2 August 2006

Rojaks Guide to : How to get your Son That Dream Job in Malaysia

Actually if you understand how things are done in Malaysia then your life should be very good ledi but if you dont know yet ... need not worry for Wingz is here to teach you how to get your son that dream job you always wanted for yourself.

Why your son? bcoz you are too old ledi lar, so we thot your son will have a better chance lor! lol!

Here is what you gotta do :

There is 3 main part of this plan, Part A, Part B and Part C. All 3 part must be executed smoothly to ensure gerentik total success!

1st u kena wait till your son finish his studies first, and you also kena make sure that barger is still single (not necesarily still a virgin tho that would be an added advantage) and he is at a legal age to get married.


Then you find 1 day to tell your son lidis :

You : Son, I m getting you a wife.
Son : no way! i m not gonna kahwin blindly!
You : But she is the daughter of ______ (Insert name of Msia richest dude)
Son : OH! his doter har? if his doter i want lar!


Then you goto find ______ (insert name of the richest dude is Malaysia) and you tell him lidis :

You : My son mau kahwin your daughter
Rich Dude : No way! my daughter dont even know your son! how to kahwin lidat?!
You : But my son is the Vice President of Maybank Berhad wor!
Rich Dude : Wuah Vice President of Maybank Berhad ka?! if lidat I no objection la!!
You : OK set!


You then goto Maybank Berhad and meet the President of the kompeni.

You : I wanna recomend my son to be the Vice President of your bank ler.
President : Knot la! I got enuff Vice Presiden ledi! They all sit and shake balls only! I dont want anymore liow!
You : But my son is the Son In Law of ______ (insert the name of the richest dude in Malaysia) wor!
President : Wuah! say lar early early! If lidat no problem la! When he can start?!

And that, Ladies and Genitalmen, concludes our lesson today on How to get your Son that Dream job in Malaysia. I hope you all benefitED from the lesson and start hunting for that dream job for your son (the one that you dint manage to get last time)

This is anoder community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily, the trolls infested blog!



  1. Yahoo i'm the one one six two

    wah like that ar? you use this taktik ar to kahwin ?
    wah lan eh good wan la

  2. So, now we know how you got your TanSli....

    Eh, you vice-presiden of which bank ah?

  3. sheesshh....y u let out my daddy's secret??? haiya..now everyone can do that liao. later my husband job as vice president kena challenge ler...

  4. you try it on your lil devil first lah... then we will follow :P

  5. tis sexret recipe u post out how we bachelor wana get married d?hehe...

  6. ishhhh..... I should ask my dad to do that last time. Great idea brader!!! hahaha.

  7. Good idea lo..But then, how to meet those 'Rich man' & 'Maybank'-er le..So easy meh..Ppl know me little mouse nia(Sik lei hai lou shu)..

    But can try it..U try on Lil Devil..If can success, I can follow..Frm my calculation, the timing wen Lil Devil kahwin+rich, my son aso can follow ard

  8. hmmm...today so far so good... no trolls yet.

  9. can help one more step ah? shortlist the names of all the OKKs' (orang kaya kaya) daughters. LOL

  10. Anonymous9:20 am

    Can put my daughter's name on the "orang kaya-kaya" list? Not kaya-kaya but "sikit-kaya" also ok, ya? Ha ha ha! Money, not much but the kaya for roti a lot lah!

  11. hahaha this is a cool joke.
    i'll make sure my son graduate in banking ya :P

  12. Anonymous11:21 am


  13. *5xmom too busy taking down notes, counting the number of Marsili her sons will be buying for her to comment here liao*

    Eh, btw, my troll infested Nyonya Penang blog instead of mine wor. Go see (under Ruffled Feathers)

  14. Anonymous12:34 pm

    stupid. lame. grandmother's story.

  15. i wanna show my daddy n mommy this..hahaha

  16. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Wengz not scare meh, you recycle jokes might have dire effect worr....

    The famus FatherInLaw just say "if information in blogs, websites and online portals were incorrect, bordered on slander, caused disturbance or compelled the public to lose faith in the nation’s economic policies, their authors would be detained for investigation,"

  17. Anonymous4:01 pm


  18. pisang : no lar .. i m actually banking on my lil devil.

    plink : eh not Tansli laaa my real name is Tan Su Lee!! so they call me tansli lorr

    mirror : aiks ... but its my secret wor!!! dat means i m your daddy??!!! alamak!! u how old again???

    egyy : yar i m couting my days now ... wait lil evil grow up ledi can execute my plan liow lol

    ahnel : go thailand buy a bini ler!

    kenny ng: hehe now also not too late mah .. u also not married yet wat? erm ... eh wait .. u married to your kitars !!

    young : u just tell them your son is the son in law of who n who then they sure wanna meet u one la

    ahpek : haha troll kamED ledi

    nyonya : whortlist ledi ... the list is for sale for RM25k .. a small plice to pay for such a big investment!!

    suituapui : u mean olang manyak Kaya list ka? cann cannn

    sharon : u got son ledi mehhhh?!!!

    aceone : hamik so coollll???

    5xmom : yala kaya lar lu sial!! so many marsilee!!!

    anonymous : thanks ... i knew u like stupid and lame jokes thats why u keep kambing back for more rite ?

    ming : wuahh!!! later they ban u from ever kambing to this blog EVER AGAIN!!

    mengzz : wuah u curi my patented idea wei!!!!

    moo_t : sked la! so now when i blogs i wear condom 1st!

  19. Anonymous8:24 am

    hahaha...gd idea gd idea

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