8 May 2006

Wingz Can Teach : Learn Cantonese

Today we gonna learn the phrase *KIKI KATKAT* What it means, when and how to use them.

With me are 2 of Hong Kong fehmes DJ and today they will teach you how and when to use the phrase *KIKI KATKAT* acting as a tourist in Hong Kong from mainland China.

Listen and observe carefully, as you will definitely learn a thing or two here heh heh heh!

BTW, the audio clip is also in canto ... of coz in canto la! if not how to teach canto?! diu! MCH you wanna listen anot want?! u dun KIKI KATKAT here la!

If you cant see anything in the box above then click on this LINK to go to the audio clip directly

So, after listening to the audio clip I bet you are all ready to use the phrase *KIKI KATKAT* if you have any questions regarding how to use KIKI KATKAT pls leave me a message and I will do my best to help lu eh!

Today Rojaks Daily is brought to you by the phrase *KIKI KATKAT* and the letter *F* and *U* WUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

many thanks to Shiryen for the audio clip (mch she forced me to put her blog here wan!)


  1. i have no idea what he/she is talking about! blur blur

  2. LOL..Nice-nice..dload and make it into album sin..

  3. wahahahaaaa!!!!!!!!!i can hear!!!

  4. I only speak Hokkien so I don't know how to pronounce so hai, ma hai, meh hai, fah hai, sek hai, ler hai....please can teach ah?

  5. hahaha eh u edit the sound issit?

    there is another one about them teaching: Lei mai dong ngo lulu (don think i m lulu!).... ahha... good one....

  6. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Ya lah, you edited the sound is it? How come the speed so fast wan? So fast not syok lah.

  7. Anonymous1:21 pm

    I can understand but sound different
    like cartoons talking only. LOL.

  8. ng : but malaysian are using KIKIKATKAT since long time ago wat? but kikikikatkatkat is new to us lol

    boss stewie : i derno hokkien laa

    wuching : haha its in canto

    young brat : lidis also u wanna d/l?

    ahpek : finally u can hear !!!

    5xmom : wuah u want me to teach how to say all that in rojaks?? -_-"

    gooman : no ler i derno why i upload ledi it changed and bcome lidat liow

    bryan : tarak edit, i think bolt something wrong

    ace : ya lo a bit fast ledi

  9. Kakaka... lei mou kikikatkat ah

  10. Damn farking funny, wingz!

  11. mai kao peh la... hokkien mode...

  12. Bwahahahaha.....

    The ultimate ki ki kat kat:

    Unlimited Ki Unlimited Kat...


  13. MA HAI... not happy is it now... JUST TELL ... no need ki ki kat kat

  14. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I have the whole 20+ episodes of that program - Siu Tham Gong Dong Wa. Kikiki.


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