpau the hamyu send to me ok?

    hijakqueen : the teeth can use to make weapon one ler

    inevitable : ham ching peng looks like this wan mehhhh

    sasha : not i put on grass wan wor .. neh! that ahnel pout wan!

  25. hey wingz..if u didnt mention i didnt realise ler..the hamyue look so much alike like u..i mean 8kam leong..hahahaha

  26. eh... i saw this pics all from my email last week... really got this kind of alien ah?

  27. wahlan...can do ham yue curry buffet like that...sure can sell one....

  28. Anonymous9:39 pm

    nabeh i remember i posoted a comment here ... nising the office internet connection like 67 wan ...

    or ... or wingz u delete kau jor?

  29. Anonymous10:25 am

    wah lau! i tot how come the fish gt hands wan, then see below, so scary leh. i wanted post comments on the tagboard but will see e pix so had 2 comment here. later i gt nitemare how sia! >.<

  30. Anonymous11:46 pm

    I love ham yue but they are soooo ekspensif in Bangkok. It coz 4 times more than fresh fish lah. Can any kind sole tell me how to make ham yue, xpcasially the mui (decade)heong (aromatik) type? Tank kui lah and Merry X'mas to all.

    Greedy Gai

  31. Anonymous5:40 am

    is this actaully real salted fish or just a created fake one

  32. What's hiliarious is that I work with a woman who thinks this is real! And another that says they sell this fish in the market up the street. Now that IS funny!

  33. Anonymous1:06 am

    I can't believe that's what a salt fish looks like, I may never eat again.Its like I will be eating a human.


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