20 May 2006

Lilian Won The Lottery !!!

I dunno whether its good or bad, but supposingly my oldman's operation were actually scheduled for tomlo morning but we were told that their ICU is full ledi ... so kena postpone till Sunday only can do. We just found out today that kids under 12 yrs old are not allowed to go into the IJN patient's ward. However ... chindrens are only allowed on weekends from 4:30 pm onwards. Strange huh??

One day my frend Lilian kena lottery already, she dashed home to break the news to her husband.

Ermm ... soli! wrong sequence liow ... we should talk about the husband (ATM) first, actually Lilian's husband is a gambler cum drinker. He would gamble and drink till his pocket empty then go home and dig his wife's handbag wan.

All the while Lilian would just diam diam and dare not to fight back also because he dunwan the kids to grow up in broken family ler .... so all these while she had been taking all that kinda treatment from this no good husband of hers.

Then come one day she found out that she hit the Sports TOTO 6D jackpot! She won a whooping RM8 Millions. The first thing on her mind is to rush home and break the news to her husband and kids. So she took a taxi from her work place and asked the taxi driver to step on it, if there is any saman she will pay for it.

Sport Toto drawing results

15 minutes later she reached home, she quickly pays the taxi driver and ran into the house. She pushed the door open and call out for her husband :

Lilian : DEAR!!! DDEEEAAARRRR!!!!!!!! I WON THE LOTTERY !!!! I WON !!! I WON !!!!
ATM : You sure?!!!
Lilian : YESH!!! I went to the betting center and triple check ledi!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!!
Lilian : Dear faster pack your bags!!!
ATM : We going on a holiday?? Where we going?? what should I pack for?? We going to the Ocean in Carribean or skiing in Swiss or where ??
Lilian : I dont care! I just want you to pack and get the hell outta my house!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Well I would like to tell you that this story is a fiction la ... i made this up myself one laaa... this story are not related to anybody whether dead or alive lol!!!

*Runs to Thailand, change to thai name and do plastic surgery so Lilian cant find me!!!*


  1. wakakaka!! lilian, quick go whack 9 him b4 he runs to thailand!!

  2. auntie, if you ned to find anybody in thailand, contact me!

  3. Cilaka, now I know why you ask me what you asked me last night.

    BTW, the gomen hospital allocate the time so that the children can at least visit lor. Otherwise, no children are allowed in.

    Remember hor, the op will follow with lotsa pain but pain can go away with morphine, lotsa of them. After that hor, he kena come up and walk. That time oso suffering but more movement means faster healing cos blooding circulating. Tell him before hand lor, so that he won't get shocked with the recovery process. I remembered one Bangkali man, very big size one, crying after his by-pass. Ahmmaahhh...but after two days, he can joke adi.

    Sunday good mah, more Yehsou kakis like me to pray, lagi pahwerfool.

    Sei lor, I memang lor sor. Hahaha.

  4. Aiks, got one more. He will be on ventilator. Tell him like scuba diving. Kena relaks baru cannot feel so uncomfortable. I pat phor cos I hari-hari see people do by-pass. In fact, one of the consultant in the Gov. Hosp. suggested to me to write a 'Coping with ICU stay' for the adults patients. Hahaha. 'Cos I si-beh patphor seen everything from my own eyes (which is different from the medical people).

  5. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Wei, after you had the surgery and stuffs, let us know where you work, ok? I wanna see you dancing in Tiger Show.

  6. i thot for real lilian won lottery wor!

  7. yeah lilian was right... at sunday yehso kaming.. some more they give little goodies... but must what kind christian kaming... some of them kaming with paper olny, then they ci-ci ca-ca...


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