18 August 2006

The Reason Why I been Sabotaged!

The person who has been threatening & sabotaging Rojaks Daily finally explained why he is doing that :

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me again, the famous Anon....wahh this thing is getting serious meh? easy, easy....small matter one...:)
you lially wanna know why the heck am i doing this freaking stuff? check out the COMMENTS in this link: :)


yup, it's SIMPLY bcoz of that...those who gave the 'f' bombs (yup, those bad words describe your attitude) should now take them back...:)
remember, dont ever blame me...you started first...

p/s: maybe you shud submit a post to expose this comment so dat everibodi can read it, just like the way you expose those messages I wrote...:)

last word: think before you say something.....:)

5:17 PM

SEE ANOT??!!! he want those who scolded him to take back your words! Only he is allowed to scold people!! but people knot scold him!!!!

Ok, lets go back and see why hes so tulan ok? This is his comments taken from the post HERE

Anonymous said... (This is him la)

this is probably the stupidest blog on earth i've ever found and most likely was created by the ugliest creature on earth (you, of course). and hey, please stop smiling coz it's so way disgusting..seriously, you've already ruined my mood today..and that's too bad for me and my friends..duh..this is my first and surely last time being on your shameless silly blog..

it's not nice to meet you at all..

11:14 AM
Chapree Da Grande said...

Allo annonymous...KAYU LA LU!!

That's too many balls and birds that I could handle. I sha purify mysef in Clorox now.

11:30 AM
pisang goreng 115,NF said...

hey anoynomous! if you do't like this blog DO NOT come again! this blog is for happy wan ....... and if you read this again put your name don't put anoymous you chicken!

12:04 PM
Superb and Gary said...

Anonymous: Die u farker!

Wingz said...

anon : hahaha since when i got put my pics in this blog har? you obviously dun watch enuff tv and you prolly dont have much frends either kakakaka!!!

The fler is angry at me because he was scolded by other readers for the nasty comment he made!! Buden what does that gotta do with me huh? I where got scold you? Why you sabo me??!!! Furthermore, you have to understand one thing ... i never asked that person to come here, he is here voluntarily. He came, he read, he commented anonymously, his comments pissed of some of the readers and he is taking it out on me! Wuah! Lucky me!

Then he go around my blog threatening to sabo all my ads by clicking onnit multiple times (I know he got fast corporate line la) but why take it out on me ler?

See lar! I post joke to make people happy and at the end what i am getting in return? ..... *sigh* blogging is not as fun as it used to be anymore!

To Anon Saboteur, maybe your got bored of the view on the 10th Floor ledi thats why you looking for some other kind of excitements by wrecking other people's blog? I think you too free ledi ler ... btw your Corporate line fast anot ar?

Your ident also unique ler! Wannas wor! When wanna blanja me eat Kelana Seafood lar? You might as well gime your name ler ... I pass thru Kelana Jaya that time can call you come out yum char also. Take care ok? I lebiu Deep deep!!!



  1. Wingz: If this loser posted the initial insult to you, just have fun with him la, since he's so free. I won't be surprised if he does that to other people's blogs as well. You know la, just like those anjings around the roadside that go pangsai in other ppl's backyard...this is the same ler hor?
    Anyway like you said, nobody was forcing him to visit your blog, nor make him understand. Even if he didn't, he should have asked/commented nicely/constructively instead of spewing trash. You have more than enough readers and can cover a demographic so 1 less (chao khuan) reader is hardly needed :)
    When you meet him in KJ, cincai la, chia him SUGUS also kekekee

  2. chey! dis bugger chi sing wan! mou lei koi lah! diu leh!

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Bloody Anon fuckers, If you don't like this blog Get the fuck out lah! Don't go fucking peeve everyone else and threaten.
    Pfft sheesh...

  4. well ... in his previous comment i tot he said he won't enter this blog again liao geh.... afns... all fart no shit ... we all sapot sama tis blog .... dun stop .... cuz i am addicted to rojak liao....

  5. oops! one more case ar, wingz ?

  6. hey anon...u c our wingz so good mia...

    u no skold his blog we wont skold u...u don lyk don read rather put a damn comment...u wana mintak pehmes rite?

    ok lar...now u hapi...ebeli day got post bout u...sent us ur pic then i post it out...

  7. Hahhhaha that sure one FUCKING funny guy...eh dont bother on this ppl lar....after reading your blog now AHHHH i was thinking is that STUPID IDOT BASTARD guy is the same guy who spam my blog too recently....CILAKA

    To the idiot guy:
    WOI see I am not scared to us my name to comment so IF u r So fucking chicken out then ....dun bullshit lar...

  8. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Wuah, like that oso can ah? World Cup was like months ago wor.

  9. eh eh... what? You tracked him/her down liaw issit? Waaaaah so the internet isn't such a safe place after all ho..... :-P

  10. Anonymous10:47 pm

    ohhh that cibai is from Kelana wan ar, nimahai so mo lan chun toi wan ar, wanna fuck people taruk nama baik baik la, apa lanjiao Anonymou, niamahai, father mother give u a name, but when u wanna fuck people u taruk anonymous, chaucibai...

    sabo la, try, burn kau your house and fuck up ur car then u know ... chaucibai X 1000

    ar now see if he wanna sabo me pulak ... kaninica chauchibai

    greetings from kukujiao.com

  11. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Finally~! Justice is served~!!
    BTW This is my first post here...no i'm not him (Anon) don't worry~! Nice to meet you all.

  12. Aiyah, Wingz big heart, big people, fast-fast forget this issue la hor?

  13. Wingz....why you even bother to waste one nice post on a mudder effing nincompoop like him??

  14. nia sing, wingz dont fuck people wan ar, come let me fuck

    wingz: gib me dom dom, kasi taruh the fella ...

  15. Anonymous12:19 am

    Wingz..forgive and forget it ler. Case closed !..Cum cum..we go eat 'tuah pau'.

  16. Anonymous12:19 am

    LOL! This kind of TRASH will never fail to amaze us. WHAT A RUBBISH!

  17. Oi! Kelana Park View I pao 1, i got few PioMei staying there 1

  18. wahlaueh!! this fella name Sam Ting Wrong lah!
    Maybe he don't like 'pat leong kam' lah.

    really big sohai.

  19. Fehmes Anon:
    It seems like you have been treated unfairly and Lin Peh certainly feel sorry for you.

    I tink for all the mistreatments that your have received. You deserve a free dinner/kalaoke/piaomei from Wingz, and those (including mangkali) who have scolded you, your fathers, your mothers, your anchestors, your dogs, your cats...etc.

  20. Anonymous12:00 pm

    HE is the first want make stupid comment..... and then kenna shoot... Then scold or blame other ppl...
    HEY FAMOUS ANNOY SABOTAGE... U BEHAVE LIKE KIDS...UNMATURE AT ALL ...Why this kind of people live in such a peaceful world....?

  21. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Dear Ms Anon:
    I don't know who I might be dealing with, therefore I dare not use any 'f' words, but hope to have the courage to stop by your place for a beer or two. What say you???

  22. Fuah!!! Finally know where that Anon from ah? 10th floor somemore, eh... my house oso at 10th floor ler luckily not in Kelana Jaya la, kekeke. Anyway... his 10th floor is +10 or -10? :P

  23. Anonymous12:28 pm

    I guess that's as good a reason as any to get sabo. Surprised that femes anon dunno no such thing as anonymous wan.

    Wingz, Lin Peh. Next time we go yam cha we invite him along la. Pity him no got fren keep him company and get so much shit from ppl.

  24. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Anon, you ignorant piece of shit. Stop smoking that shit f**ker. Respect people's blog, you're reading for free twat!! See, im trying to be polite. :)

  25. Anonymous2:45 pm

    wah who so daring kacao my favourite blog har?
    mau takao ar...wingz just giv me your words and i'll get yat pak gei ya man yan to pek him
    [1 million ppl to whack him]
    but too bad...he din leave his address
    this kind of ppl ar,like to make themself stupid aje.very the fun meh?go becom clown la .DIU.lol.

  26. nebermind wingz. if he dowan go yum cha wif you, i go, i go...:D

  27. What a wanker! Really nothing better to do.

  28. Anonymous5:54 pm

    why u love hin so deep :P

  29. Ei Wingz, tak sangka TM / Mimos can detect till that fella is frm 10th floor aso ar?! Then can detect which PC?? If can, then nex time cant enter forum d (NSFW)..

    Sabo Rojaks abit then can be fehmes..I aso wan lo

  30. Anonymous10:31 am

    hey..fehmes anon here..guess what? im finally fehmes..:)..look guys, i told you to be easy..relax..no big deal meh..i wasnt killing anyone, was i? you guys are like 2-year-old kids who lose their toys...dont even make me laugh here..:)

    * * *
    final conclusions:

    blog owner:
    wannas? 10th floor? I dont know what you are talking about...

    i mean, ok2..you won the game....you've traced me..i lost wor..wont click at your ads, no more...:)

    anyway, at least you learn how to:
    1. trace location when u got peoples' IPs
    2. be more patient one..:)
    3. fast2 put back your ads after you know my location...
    4. love me deep deep..(please refer the post back)...please dont love me, im a guy and you know it....

    those who are on my side(if any?):
    lets have a beer or two..wait me at TM Point tonite...

    those who dont care if you are the next victim:
    sorry, not interested at all to even take a look at your blogs..:)..it's a waste of time, really..

    i dont care..:)

    in the future:
    1. i'll still be around...
    2. i may create a blog which will compete yours...:)
    * * *

    p/s: you may want to expose this comment in a post so dat everibodi knows me...:)

    fehmes anon

  31. "fehmes anon" - I think your name should be "INfehmes anon", that is, if you even can decipher what that means.
    And no, don't flatter yourself; nobody here is supporting you :)

    The fact that you actually went to so much trouble to "destroy" this blog is so sad...the thought of you doing this to other blogs just makes you worse by multiple counts.
    And by all means, if your absolute lifelong goal is to create a blog that can compete with whoever's (ohmygod, we're SO scared!), then please, be our guest.
    Such a simple person, with simple behavior and simple dreams. Shame.

  32. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Wah, this show Rojak now veli famous liao. Also got ppl got jeles of you.


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