12 May 2006

Ahpek and His Beautiful Daughter

Just heard this joke from Cocka during our yum char session ... better blog bout it b4 i forgets the punchline.

Once upon a time live Ahpek and his beautiful doter Ahuey in one village, also in this willage live 3 hamsap man ... their name in no paticular order : Linpeh the Goldfish uncle, GBYeow and Cocka the Bhai.

Ahpek owns a farm that have several herd of cows, every morning Ahpek would send Ahuey to milk the cow. Ahpek knows that every morning this 3 hamsap guys will come and peek at his beautiful doter Ahuey, so Ahpek would be on the lookout from the window in his house.

Exactly at 10:30 am that day Ahpek saw GBYeow walking towards his farm ... Ahpek fast fast rush out and call to Ahuey "Ahuey faster come home now! GBYeow is kambing!" Ahuey will run back as fast as she could into the safety of Ahpek's house and hide. After they are sure GBYeow is gone then Ahpek will send Ahuey back to milk the cow while Ahpek will standby at the lookout.

Around 11:00am Ahpek once again rushed outta the house to warn Ahuey ... "faster kambek to the house! Linpeh the gold fish uncle is kambing!" Ahuey will leave everything she is doing and dash back to the house for safety. Linpeh hang around for 10 minutes or so and since Ahuey is not around Linpeh also left too. Then again Ahpek send Ahuey back to milk the cow.

At 11:45am Ahpek saw Cocka the bhai walking towards the barn, same as the previous 2 times, Ahpek dashed out to warn his daughter "Ahuey faster go home! And bring the cow with you!! COCKA is coming!!! FASTER!!!!"



  1. wahahhahaa!!!! cocka after the cow or after the milk!!!

  2. cocka into anything!

  3. mch Ahpek and wuching!! Sure after the cow laa....
    Can do so many things with it maa..
    Free milk, free cowdung for fertilizer, free beef...

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    cant stop laughing...
    who is this cocka
    so damn bin thai ??

    pity the cow lah... (hahahaaa...)

  5. no la Cocka is after Cow hole la

  6. Whuahahaha,,cocka wat's your intentions?LOL


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