17 May 2006

'I' meme ...

Most of the time i dun like doing "meme" bcoz i dont find it funny .... but this "I meme" well ... thats another ball-game entirely! This "meme" is the "different" I soooo wanna know which "genuis" created it! So I also wanna be a part of this "Unique" meme ler ...

Here goes nuthin!

I AM: Vehlee Hansem (this one whole KL also know ledi ler)

I JUST NOW: TFKed (Tah Fei Kei-ED)

I SAID: Diu Lei Mm Duck Han (Fark you no free - yingrish / Kan lu boh eng - Hokkien)

I WANT: to TFK again later

I WISH: You will leave a comment when you are done reading this.

I HATE: Myself for lobing yew! (Joan Jett, the song! the song!)


I FEAR: Factor (the game show la!)

I HEAR: You there! ( I here, you there)

I WONDER: ful!! You beautilful!

I REGRET: lending you my mani!

I AM NOT: Ghey!

I SING: Song n Tok Kok!

I CRY: wolves too much liow ... now peeple dun belif me ledi!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Hansem ... sometime I m just plain charming ..... :P

I MADE: Warm Brown Cake 15 minutes ago in the toilet.



I NEED: More readers to leave comment in this blog!

I SHOULD: You Die! ( I shoot you die)

I START: to feel vehlee vehlee the situpid doing this meme .....

I FINISH: ED this stupid meme ledi and it totally redefined the meaning of LAME!!! TOTALLY!

I TAG: niahmah, niahpah, Bush and Osama (hey it even rhymes!)


  1. Anonymous1:27 am

    ok lah ok lah ok lah!!
    I will komen on this post.
    cos it's funny lor.
    not kopi n tampal joke lor.

  2. Anonymous6:40 am

    Haiyah, wat u toking kok here, i oso dun relly understand woh.
    TFK everytime, not pancit ah?

  3. wah, u reli like tak fei ki wor!

  4. aiks. Wingz, u need to tfk 1 meh..Somemore, how can u miss ur period?! Realli farnie and weird. Send some R&D officer find u.

    But I realli respek u. This aso can be rythm. eg:
    I SHOULD: You Die!

  5. Anonymous8:40 am

    naaaahhh... gip u anader komen, ok? happy? yes?

    btw... do me a big BBIIGG favour... eh, can update your link on the sidebar for my site anot? still pointing to Blogger wan?!

    tengkiu, tengkiu...

  6. diao! no wnoder you wan this meme..so that everyone know you like to tah fei kei.

  7. you made the "I" meme soooo funny

  8. Anonymous11:39 am

    Eh, one day you TFK how many time??
    Lidat reserve oso dry up la.


  9. Anonymous12:00 pm

    i say man, you made a brown cake and tfk almost same time wor....what a way to start the day...respect, respect.

  10. funi until pants also drop liao!!

  11. Anonymous12:47 pm

    hahaha, so damn cute :D

  12. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Hi WINGZ you so veli hansem original n funi... HAHAHAAaaaa


  13. Wingz fei kei yau lah... TFK is for losers... kakakaka *lariiiiii*

  14. Anonymous1:43 pm

    So old ledi still TFK? Kekekke...

  15. SOHAI. Reading this make meself like a sohai also, celaka!!

  16. Hahahahaha. You ar.... (*shakes head*)

  17. muahhahahah..keji punya meme, keji punya wingz


  18. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Aiseh, you should put in the tag to continue the meme :(

  19. Anonymous3:31 pm

    suound good and funny.
    go tfk lorrrr

  20. liddat also can? only with wingz...hahaaa!

  21. Eh, TanSli is a girl ka? Pregnant also?

    LOLOL @ the TAG....

  22. Dropping by to say Hi hi! Like your answers. Errr.. Hand not tired kah? Hehe..

  23. niamah, you no give face, tag my buddies, never tag me.

    When we can see the tfk video jek?

  24. Bryan said...

    So old ledi still TFK? Kekekke...

    1:43 PM

    Bryan, like vehicle, must constantly serbis 99. Wingz sked never serbis terus tarak boleh pakai.


  25. cheebye, u too free nth to do izzit?

  26. Anonymous6:37 pm

    dear aH Wingz,

    We soooo vehlee d' admire you.
    U sooo hamsen, yr smile ohhh !!... sooo charming, n writing alsoooo clever.

    we luv you !

    From : all your AH Lians

    (dont scold for bad engrish..
    you said after read die die aso
    to comment )

  27. WUAH!!! 31 komens!!! 31!!! abit lesser than ahmay's but Ima happy man liow ....

    immigrant : tenkiu you one hell of a lady!

    jason : i think u more hansem than me liow

    may : wuah like very the paksa lidat only!!!

    crazygrrl : wuah your koment so long leh!

    chapree : old ledi engine always kena warm up abit lar ... if not later susah mau start one lol!

    wuching : plektis make perfect mahh ... confucious say wan!

    young brat: need la ... everibodi lafu TFK! lol

    may : wuahh how can i ever repay you!!!! jom i bring u out go eat pizza! since u moving to italia alredi better get used to it lol!!!

    ahpek : kanneh dun burff me ok? i know u every morning also warm up your engine wan!

    moon : not only i can make the meme so funny ... other things also i can make it funny also ler

    ace : see mood lar ... minimum 1 times la .. saturday n sunday off LOL!

    pek imm : can mah!!! make brown cake that time ahdns is free what? then use to tfk ler! can properly utilise free time also lol

    joec : pants drop ledi then can tfk izzit ? lol

    laksa : damn cute??!! -_-"" u think i m some kinda chick ar ????

    cyberjaya : yeayy!!! i also got cyberjaya fans !!!!! HELO CYBERJAYA!!!!

    inevitable : that day hor the fortune teller told me u got 2 wives one ... your left and your right hands! WUAHAHAHAHA

    bryan : Old lar baru kena frequently TFK!! if not later engine rusty ler!

    tiuniasing : wuahhhh 1st time see tiuniasing taikor komen here wei!!! aiyah nvmla arent we all sohais in this world lol!

    mumsgather : wait wait ... u shaking whose and which head 1st ? LOL!

    applepie : aku tangkap lepas tu panggil Linpeh rogol sama lu then u know!

    hijackqueen : I tag YOU!!!!

    anonymous : You start a TFK club lar! i join as treasurer!

    penny : duh ... sings *if you derno me by now~~~*

    plink : u deno guys also got period wan??!!! aiyooo

    goddess : wuah lui san also here!!!

    lil patchee : tired la ... why? you offering to help izzit ? kakakakaka

    5xmom : ok ok I tag LU and hijackqueen!

    typo : No la mch! i never seen so lame mia meme before mah so me being a lamer would never let this oppurtunity pass ler!

    Dear Ahliansss : I lebiu too!!! lets us make lafu!!!! kin!!! kinn!!!!

    lizard : so whcih one you like more jek? the hansem part of me or the charming part ler ? *winks*


  28. I AM wondering which part of you hamsem

    I JUST NOW checked back the photos we took also I cannot see which part of you hemsem

    I SAID you are not hemsem la.



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