21 May 2006

The By-Pass Operation Were Very Succesful

"The operation were very smooth, dont worry" Thats the first sentence I heard from the surgeon when I went into ICU to see my father. Hes still unconcious but the words from the Surgeon were enough to relief us from our worries.

We will hafta wait until tomorrow before we could see our father again, before we leave the nurse in the ICU asked us for our contact numbers. We gave it to her without much objection and she told us this when we were about to step out of the ICU "Please pray to god that we dont hafta call you guys" Looks like my oldman situation is still kinda shaky .... we only can hope and pray that we dont get any phone calls tonite from IJN.

A millions thanks to all your prayers and well wishes, I m forever in debt to all the nice souls out there. I dont know what else to say other than THANK YOU!

I did not managed to get much sleep at all, i dozed off beside my father's bed for almost an hour while waiting for the nurse to bring him into the operation theatre. Other than that its a whole day of waiting, waiting and more waiting. The whole thing last about 6 hours or more and that was the longest 6 hours of my life! Every minutes felt like an hour! Everybody waited anxiously for some kinda news coming out from the operation theatre.

I think I would write a guide or an e-book or a post on this whole by-pass experience to aid those who are clueless (like how I was in the beginning) so everyone could be better prepared for this kinda situation.

Well that would be abit later ... right now I just wanna crash and play dead for a while.

I took some pictures of my oldman just before he went into the operation theatre ....


  1. Hey wingz, I will pray harder! God bless

  2. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hooray..Hooray..Great News Indeed. Little Devil can play play wif yehyeh!!

  3. Anonymous10:22 pm

    I'm glad the operation was successful! hope the recovery is just as speedy and good. take care now...

  4. That good bruder
    Tonight have a good rest la don't online so late

  5. Go sleep ler, the phone won't ring.

  6. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Dear Wingz,
    Cheer up, things going to be all right!

  7. Ya, this is the 2nd time I'm leaving comments but have been reading yr blog for a while.
    glad to know all went smoothly. take care and rest well.

  8. Anonymous1:09 am

    great news as expected. Hey! what is your home phone number?? Since the hopital won't call, I just wanted to call(multiple) in the wee night to provide some suspense. Also always wanted to immitate Moe from The Three Stooges:

    Wake up!!! wake up!!!....wake up and go to sleep.

    I am sure next morning I will turn up in 19 pieces.

  9. Anonymous2:42 am

    Great to hear that the surgery went well and hopefully speedy recovery for your dad.

  10. Anonymous6:11 am

    Such wonderful news...
    Praise the Lord for answering to our prayers.

    Will continue to pray for Yeh-yeh's recovery.

    Take care, Wingz. :)

  11. Very good news! At least the hardest part (op) is over. Dun worry and get some sleep.

  12. Wingz, this is indeed good news. Wishing your papa a speedy recovery.

    You get a good rest. Take care .


  13. I am sure your father will "take a big step over"! good luck!

  14. now, go get some rest. after you pulak kena warded.

  15. i pray for Yehyeh speedy recover. u take care too. :D

  16. yaya..Its really a good news..

    U better take some rest coz i dun wan to pray for u..

    No worry..Evything will be fine..So many ppl pray, no problem 1

  17. Anonymous1:53 pm

    nice . congrat to u and ur famil.
    now u have to take good care of ur pup, dont let him eat simply and must exercise always. cheerssssssss everyone

  18. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Thank God!

  19. Bless, things did went well for ya, you have bring a tear to my eyes rojakz, do believe in the power of prayer and do believe in faith. Cheers!

  20. your dad will do just fine... go n take a rest as you'll have to look after him later when he is back to the normal ward.

  21. Dun worry la. Bruder ! Go sleep ! By the way, you no hiu 9 my sms ah ? LOL!

  22. Anonymous5:09 pm

    That's God your old man is ok now.

  23. Since you kenot sleep, might as well blog.

    He'll turn out fine I'm sure.

  24. ah yes, good news! thank god lah, now get some sleep!

  25. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Cheer dude!! But pray more ;)

  26. Anonymous9:07 pm

    hao xin you hao pao!!!

  27. go get some rest dude, your sleeping members will back you up!

  28. Good news :D

    Glad operation was successful

    yr old man will be fine, look at mahathir, still so fit after his by-pass surgery :D

  29. That's good =) Hope he recovers soon!!


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