29 August 2006

Ahpek & Tourist in Port Dickson

One day Ahpek and his buddy Ahbeng were lepaking at this bus stop ogling at lengluis kambing down from the bus.

After a while there is one Angmoh stop his car at the bus stop and get down. The Angmoh walks towards Ahpek and Ahbeng and this is what he said to them :

Angmoh : Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?
*Ahpek and Ahbeng stared at the Angmoh blur blur lidat*
Angmoh : Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?
*Ahpek and Ahbeng continue to stare at him*
Angmoh : Parlare Italiano?
*Still no response from Ahpek and Ahbeng *
Angmoh : Hablan ustedes Espanol?
*Ahpek and Ahbeng now mia face lagi blur*
The Angmoh tulan ledi .... fark 9 them in a foreign language and gets back into the car and drove off.

Then Ahpek turned to Ahbeng and said :

Ahpek : Eh ... i think hor ... we should go and learn some foreign language la
Ahbeng : Why?
Ahpek : Learn more language then at least if got Angmoh tok to us we know how to answer mah!
Ahbeng : Cheh!!! That Angmoh just now know 4 different language and it didnt do him any good also mahhh!
Ahpek : Mahai!!! Why you dunwan answer him just now??!!
Ahbeng : I wanna see how many language he can come out with ler ... mana tau up to 4 language only he tulan ledi!
Ahpek :


  1. whoa.. ahbeng so clever la...
    i never think like that oso... (shy)

  2. Anonymous1:52 am

    wuahh..ahbeng knows so many languages wan ka? bangla language know anot?

  3. i tot ah beng onli noe his benglish nia ler...lol

  4. dei, ah pek oso can speak 4 different dialects ok.

  5. Anonymous9:37 am

    good joke

  6. errr... i know Cantonese, mandarin, hokkien, toi san, english, malay... hehehe I'm better than that angmoh, i got 6!!! :P

  7. Anonymous11:24 am

    wahh.. 4 languages still not enough meh.. most of malaysians know about 2 to 4 languages..

  8. Must know how to talk fowl too.

  9. how ah beng know that ang moh farking him?

  10. mandarin, cantonese, hakka, hokkien, malay, engrish and lastly... thai

    7 language dei. dun pray pray

  11. hahaahhaahhaha
    good one..now makes me think if i ever want to learn so many languages


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