30 May 2006

OH! My Harm Yoke Jung! Rice Dumplings Festival

Harm Yoke Jung in cantonese or Bak Chang in Hokkien ( i guessed) if translate directly into english it would means "Salty Meat Dumpling" or simply Rice Dumplings

We cina Ahpek celebrates the Rice Dumpling Festival (Tuen erm jit or Duan Wu Jie) on the 5th day of the 5th month (chinese lunar calender la), Celebrate what you may ask? I dunno ler ... we chinese Ahpek "shit no come out" also we can celebrate wan LOL!

ok ok jokes aside .... there is actually a myth/story behind the celebration one .... I copy n paste let u read ok?
The Story

Many moons ago, in ancient China, patriotic poet and statesman Qu Yuan threw himself into the waters of the Milo River in protest against corruption and injustice. Fishermen, to protect the young idealist's body from being devoured by demons, beat drums and gongs and threw rice into the water as offerings. In memory of this occasion, every year during the period surrounding the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar (the day Qu Yuan drowned himself) Chinese Singaporeans hold dragon boat races and eat dumplings. The races are said to represent the search for his body.

The dumplings, or zongzi, little packets of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, are thought to have their origin in the bamboo tubes of rice thrown into the river as offerings. To keep the river dragons from eating them, the packets were tied with brightly-coloured silk threads (which dragons fear).

So .... thats the story huh? hehe solilar I also first time read only kakaka!!! Dun hate me bcoz i m cina ciplak can??!!!

Anyway Harm Yoke Jung is one of my all time favourite food! I could eat 5,6 or 7 pcs a day ... depending on how big they were la.

So today you could not imagine how happy I am to see 3 pcs of Rice Dumplings on the dinning table.

Me : Wuahh!! got HARM YOKE JUNG!!! I like!!!!
Bini : Oi! Oi! dont touch! not for you wan!
Me : Then for who?
Bini : For Wednesday prayers wan.
Me : WTF!!! you bought only 3 pcs for the prayers??!!! Why cant you buy more??!!!
Bini : If I buy more then ppl will blog n tell the whole world how I burnt his money liow la ....
Me : #@$%%&*&*!!!! Harm Yoke Jung how much a piece only??!!!! Where can kira lidat wan??!!!

You think the GOD will be pissed at me if i curi 1 piece to eat anot??


If you got Harm Yoke Jungs to spare pls email me ... i will reply with my postal adress wan .. tenkiu!



  1. Anonymous6:44 am

    HARHARHAR! Wingz! my brother! i also wants to eats la. in my countries, i be never see 9 that piece of dumplings b4! it be the hansemses piece of food i ever seen b4 in my damn 9 short life! HARHARHAR wingz u are my hansem boss APU!

  2. Anonymous7:13 am

    wa. lau chui nuah ler boss. wa cin ku bo ciak chang liau. tua England hami lan pun bo. tatajit ciak loti ka beh tahan. char bor pu bo kon ane sui.kia hor wah kui liap la....wa hor lu wa eh addlesss.......kamsia kamsia.

  3. aiyo, i oso want harm yoke jung wor! cannot find nice nice wan here wor, gimme some!

  4. Anonymous8:34 am

    errr... buy your own from pasar malam? plenty around these days... :P

  5. Anonymous10:31 am

    Wingz...Harm York Jung is also one of my favourite, I can whack 3-4 in one sitting (depending on it's size). Will there be a Harm Yoke Jung eating contest??

  6. Anonymous11:27 am

    Give me your email address, I send you some in the attachment. :D

  7. Gimme your fax number ! Lin Peh fax one to you ! LOL! Happy Harm Yoke Jung Fest !

  8. Anonymous12:12 pm

    I eat until want to vomit liao. You want ah. Got one more in my fridge. I no need to buy. All free wan. Relative give wan.

  9. Sei lar lei, lou poh merajuking liao. Kena 'chart'. Padan muka lu, Wingz! *evil laughters*

    Never mind, dun steal foods from the god. Si jeh blanja you makan. Here, go lick the monitor.

  10. wah i got alot woh
    hokkien style, hakka style

    everyday also whack during lunch in office. all my muslim colleague jealous already

  11. Anonymous10:34 pm

    chinese singaporeans oni eat dumplings ka?? what happen to the rest? oni wrap so that chinese singaporeans can eat ah? hehe..

  12. well i make myself not ez woh my mum said make own wan can put alot of thing inside... beside eating this alot no good leh...
    last 2 week i eat this, then i got stomach pain for a week.....

  13. kohlakia : you from which jungle wan lar?

    stewie : u more hansem la!

    spike : lai lai lu ho wah lu eh address ... wah mail the bambo leave ho lu! lol!!

    wuching : chinatown got mahhh no meh?

    may : u buy for me ler ... i allergic to pasar malam wan

    latuk syed : no problem man

    tux : u fast fast kambek la .. then i bring u go whack ham yoke jungs!

    bryan : attachments i dunwan send money pls! i go buy myself!

    linpeh : send money pls!

    hijackqueen : want wantt!!! gimme ur address i go take from u !!

    5xmom : u very the evilll !!!!

    lmf : wei wei i go your house take can anot??!!!

    mei : hehe cnp job mah ... forgot to take out the singaporean ler

    pisang u knot eat this one lar ... come come i help u eat lol


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