29 August 2006

Ahpek & Tourist in Port Dickson

One day Ahpek and his buddy Ahbeng were lepaking at this bus stop ogling at lengluis kambing down from the bus.

After a while there is one Angmoh stop his car at the bus stop and get down. The Angmoh walks towards Ahpek and Ahbeng and this is what he said to them :

Angmoh : Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?
*Ahpek and Ahbeng stared at the Angmoh blur blur lidat*
Angmoh : Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?
*Ahpek and Ahbeng continue to stare at him*
Angmoh : Parlare Italiano?
*Still no response from Ahpek and Ahbeng *
Angmoh : Hablan ustedes Espanol?
*Ahpek and Ahbeng now mia face lagi blur*
The Angmoh tulan ledi .... fark 9 them in a foreign language and gets back into the car and drove off.

Then Ahpek turned to Ahbeng and said :

Ahpek : Eh ... i think hor ... we should go and learn some foreign language la
Ahbeng : Why?
Ahpek : Learn more language then at least if got Angmoh tok to us we know how to answer mah!
Ahbeng : Cheh!!! That Angmoh just now know 4 different language and it didnt do him any good also mahhh!
Ahpek : Mahai!!! Why you dunwan answer him just now??!!
Ahbeng : I wanna see how many language he can come out with ler ... mana tau up to 4 language only he tulan ledi!
Ahpek :


  1. whoa.. ahbeng so clever la...
    i never think like that oso... (shy)

  2. Anonymous1:52 am

    wuahh..ahbeng knows so many languages wan ka? bangla language know anot?

  3. i tot ah beng onli noe his benglish nia ler...lol

  4. dei, ah pek oso can speak 4 different dialects ok.

  5. Anonymous9:37 am

    good joke

  6. errr... i know Cantonese, mandarin, hokkien, toi san, english, malay... hehehe I'm better than that angmoh, i got 6!!! :P

  7. Anonymous11:24 am

    wahh.. 4 languages still not enough meh.. most of malaysians know about 2 to 4 languages..

  8. kesian that ang moh...if urgent matter sure ahbeng fault liow lo haha..,

    yaya malaysian at least know 3+1 extra kind of language...chinese, english, tamil and malay n' mix-lish...woo not bad i know 5 language...

    Lu boleh "kong" Anglish kah? ..so called mix-lish aha

  9. Must know how to talk fowl too.

  10. Why The Angmoh can speak so many foreign language, but cannot speak Anglish?

    Weird Angmoh.

  11. I know more languages. knowing, understanding and fluent are all totally different thing la

  12. how ah beng know that ang moh farking him?

  13. mandarin, cantonese, hakka, hokkien, malay, engrish and lastly... thai

    7 language dei. dun pray pray

  14. hahaahhaahhaha
    good one..now makes me think if i ever want to learn so many languages


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