24 May 2006

Of Bus Driver in KL

Altho i m staying in KL but in reality I dont stay in KL .... I mean i very the seldom goto downtown one ... especially shopping areas. Lately bcoz of my dad are hospitalised in IJN i gotta travel on a daily basis to the middle of the town sometime even twice daily!
Lemme tell you this ... just now my car nearly got RAN OVER by a fucking bus travelling at more than 100kmh on KL road!!!! MAHCHOWHAI!!!!!

One day 3 sohais die ledi then goto heaven, lemme tell u bout these 3 sohais first.

The 1st fler name in the queue is a Humanitarian worker call Lepton, 2nd fler name is Misai n hes a bus driver in KL (mahai izzit my fault that all bus driver I met got misai wan?) and the 3rd fler is a pastor name Stewie.

Its lidis one ... the 1st time u go into heaven u kena check in at the front desk area 1st, there u will meet a Bhai jaga that will give u a house and a car. The house n the car is determined by all the good stuffs u done in your lifetime, kinda like a measurement lidat la. The bigger your good deeds then you will get a bigger car and a bigger house. These are complimentary one ler of coz ... its given FOC one by the heaven management.

Before that all 3 of them are being told what to do at the front desk liow, they need to step up, announce their name, their occupation and how they die then wait for their *rewards* to be announced.

Being the 1st in line Lepton step up and speak in a loud loud voice.

Lepton : Lepton Tea! Aid worker in Africa and die of AIDS.
Bhai jaga : hmm ... impressive ... here, take this set of keys, these are the keys to your brand new proton Gen2 and 3 bedroom condo.
Lepton : tenkiu Bhai sir!

Next would be Misai the KL bus driver. He step up and shout very loud :

Misai : My name is Misai, I am a bus driver in KL for 20 years and I die in a bus accident Sir Bhai! !
Bhai jaga *flip flip the papers checking his records*
Bhai jaga : OHH!! you are that fler! nice to meet u leh! here here ... take these key to your brand new Porsche and 53 rooms bungalow with all facilities.
Misai : WHOA!!! Tenkiu sir Bhai! *grins*

Upon hearing what the Bhai jaga given to Misai, Stewie the Pastor dem confident, since that paria bus driver also can get Porsche and 53 rooms bungalow, he will get at least also get a Ferrari Enzo and a hotel to stay in one la.

So he confidently step forward and announced proudly :

Stewie : I m Stewie kia! the pastor for St. Mehlee for the last 38 years! I die of old age!
Bhai jaga : Wah piang eh! dun shout so loud can anot? .. nah take these keys to your kancil and your apartment. ok now go play far far!
*Stewie tulan*
Stewie : Kanneh! kancil and apartment only??!!! oi I pastor you know??!!! you know how many people i convert ledi anot? how many good deeds i done anot?? I at least deserve to have a Porsche if not Ferrari with a Palace to stay in for my services! Are you sure you have not mistaken me with the bus driver just now?
Bhai jaga : Diuuu!! I tell u har! we got many komplen about you ledi ... they all complain ur preaching very boring. So you preach that time they all are sleeping!
Stewie : Diuu!!! then what did the bus driver did to deserve all that luxury?
Bhai jaga : aiyah ... lemme tell u lar .... the way he drove, no one dare to sleep ... they all prayed!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us WUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Dont say Wingz no tell you, if you see KL bus coming at high speed then fast fast give way!!! if not you will got chance to see that Bhai Jaga sir ledi!



  1. This is really damn 9 funny! Muahahha!!

  2. Anonymous2:56 am

    HAHAHAHAHAA! This is what I call pwnage. Sorry for Stewie :p

  3. LOL!!!
    not only the passengers but anyone, just anyone who encountered the BUS

  4. maaahaaaii

    wingz u jaga sikit... soon soon i will kenakan u back!

  5. LOL..Yaya..Its true..Evytime I'm on the bus, i alwiz pray.Coz those cb driver drive like he is driving a 'bigger version of ferrari'

  6. wahahaha. damn funny. wahahahaha. sit bus here oso damn scary. driver like kap si only.

  7. hohoho.. after bayee fuck your backside.

  8. Anonymous10:02 am

    Rolling on the floor laughing out loud!!!!

  9. HAHAHAhahaaa...
    WINGZ, you gave me a cheerful morning. Good one !

  10. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Wingz, how is your dad doing?? recovering well I hope. Also, would like wish SCB a speedy recovery too since there wasn't any news on her for a week now.

  11. AGHHHHH! ini pun boleh ah, piak piak! LOL, cheers!


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