2 August 2006

Bloggers Beware!

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Source : The Star

Finally its here!! So, what else is new?

I wonders if jokes blog like mine will be spared anot? Any lawyer frend can shed some lights over this matter?

Maybe I shud go into indefinite hiatus till i find out what is blogable and what is not?



  1. If the jokes here are not allow, can they proof the untruth part of the jokes?

  2. Yours is harmless lah...does not threaten the establishment. Mine...perhaps especially this post:


  3. I Maybe all blogs should carry a disclaimer d.
    Any opinions, conclusions and other information on this blog that are against official policy/business of Malaysia goverment/ ISA are those of the individual bloggers and shall be understood as neither explicitly given nor endorsed by xxx.xxx.com.

    Enough to cover our a88 ah ?

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    Mayb all the bloggers must go and take the cryptology courses dy. Use Da Vinci code, Da Wingz Code or watever la. Then we share the methods among bloggers. Surely those clever gahment cant understand it dy gua.

  5. That statement really makes me sick. Aren't we r living in 'demokrasi' country? If like that we dun have freedom to blog? If they really do the right thing why care about blogs? Unless their 'body got shit' (Sam Yau Si in cantonese) la... hahaha

  6. Anonymous12:56 pm

    a blog is a blog. we can write anything we want.

    and i think even disclaimers will do no good. no one reads introduction and "about me" already. why bother about disclaimers somemore? if you write "if what written is deemed politically incorrect and offensive by nature, it is all personal thoughts of the author."... i think they won't give a fark also.

    dun care lah. it's not like you are spreading lies or what. sked what? adui.

    btw, if this blog is really used as a weapon, it's doing very well. every post pple laugh until tummy six pack, then lie down on floor all day. completely unproductive. chun.

    i said enough. if not enough can msn me hor. :P

  7. If they close your blog, I think the rest of us also have to close

  8. ask them pei yan tiu la, how much can they control, how much can they censor? walan neh, this people sek pau fan mo yeh jo ar .. .tiu nia sing

    go download ur porn and ta fei kei before its 5PM ... always come up with stupid and senseless things

    those real woes and problems they dunwan to tackle ... ask them deploy more police to Wangsa Maju and ask those local council to collect and sweep all the garbage la ...

    tiu nia sing betul betul wan la ...

  9. Anonymous3:10 pm

    H*i l*t lar..

    Now Wengz must change all the jokes with synonyms liao.. So you must start using synonyms like Bolehland, FIL(farderInLaw), SIL(SonInLaw), Napoleon,snowball,boxer(as in animal farms)...

  10. niasing.. ask him to control his son-in-law first la!

  11. Anonymous3:29 pm

    They say "Nation Economic Policies" only ma. that is why I refrained myself from blogging about politics or quote anything from the newspapers.

  12. Eh, if I complen the vegetable prices go up, got considered "Nation Economic Policies" interference anot ah? But I agree with spiller's comment.

  13. rakyat berhak bersuaralah,
    rakyat bersuara semua pun salah,
    siapa "besar" bersuara memang tidak salah,
    siapa "kecik" bersuara mesti salah.

    Malaysia Bulleh...

  14. Anonymous5:45 pm

    dont know wat to post?
    better make sure its not a political remarks then can edi
    hey, y dun u write bout datuk K n siti nurhaliza?

  15. Anonymous8:49 pm

    EH, i wrote a joke abt samy vellu leh. die! they will track me down edi!

    (i not yet take medicine.)

  16. If you don't blog saying someone is plotting an assasination for pak lah then you're fine. Jokes okay one, don't worry. Our goverment not so small gas one la.

  17. me no sked wan and wingz dun sked oso mah yours all jokes wan......

    BTW ah nel say is true rakyat berhak bersuara tapi bila bersuara "salah"

    *slap head*

  18. lp : this one susah to say one ler ... if they say knot means knot lor ...

    pablopable : mine are harmless ka? phewww!!!

    sming : u put disclaimer also no use ler ...

    guan : maybe i will come out with a new encryptions call the Kunci Code!

    kenny ng : wuah u so kau pok! ... -_-""

    mengzz : both their muka n economy i also not interested to get involved ... my own economy alredi in a mess where got time to care for other things wor?

    decypher : wuah lu mia komen manyak panjang lar

    inevitable : u close i close?

    earl-ku : wuah you so eager wanna taste the food in lokap ka?

    moo_t : lidat all write shortform liow la ... can wrote faster sommo

    spiller : u also eager to taste the lokap food izzit?

    hijackqueen : maybe someone who are very familiar with the law should list out to us what is blogable and what is not hor?

    5xmom : wuah u eat nice food too much and bored with it ledi izzit? wanna taste lokap food for a change ar?

    ahnel : wuah why today got so many kamikaze bloggers wan???

    cnigel : siti n latuk K ? but i derno them wan wor!

    diane : wuah you also wanna kamikaze??!!!

    pisang : u brave mah!!! i very the sekd now leh!

  19. please lah..everything also must be govern then like that wats the bloody point of having an internet realm? its blogging, a private domain to vent out our thoughts and frustrations, if they don't like it thats their business.


    you seek trouble and when people seek you out on their blog you seek them with 'sue of slander' sue of defamation' lah sue this sue that...

    sue my ass...

    they should on the other hand control idiotic bloggers who are self-centred..by doing so they are saving us the pain of actually having to read it...lol


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