26 August 2006

Lets Talk Bout TV - Trio And A Bed

MY Favourite channel on Astro is Wah Lai Toi (Channel 30) , normally if god permits I will hog the TV from 8:30pm till 10:30pm. Thats when my fav TVB series will be air mah!

Last time they broadcast 2 TVB series back to back, the first one starts at around 8:30 and ends at 9:30 then followed by another one which starts on 9:30 and ended around 10:20pm ... this were done with alotssssssssss of advertisementsssssssssssss breaks in between which, is still tolerable la!

But now..... they got this new program starring a few of the local lengluis called "TRIO & a BED"

'Trio And A Bed' is an interactive drama shown on Astro Wah Lai Toi, a pay TV channel in Malaysia, where viewers can vote on character decisions and the outcome. The show focuses on the complex chemistry and relationships between the three guys and three girls. It stars:

Carmen Soo as Charmaine
Amber Chia as Isabella
Annabelle Kong as Ho Hua Meow
Daniel Tan as Heman
Danny Wan as Anerd
Jeffery Chong as Sam

If you do not know what is this "interactive drama" is all about, lemme enlight you a bit. They will show you a short drama (about 10 minutes) and then at the end of the drama they will ask you to choose (by voting via sms) how you want the next chapter to turn out. Normally you would be given 2 choices to make (you are kinda helping one of the character to make decision lidat la) The choice are A and B.

Example : The show ended with Isabella indecissive of what she wanna eat tomlo. Now you all gotta help her by voting thru sms, TYPE "TRIO A" if you want her to eat banana or type "TRIO B" if you want her to eat papaya. (of coz those sms are chargable la! n its NOT cheap!)

C'mon la! do you really believe that they will count/look at your votes and then only decides how the drama would turn out today? If you really belif that then pls goan kick yourself in the balls (if you dont have balls then just slap yourself silly).

Do you even know how long does it takes to make a 10 minits drama with all the props and equipments and actors and locations. If you really think your votes means anything then too bad lor LOL!

They dont even show you how many people voted for choice A or choice B, its complete UN-invisible! its up to them to decide how they want the drama to turn out! So stop being so blardee naive ok? You do not run the show!

My frend whois able to read chinese newspaper told me this :

Me : Eh wassup with this trio and a bed drama?
Frend : Oh the one got show a few chinese lengluis one ar?
Me : yar yar that one lar ... i see the show got let u choose how you want the show to turn out to be one wor!
Frend : hahaha! no nid waste your money goan vote la! you want to know how the story turned out to be you just read chinese newspaper under the TV program section la!
Me : Ah?? you mean before we vote the newspaper also know the result ledi?
Frend : abuden?

I derno how true is that bcoz i cant read no chinese newspaper, maybe you should doublecheck with those who can.

Anyway I m being called to go into a meeting now, MCH saturday also got meeting!!! ARGH!!!

So, after reading my post do you think this Interactive/ reality show is for real? I mean you seriously think your vote(s) would make a different?

1) Type Wingz Hansem A and send sms to 66967 if :
You think your vote(s) really got influence on the way the drama evolves.

2) Type Wingz Hansem B and send sms to 66967 if :

You think your vote(s) have nothing watsoever influence on the drama.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for your votes!




  1. lolz... i was just telling my wife about this last night....who cares about the vote as you have said .... it cost a bomb to make a 10 minutes film.

    Anyway, the Chinese paper is kinda correct ler...i dont read chinese but me wife told me.

    I even tried sending to them as TRIO C - chuckle and it came back as invalid message......hehehehe

  2. Diuuu.. I type number wrongly liao

    I go and type 11967. No wonder cannot get lah!

  3. Hahahah sounds like something out from the book Fahrenheit 451

  4. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Hahaha..i dont believe any of the votes will influence the results..so I type Wingz Humsap oops Wingz Hansem and sent to 1197.!!

  5. yeah...i also watch that show...but really stupid one...wanna eat banana or papaya also need other ppl to decide...

  6. *Type Wingz Hamsap B and send sms to 66967*

  7. this type of sms mia thing all cheat eh lar...even ask to vote which miss sarawak last time oso same...

  8. hahahaha.... A or B also vote u hensom, talak other choice oledi ah? I really dunno wat the hack about Trio and A Bed thingy. SMS vote? aiyah... again make money only.

  9. Whoever subscribes to Astro WLT are suckers. Muahahahar...I long time no subscribe liao. Blek.

  10. frostier : i derno how much ler ... got ppl say limepuhsen!

    wuching : you lagi hansem!!!

    foodcrazee : so its true that you can really know whats going on in the show from the newspaper without voting!!!

    ahpek : u erly erly high ledi laa

    bleek : fahrenheit 451 is what lei geh? I only know Fah-lan-hai only!

    ace : eh u got watch the drama anot wannn... got lenglui leh!

    sing ngibk : wuah u got balls to say them stupid ka? skali all their fansee rape 9 u then u die!

    crazygrrl : you can send more than 1 time ok??

    ahnel : wuah dun say ppl tipu la .... say "too commercialised"

    m0tsu : eh knot say lidat wan leh ... but if u memang wanna donate to lil devi's education fund i also wont mind geh!!! lol

    kenny ng : sshhh dont bocor me la lol ... me not hansem in real mah so thot can be hansem in virtual lol

    5xmom : wah lai toi pwned!!!!

  11. i gotta agree with lilian abt WLT but difficult to live without them..ler....only chinese station around.

  12. voting is sien... but i like watching in on weekend where astro replays the shows... which is better to watch lar..

  13. hahaha..i really thought it's interactive ler.

    didn't follow the show...
    i used to be 8:30-10:30 fan of wah lai toi. Seems like no interesting drama lately...been months I haven't watch show at that time liao.

  14. No wonder lar, after Wingz posted this, nobody wants to watch Amber Chia liao...that's why she go and ngau ppl's lou kong. Read Loktor Mave's blog for more info. Publicity publicity mar...

  15. the chinese name of the series sound like 3some lesbians... muhahahar

  16. amy2kyo : err ... i think hor that show is bad influence to teenagers ler lol (my personal opinion la!)

    mirror : i also thot they were interactive one lol used to thot i mean.

    howsy : wuah mch want sabo me lidat meh? I lafu Amber Chia long long!!!

    lmf : wuah .... later all their fansee come flood 9 u then u die!!!


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