7 May 2006

Funny Mandarin Song (18SX)

WARNING : Those who knot accept vulgar songs pls get lost now! Others proceed at own risk!

This song is about guys going to *call chicken*, its in mandarin so I only managed to understand first two lines only. Maybe you guys can tell me what the rest of it means lol!

1st line - If you guys got money then go "call chicken"
2nd line - If no money then sendiri Tah Fei Ji!

wanna know the rest? u listen to it yourself la!

How Sui anot?! eh i forgot who post this link on the forum ledi .... -_-""


  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    eh i can't view ler.. why why?

  2. onnly the first 2 lines are funny.... ahhahahaahhahaahaha..............

  3. u r underage lah. cum back when u r older :D :D
    mp3 posted by Kahw33 in da forum.

  4. i'm like u, can only understand first 2 lines!

  5. This song Lin Peh must dedicate to Seng Kor !LOL!

  6. Linpeh. Seng Kor thinking of who ar when he tfk?

  7. alex : u missing some plugin kot?

    gooman : u understand the rest of the sentence anot ar ?

    rub : oh that link is by kahw33 one ka? ic ic

    crazygrrl: hamsap!!

    wuching : lets get someone to translate for us laa

    linpeh : kakaka mana sengkor?? ask him come here wei!

    cocka : hmm ... r u thinking who i m thinking ?

  8. diu~ no credit meh... aiseh la...

  9. Anonymous4:09 am

    could someone kindly send me a copy of that mp3?

    my email addy is lanevo7rs@gmail.com

    many thanks


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