15 August 2006

Ahbeng, Human Rights and Amadika President

Ahbeng is from China, the few leftover country still being ruled by the communist, Ahbeng have a penpal in Washington DC, Amadika. His name is John, they have been corresponding with each other for over 20 years now.

One day Ahbeng saved enuff money to go visit Amadika, so he erly erly alredi write letter to John telling him he wanna kam to Amadika and ask whether he can bring him go sight seing anot. John is a proud yankee and this seems to be a good oppurtunity for him to show off to the ulu Ahbeng what real democracy is.

Ahbeng finally arrived in Washington and John picked him up from the airport. Then this conversation took place :

John : Hey Ahbeng, before he head back to my place do you have anywhere you wanna goto for some sight seing?
Ahbeng : Oh yea since you mentioned it .... I would like to go to the White house.
John : oh ... sorry, white house is closed for visitors at this hour, they wont allow you to go in there ....
Ahbeng : its ok, i just wanna take a look from outside also happy ledi
John : In that case no problem la

So John drove to Ahbeng to the White House, 2 of them found a bench to sit on while admiring the White house from outside of the fence. Then John said :

John : You know Ahbeng ... the White House is the symbol of democracy and of human rights
Ahbeng : I know what is democracy ... but what is human rights ar ?
John : human rights is something that we american have and you chinaman dont have.
Ahbeng : I still dun understand ler ... can explain abit deeper anot?
John : ok ok lemme explains ..... as an American we can curse and scold our president and still nothing will happen to us, thats human rights!
Ahbeng : I see! I also got human rights lar lidat!
John : No you dont!
Ahbeng : Yes I do! I can do that same thing and nothing will happen to me also ....

Ahbeng then stands up and walks towards the entrance to The White House ... the he shout loud loud "GEORGE BUSH YOU IDIOT CIBAI KIA GO DIE LA!!!" and he walks back to John

Ahbeng : See? nothing happened to me also leh! we chinaman also got human rights mah!!




  1. ah beng is banyak pandai oi! heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

  2. Lol... that's human right... right! I also cursing country leaders all the time infront of Parlimen n nothing happen... I also got human right mah... kekeke.

  3. LOL, why ah beng no speaking Hakka so can curse even more also cannot kena.

    Si Heng - fast fast MSN or email me how to make khau nyuk. I heard you very good in cooking it (yam and pork). Quickly hor, cos I bought my yam already. Just tell me what ingredients only, I know how to kau tim. Red preserved soya bean cake (nam yue), five spice, wine, what else jek. LOL, I turn you in C9 liao.

  4. Ah beng curse in yinslish leh that bush mana tahu dengar?

    kenny: who say nothing happen? you try curse 'half value' sure kena wan i mean go face to face to him....

  5. if we got human right we wont be warned wat we blog... ;)
    in newspaper sumore...

    amadiak 1 thing gd...human right...

  6. ah beng veli shallow wor hor!

  7. Kenny, tis ah beng curse in hokkien.

    You oso can curse in hokkien in front of palimen or in front of mr semi-valued. Tidak ada apa akan kejadian ma... heheheh

  8. Anonymous10:26 am

    Ha ha ha! That's good one! Try doing that in his own country...and see what happens!! Sigh!!!

  9. Anonymous12:01 pm

    mummy my reciepe for khau nyuk

    Clean the pork, esp the skin remove all fine hairs. Then put pork in boiling wtaer and remove n let it cool. Then use a fork to made holes into the skin and rub it with salt 5 spcies powder nad lots of honey. the holes will made the skin tHE SKIN TASTY.

    Then heat up some oil and deep fry the pork till all brown followed by the yam.

    Put aside to let the pork n yam cool down then cut the pork into matching pcs.

    Arrange pork n yam into a contianer, I use tiffin carriers with the skin of the pork deep down so that after rehating(normally I cook in 2 or 3 tiffins).

    Chop some small onions and garlic and some tau cheong till very fine, and honey and about 2 to 4 pcs of bean curd and SUGAR. pour them onto the pork and yam till it fill upto the brim of the container. Cover it and steam for 1 to 1.5 hrs.

  10. pisang goreng/sasha: coz my office just right infront of parlimen ma... not only I cursed la, almost my whole office people oso cursed ma. we use english la... malay la... but my office ma... kekeke

  11. lilian.
    i thot you ask wings for gau bak recipe!! hahahaaa..
    oni after i realise it's khau bak.
    waaah.. bradder you can make 'khew nyuk" wan ah? my favourite leh.

  12. These Suhakam says that criminals also have rights. So don't go and bash up those snatch thieves or they can sue 9 you for battery. ...tiu!

  13. i'm going to die laughing at your posts. it's darn funny! :) hella good man!

  14. kns - stomach aching liao lar....

  15. muahahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. Anonymous12:29 am

    kanneh..lucky china AhBeng didn't kena shot dead.


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