26 May 2006

The Rojaks Mini Poll - You Tulan/Marah/Angry Anot?!!!

Man this just gotta stop alredi!

Just now you all got watch the news anot?? Latuk Semi Value is alredi toking bout Toll Rate!!! We gotta stop this madness!!!!

The Toll would be next followed by Telekom and LRT and Bus and Taxi and Indah Water and Cukai Tanah and Cukai pendapatan and APs kreta and APs handphone and Petrol Price and Inflations and Depressions and Starvation and who knows what they can think of?

Very soon we would have nothing else left for ourself anymore!!!
Dont be a farking pussy ok? let them know we farking tulan ledi OK ANOT??!!!

I derno why Rojak's readers dont like to type/leave comments one or maybe I m the ONLY one who is unhappy about the hike in electricity charges?

There is another reason tho, maybe they are just allergic to typing! Yea! thats why!

So, I came out with a solution, instead of typing out your comments and revealing your precious idendity I placed a mini poll on the sidebar so you can just "click" on it, no need to type anything! Hows that for convienient sake?!

You see that Mini Poll at the left hand side bar there? yup! thats the one! go and choose which answer you prefer then click on the button that says "Fark'em Now!" and you are all done! its that simple! Unbelievable isnt it? SEE?!! its not that difficult! Havent you had enuff of this bull shit alredi?!! So drag your lazy ass over to the poll and vote damnit!!!

The gomen suppose to be working for the benefits of their citizens, not the other way around ok?!

This is another community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily, your community Bull dog!



  1. Anonymous12:30 am

    sometimes dunno wot to komen la, brudder. I put in my vote oredi liao, happy anot?

  2. When old horse was in power, everybody farked him even though his policies were business friendly.

    Now the new guards are in. Are they doing any better?......Tiu!

  3. Gua undi sama lu lah, Yang Amat Bertulan Latuk Silly Rojakz, KNN, DNMCH, PPS

  4. Anonymous1:49 am

    yes.. yes... yes... oh yes... oh yes.. somemore... yes ... oh .. yes .. yes..


  5. Anonymous2:08 am

    As our Yang Amat Bertulan Latuk Wingz requested, I voted liao. But I voted just now, it's 60% Yes, 40% No. Kinda unbelievable.

  6. wat? t..to..tol..toll??!! i tot it was farking high ledi!! now i hafta think more carefully whether to go back home or not.. haihhhhh!!

    n the poll.. 40% NO??!! madness!!

  7. samy velu talking toll? minyak naik, api naik, gula naik... later water naik, toll naik emas naik...
    why they dun naikan their six inch rod ar?some more they want to help that HAMAS which out of money? mch our country so many ppls no money why help them? this 'half value' (we kall him hueh chia thau)oso same... see every thing naik he oso wan to naik.... naikan his pecker 1st la.... LOL

  8. 1 more thing to add....

    no wonder toyota hybrid add always out in star paper...

    do you think hybrid will in here ar?

  9. Mch...i traveled more than 60km per day. Each day dunno go thru how many farking tolls. Still wanna increase??!!

    I think i shud start printing fake money instead of advertising materials

  10. Anonymous7:28 pm

    That is bcoz your commenting system damn kau mafan, have to type this. type that, somemore hor cannot leave name, just anonymous...no fun liddat...


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