21 May 2006

Weekend Pictures - Lil Devil in IJN Visiting Yehyeh

Weekends is the only day when kids are allowed to visits patients in IJN, I took Little Devil to see his Yehyeh (Grandpa) hoping it will lift his spirit and tomorrow's operation will be a smooth one.

My Oldman feeding pau to Little Devil

Little Devil looking kinda upset on my oldman's bed.

Little Devil Performing stunts to make everyone luff.

Little Devil with Grandpa's Puasa sign ... my oldman kena fast for tomorrow's triple by-pass operation. This pic made my father laugh very loud.

Yehyeh I go home la! I kenot come tomorrow because they dont let kids into ICU one. You fast fast recover and play with me again ok? I love you Yehyeh!

Everyone in the family is praying for a successful operation today.

Its gonna be a looonnnngggggg loooonnnnggggg day. Pray for my oldman please ..... tenkiu


  1. My prayers are with your old man. :) Don't worry.

  2. Anonymous4:02 am

    Your dad and family are in my prayers. Keep us posted and can't wait to hear the good news next week.

    You got a good looking kid, must look like his mom. haha.

  3. All the best and get well soon!

  4. Anonymous4:26 am

    i'm not much of a religious person, but i do hope the operation will go as smoothly as possible.

    and that freaking puasa sign cracked me up. you can turn that picture into a poster to encourage people to fast. maybe you can earn datukship leh?

  5. Dude, all the best to your oldman!

  6. Take care Bruder !

  7. prayers to ur dad. Been thru all that , my old man had a double by pass and one balloon in. Take care.

  8. Anonymous12:21 pm

    praying for a smooth operation and a speedy recovery for your old man. your lil' devil is a really cute one. :)

  9. papa wingz will get well soon.

  10. Reporting live from IJN, got sms from Wingz, his old man just went in to op around 12.30 noon. Meantime, Wingz is busy 'khap-ing' lenglui misi (nurse), wearing short skirts and little white hats and he hope to get a free supply of viagra for himself. This message is brought to you by the 3GU6PO channel.

  11. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Message to Little Devil: Your yehyeh will be in good health after dis operation. Your yehyeh will oso play hide and seek next week. You can beat yehyeh anot??

    Take care bruder, prayers to your oldman.

  12. My prayers to your dad for a smooth operation. Dont worry wingz, things
    will be fine.

    Btw, your boy is such a cutie !


  13. wishing your papa a speedy recovery.

  14. will be praying for ur dad, god bless!

  15. Wishing your dad a quickie recovery.
    Take care, mate

  16. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Wish for your dad's faster recovery and a successful operation.

    Lil Devil is so cute.

  17. Anonymous3:15 pm

    dont worry he will be ok

  18. Hey, I wish your dad all the best.

    I bet your dad is happy to have the company of your 100% adorable little devil. lol

  19. Anonymous5:40 pm

    My prayers are with Little Devil's Yeh-Yeh.

    Your Dad'll be fine, Wingz. Hugz

  20. All the best to your dad!

  21. bruther, all the best.

  22. Best wishes to your dad and a speedy recovery.
    ps. kewt kiddo, better looking than wingz too !! :)

  23. jason : thanks for being the 1st to offer your prayers

    tux : wuahh lidat u indirectly saying that i m not hansem la! lol .. thanks for your prayers

    howsy : thank you

    decypher : make puasa poster will get datukship one ka? how big one ar the ship? lol! tenkiu for yur well wishes wei!

    ivan : thanks dude!

    latuk linpeh : tenkiu for everything you done for me and sorry for the trouble!

    foodcrazee : thanks ... i feel your pain also

    may : like father like son mah! thanks

    angel : coming from an angel i know it will definitely be good! thanks

    sengkor : tenkiu for your concern

    5xmom : wuah got live update sommo! CNN also kalah man!

    aceone : thanks for your prayers

    star : my boy's father lagi cute! lol! thank you for your prayers!

    nyonya : I think its my 1st time seing you commenting and thank you for your well wishes

    wuching : taikor, tenkiu for your prayers!

    cocka : thanks brader!

    surfnux : brader, thank you for your well wishes.

    anon : thanks ... it would be nicer if you could reveal yourself abit more tho :)

    helen : thanks ... lil devil's fader lagi adorable!

    amelia : thank you very much for your prayers

    penny : thank you

    9393 : thanks brader!

    rub : wuah how can be better looking than me ler ... I make one wor! thanks!


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