14 August 2006

The Diamond Ring

I got this frend Ahpek, he just got to know one China Piao mei whois in Malaysia on "vacation" so after a few days going out with this Piao mei then one day Ahpek asked the Piao mei :

Ahpek : Piao mei ar ... we go out so many days ledi wor .... when you wanna lemme wat wat u jek?
Piao mei : Ahpek ar .... you so fast wanna wat wat me meh? I only know you for a few days only worrr
Ahpek : a few days still not long enuff to show my sincerity meh? I really lafu you wan worr
Piao mei : Still not enuff ler .... there is something you havent done yet ler ....
Ahpek : What is that jek? faster tell me ... i fast fast go do!
Piao mei : All my frends mia bf all got buy them jewelry wan wor ... but you ...
Ahpek : Say no more! I bring you go buy now!

Ahpek then bring Piao mei go Kedai Emas Poh Kong .... you should see the glow on Piao mei's face when she enters Poh Kong dat time.

As Ahpek enters the shop, he loud loud tok to the small counter clerk :

Ahpek : Eh ... ask your Manager come! I want buy diamond ring for my gf!

Later the Manager come with 2 packs of Drinho Packet drink ....

Manager : Boss, sit down and have a drink first ... we slow slow tok ok?
Ahpek : Eh lu Manager har? then bring me a very spesel diamong ring! i wanna buy for my pretty gf here.
Manager : Wuah! you really "sik foh" (know your stuffs) ... know how to come to our place asking for diamond ring! our diamond ring very fehmes wan! Nah boss .... this one 3 carats, very shinny diamond .... after discount i gibe lu RM5,000 ok anot?
Ahpek : I think you no skool much wan la! which part of "Very Spesel" you dont understand? 3 carat?!!! My maid's diamond ring also more than 3 carats la!!!
Manager : Wuahh!!!! very little peeple so expert like you wan ler boss! I like you very much! Nah what about this? this wan 5 carats .... after discount RM13,000 only.
Ahpek : What discount discount? I dunwan those got discount discount wan! bring me something without discount!

Manager : Wuahh!!! ok ok I understand ledi boss! You really come to the right place liow! I recomen you this 10 carats diamond ring! This ring last time owned by itu HK Singer Kenny B mia ex wife wan ... this one made from the precious blue diamond from Egypt, only our shop got this! This one knot gibe discount ... the price is RM90,000
Ahpek : Hmmm ... lidis lar i like! come come lemme take a look

*Ahpek then pass it to the Piao mei and ask her :*

Ahpek : How baobei? you like this one anot? last time Kenny B's ex wife also wear before wan leh ...
Piao mei : I like Ahpek! I like!

*Ahpek then pass back the ring to the Manager and said :*

Ahpek : ok la ... I take this one ... just now you said RM90,000 izzit ?
Manager : Yes boss, RM90,000 .... no discount
Ahpek : Ok lar .. my gf here love the ring very much .... i take it la!
Manager : Tenkiu boss!!! How would you like to pay? with Cash or card boss?
Ahpek : Cash? lu siao har? who walk on the street with 90k in their poket wan?
Manager : soli soli ... then you pay card izzit?
Ahpek : Pay card??!!! you know how high is the interest anot??!! diu!
Manager : Then?
Ahpek : Lidis lar .. I give you cek ok? you no need to gimme the ring 1st .... today is saturday mah bank alredi closed so u wait till monday only go bank take money la! the cek cleared ledi only i come and take the ring ok anot?
Manager : Ohhh ... lidat ok la! ok set boss, later monday your cek cleared ledi I will call you to come and take the ring ok?
Ahpek : dont call so early hor! I dont wakeup till 12pm wan.
Manager : Yes sir! I know sir.

*Then Ahpek issued the cek and hand it over to the Manager then Ahpek and Piao mei left the shop ...... 2 days later (Monday) the Manager called Ahpek on his handphone : *

Manager : Oi Cilaka lu! your account left RM18.02 only la! Diu! you where got money to buy a RM90,000 ring??!!!
Ahpek : I know my account no money wor ... I pretend to wanna buy my gf the ring only mah ... Knot ah?
Manager : Wuah you farker! If your gf know you are dem pokai I sure she will dump 9 u straight away!
Ahpek : AAhhh .... dat one I know ledi laa ... tell you something you derno lar .... you know how nice she serbis-ED me on Saturday and Sunday anot?


WARNING : Kids, pls dont try this on your own ok? Ahpek is a trained propesionel .... hes higly trained to do this kinda stunts wan ..... if you are not highly trained like him, you might end up getting vietnam rose or saigon trumpet wan! Dun say i neber warn you ok?!


  1. wingz..last time u did dis to ur wife also ar? =p

  2. Anonymous1:09 am

    Wuahh!!!! Dis techtic chun worr!!! OK..Ok..dis kambing saturday i oso wan to try see can works anot.

  3. Anonymous1:23 am

    nice one xD

  4. Anonymous7:26 am

    This Ah Pek same as the blogger one or not?? Wah! He so hiau one kah???

  5. ppl say limond really women bestpren ho?hehe...lice teknic...

  6. ah pek is a real heart breaker!

  7. LOL. Good idea ar!! Pay by check. Try this on my gf sin. C can work anot

    Wingz, u write those conversation like veli expert wo. AhPek = Wingz ??

  8. Anonymous9:03 am

    hahahahaha so nice joke
    Gals can be so stupiak

  9. but nowadays piao mei vey smart one leh. she said wait for cheque to clear first before she give service wor.

  10. All piamuis onli wan big dollar sign,cant be bothered it's diamond or gold. Try giving her a penny less and she'll scrap ur bulus of ur KKC.LOlx

  11. "Anonymous:Gals can be so stupiak"

    Only China PiaoMei so panlai wan okay... We Malaysian girls not so duh wan. We make sure we sapu all the 5"C"s first,then only tok..HAHAHAHA

  12. wakakaka... good tips. but I dare not to do so la. my colleague told me last time he use RM500 notes to kao lui before... like today use RM50... he quickly top up RM50 n change the RM500 note back... so the gals always saw he use RM500 notes only... tot he was damn rich... kakaka. Now only can use RM50 ler... too bad.

  13. Anonymous11:28 am

    hahahaha, good one, man!

  14. Anonymous11:44 am

    You forgot to link to AhPek lah. LoL...

  15. ming : no ler not on my wife ler .. on my piao mei only lol!

    aceone : oi try ledi update us pls!

    veiss : thanks

    suituapui : wuah anyone can be Ahpek what ?

    ah nel : u wanna know? u try n see lorr

    wuching : u mean hymen breaker izzit? lol

    youngbrat : kakaka knn lu own gf also wanna ngak!

    anonymous : thanks

    ahpek : kakakaka knn u toking from experience izzit?

    sotongking : eh not bad wat? give her lesser $ to get your bulus shave! good deal wor!

    sasha : dats why local girls not kolifai to be call piao mei lorrr

    kenny ng : try n see laaa .. faster go find one piaomei n tell her u wan bring her to chiangmai

    laksa : thanks

    bryan : errr ... i sked kena diu if link him lol

  16. wah lau! keng chau!...


  17. LOL! A great trick.. Have you tried this before?

  18. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Wei you no put yr patleongkum wear marayxial flag ah? Then hold a keris, baru got patriotik. Silap-silap masuk front page of all papers - Patriotic Blogger Rojakz show good example. Don't forget to put some green flags burning at the background also.
    -Auntie sked eat kari lice so become anon-

  19. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Wei you no put yr patleongkum wear marayxial flag ah? Then hold a keris, baru got patriotik. Silap-silap masuk front page of all papers - Patriotic Blogger Rojakz show good example. Don't forget to put some green flags burning at the background also.
    -Auntie sked eat kari lice so become anon-

  20. wuuah, beautiful names wor - vietnam rose and saigon trumpet. LOL

  21. lolz........beh tahan lu liao lar

  22. Anonymous8:16 pm

    nabeh ... after serbis kau kau, u ciao

    kiau kai mm pei chin ...


  23. Eh, that cheque signing is a lady's hand. How come ahpek is a lady?

  24. HAHAHAHAHAH like that also syok....2 days of serbis. farnee man

  25. Anonymous6:39 pm

    if only the story has some truth in it...eh...where to get 3carat diamond for RM5000??? even the low clarity yellowish one would worth more than that....

    a 0.3 carat of color D or E and clarity of IF or VVS1 would be abt RM3000.....just the blardy stone.....sigh

  26. ok, if you say it is yours, i hv link back from that post.


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