3 May 2006

Don't you just love ah lians??

Lian Huay is a freaking rich but dumb dumb ah lian who is studying in an ah moh country. She is sexy and drives a nice red sport car.

One day, while she was speeding on the road as usual, she was asked to stop aside by a police officer.

police officer (po): I pulled you over coz u were speeding miss. Can I have your license please?

Lian Huay (LH): *Hand over her license to the police officer* Nah..

po: Now may I see your registration?

LH: Regis-tra-tion?? What's that?

po: It's usually in your glove compartment.
After some fumbling, Lian Huay found the registration.

po: Give me a minute miss. I'll be back.

The police officer then got back to his car and phoned into the dispatch to run a check on Lian Huay's license and registration.

The dispatcher then sensed something familiar from the informations that the police officer gave. He then asked the police officer, "Is this Lian Huay a sexy asian girl who drives a red sport car?"

"Yes.." Replied the police officer.

The dispatcher then told the police officer, "Now.. you go back to her.. give her all the stuff back.. and drop your pants.."

The police officer then got back to Lian Huay. He gave back the license and registration back to Lian Huay and drop his pants.

Lian Huay looked at his kkc and sighed.. "Huh.. yao mou kao chorrrrr!! Not another breathalyzer!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! anyone knows where Lian Huey living now anot? I wanna befrend with her la!!! lol

  2. Hahahahahaha, crazygrrrlll veli veli funny lor. Oi, Rojakz, you better hari-hari kasi crazygrrll post lah.

  3. bwahahah. lawak giler...

    wingz, you can retire liaoz.

  4. LOL..Lian Huey come back to M'sia ard ar?!

    Then mayb i can be 1-day trafficker sin..Then can ask blow breath analyszer...

  5. how the hell did you come up with such a nice name? lian huey. hahahahahaa!!1
    wings, lu tak bolih cari makan liao lah.

  6. i want to be friend wif lian huey too!

  7. Anonymous11:31 am

    Kakakakaka!!! Good one Crazygrrrl.
    I oso wanna meet Lian Huey too.!
    Now Wingz can spent more time in his
    forum liao.

  8. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Copy and paste the joke from the e-mail issit?

  9. ahahaha....funny :P

  10. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Too bad I'm not a policeman, otherwise I wanna test her using my breathalyzer also. But hor, should ask her to suck or blow? Wuahahha...

  11. wingz, one of the ah moh countries. u go n find 1 by 1 lar.. LOL

    lilian, hari-hari??!! -_-"

    boss stewie, cannnnnnn.. follow wingz.

    quicksilverlining, glad that u like it but no, he cant retire yet. hehe

    young brat, dunno wor.. but u can follow wingz they all go find her..

    ah pek, lian huay = ah lian + ah huay mer.. lol!!

    wu ching, join wingz n the rest ler.. or maybe she's in melbourne living juz next to u. LOL!!

    aceone118, u all semua hamsap people can go join wingz's "kempen cari lian huay" hahaha!!

    hijackqueen, u got exactly the same 1 in email b4? soli lar.. wait till i bcome professional comedian.. then i post my original joke ler.. ok?

    nicktay, :)

    bryan, u can ask her suck.. can ask her blow.. fan zhen she dumb dumb 1.. kakaka!!


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