30 May 2006

Ahbeng and his Panda Eyes

You know what is Panda eyes? Panda eyes or black eyes is when your eyes kena punched then after a day or two and you will get blue black eyes a.k.a. Panda Eyes!

Panda Eye

As usual my jokes will evolve around Ahbeng and this time our Guest Star is Doc

One day Ahbeng goto Doc with 2 panda eyes, so Doc also ask him :

Doc : Wuah Ahbeng you joined geng fight ka? U kena whack quite teruk you know?
Ahbeng : No la! I got these from in the church wan!
Doc : Church? who da hell weck you in church?
Ahbeng : A fat aunty .....
Doc : HAH? what happened??! tell tell!
Ahbeng : I was kneeling at prayers that time then when prayers finish ledi we all stand up lar, there is this fat aunty in front of me, I saw her skirt got caught in between her buttcheeks and I did what a good christian would do .... I goan pull her skirt outta her buttcheeks lor.
Doc : Then?
Ahbeng : Then she weck kau my left eye la!
Doc : No wonder la!!!! Eh wait a minit ..... she whacked you left eye only what? how come your right eye also kena blue blackwan?
Ahbeng : After she whacked me hor .. i thot about what I done lar then i realised maybe she purposely put her skirt between her buttcheeks wan, so I felt sorry for what i did to her la .... I try to undo those things i done wrong one ler ..... so, I put her skirt back into her buttcheeks lor.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! Damn 9 farnee!!!

  2. Anonymous6:36 am

    APU!!!!! wingz i give u virginity! U superbly on form wingz. mahai machauhai! i award u the human being on earth!

  3. ah beng memang ah beng!

  4. LOL...Left eye for DO, Right eye for UNDO. KKC for REDO. Am I right

  5. Anonymous11:30 am

    A typical ah beng.

  6. Anonymous12:08 pm

    If I were the doctor, I'll kick him on his dick too.

  7. gary : kanneh u soammer ka betui betui komen mia? everytime also different url! if u gay pls go find inevitable la!

    youngbrat : kkc for redo? kkc for do-do!

    hijackqueen: mcb!! we very lucky u dint get to be a doc la!!!

  8. wuahahaha...Damm 9 funny.


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