5 August 2006

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Rojaks Daily Spesel Greetings!
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I m bored and i need something to do, so I went HERE and teach that virtual angmoh tok Manglish!

THIS is the result or you can click on the pikture above to go to the spesel greeting message I made espeselly for you guys!!




  1. hardly to understand what it say ler?
    ya ho...gua forgoten gua mia kkc hair is black kaler not yelow... :D

  2. catch no ball wat it talks... 1 piece piece hard to understand.. i just heard 'go die far far' the rest really blur... kakaka

  3. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Is she rapping or what?

  4. Anonymous9:44 pm

    can hardly understand a word that she's saying

  5. Aiya..you all dunno wat toking meh? She said faster cum to thai cock, got alot of funs, foods, massages, and chicks!!

  6. welcome to daily rojak? i lup you...xxxxx..ham ka chan..? dats what i heard...hahahahaa

  7. Anonymous12:42 am

    Aiyah... wingz! tell ur what she said in the 1st few seconds!! hard to catch ler.. hehe

  8. Anonymous8:03 pm

    kok wai, jou san ar xxxx fun ying lei. i lub u all. to those hamkarlink trolls, go die far far, sei pok kai, diu lei lou mei pok lei chau kai ham kar chan

    lmao lmao

  9. LOL..Ur MAnglish teaching is dam 9 geng la...


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