10 May 2006

Top 13 Signs Your Wife Dont Give a Shit Bout You!

So very the sorry, this is not a joke .... this is my personal rant! I just need to get this outta my chest right now. Also for those who will be getting married soon, at least you know what to expect *soon*

I wanna do this ala Simon Templer style .

  1. She knew you hated shopping but this time she used her mum's name to get you to go!
  2. She knew you wasnt feeling too well, she not only did not offer to go home ealier but she nstead she leave you looking after your son while she enjoys her shopping with her mum.
  3. You told her you wanna goto the cafe to sit down and have some meatballs while she shops but the moment u sat down with your meat balls she call you on your handphone and tell you that they are leaving. Its only been 10 minutes since we got here!!!! What about my fucking meatballs??? do you care how much trouble i gone thru just to get those meatballs? I gotta carry your shopping bag, my own backpack, hold my son and the food counter are self service! Meaning i gotta carry the farking tray with both my hands! yea ... so i gotta hold my son, carry my backpack with a sore shoulder, carry your farking shopping bag and carry the food tray! How many pair of hands do you think i got? I must have looks like a clown the other day .... not to mention i m not eating alone ok?! i gotta feed my son too? Oh i forgot ... you dont remember that u got a son rite?
  4. You told her again your shoulder hurt very much and your legs hurts too but she pretend she didnt hear that and continue to leave the kid with you while she goes on with her shopping.
  5. Your brother in law gets to leave early because he got something to do but you hafta stay even tho you dont feel good.
  6. You told her you AGAIN you dont feel good but she insist she hafta get more eggs! as if the groceries store around the neighbourhood dont sell eggs!
  7. You completely forgot that your husband is in pain while you shop.
  8. You completely forgot that you got a son while you shop.
  9. You refuse to drive home knowing your husband shoulder is in great pain by saying "We are so far away from home and I dont know the way back!" If you dont know your way back, WTF you come so far away to shop??!!!
  10. I m angry not because I lost my way! I am angry because you dont give a fark about me!
  11. Groceries shopping is not considered as shopping. They are just going out to buy groceries only!
  12. You can go back to your parents house 4 times a week and you still havent spent enuff time with them.
  13. You can walk 5 hours non-stop while shopping and never complained that you are tired. But how often you willing to spent 2 hours watching vcd with me without telling me that you are getting sleepy?
There I said it! Now go back to work!


  1. *hands Wingz a glass of ice water and quietly walks off*

  2. *Sets up a fan near Wingz and quickly run away*

  3. Relaks relaks...

    Next time, meatballs on me, ok?

  4. Chillz dude...
    rilek rilek la..

    feel goods after bombarding, eh?

  5. Eh! Quickly, quickly watch your son....dun let him run all over the shopping mall.

  6. Anonymous2:13 am

    Welcome to the club...seems like you are a new member ah...must be married, no no, I meant member for less than 10 years??

    Have you tried this, if not it is coming:

    You come home from work the last 10+ years and read the newspaper. One fine evening, you got fark for coming home and not helping, but only know how to relax and read the farking newspaper.

    But after all, cards, very small diamonds, and lots of flowers work wonders. Hope it works for you.

  7. Anonymous2:31 am

    LOL it's about you rightt?? right right right??:D

  8. aiyah... just because she wanted to shop and you had shoulder pain didn't mean tht she doesn't love you...She loves you too much.. sometimes we the women are a bit difficult to handle lah..we can get blinded a bit, especially if our mother is with us..who by the way never understands what we see in our 'good for nothing' husband mah!!

  9. Yo.Wingz, dun scare me wo..Really like this 1 meh?!

  10. hahaha...who ask you to go shopping with your wife?

  11. I see I see, I think there are times in a marriage when we all encounter the lows.... it is good to have an avenue to rant abt it then we move on.... so unkle wingz, your rant is most welcome, we are here to listen and understand you.... feeling better? btw, cannot go 2 work la in the middle of the nite... hehehe. God bless brother, keep the peace! Cheers!

  12. I should reconsider getting marry... she loves to shop too

  13. reported in the sun newspaper today: "there is a sudden drastic drop in the number of couples registering for marriage and a high increase in sudden pull-outs. the department is investigating why".......:-) *tiptoe away if not nanti kena tembak by wingz"

  14. ur not alone lah, i feel that way too sometimes!

  15. Anonymous1:51 pm

    whoa, cool... cool... jgn marah...

  16. everytime i go shopping, i will carry my 1 year old and leave the 4 year old with my wife, wife dont nag and i'm left with a broken arm carrying my son for 3 hours, if he fall asleep.
    i'll let him run awhile, if i'm too tired.
    i can live with a broken arm but not constant nagging.

  17. Oops! Dunno why its raining but suddenly feels so hot around here???? Is it possible that you didn't protest hard enough. Sometimes the wife cannot read your mind. You should say "I am tired. Can we go home NOW???!!" Hahaha. Thank you for ranting. I shall remember this scene the next time hubby goes round carrying shopping bags with one arm and a sleeping baby over another while he goes around to look for the shopping mall directory I lost yet again! :P

  18. hahaha, the desperate husbands club

  19. 5xmom : ice water knot put out my fire lehhh

    flyz : fan also melt larrr

    jason : dunwan liow the meatballs sucks not nice anymore!

    kahw : no wor ... if no go shopping lagi best!

    cocka : lucky lar my lil devil dun dare to run amok while i m there lol

    tux : then u shud ask her "wanna switch position anot?" i work at home n u go work outside ... then u kambek read newsapaper i farkiu lol

    jayelle : no worrr not me laaa dun be silly lol!

    immigrant : wuah u go so big round to tembak me mehh lol

    youngbrat : hahaha u just wait n see la!

    ahpek : she use modar in law mia name .. how not to go??

    joec : u kahwinEd ledi anot yet ?

    inevitable : wuah!!! think carefully 1st ler!!!

    mslenglui : hahaha my blog where got so big effect wei!

    wuching : brader i can feel you brader!!!

    terence : Welokam to the club!

    simon : this time knot step back ledi!!! u on whose side wan?!!!

    ducky : how nice if all wives comes with a *mute* button hor ? hahahaha

    mumsgather : 1st i hint hint la later i terang terang tell ledi .. but she turned into a shopping monster ledi so its too late liow! she cant even remember her won surname liow lol maybe i stio start a all men club ... against slavery during shopping trip!!!

    5xmom : u wanna join our club anot ??!!

    all for the club say AYE!

  20. pray hard that i wont do that to my husband....
    oh god

  21. Wah liu, lucky I still young and unmarried. Will think twice next time :D

  22. hmmm good thing my gf dun like shopping...


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