12 May 2006

of Wedding Bells and Birthday Brownies

On this day another fler bites the dust lol! Fler blogger TerenceGoh decided to tie the knots and surrender his manhood to his beloved wife .... he is forever hers!!! All his base belongs to his wife!!! My Heartiest Congratulations!!!

Also another fler blogger decide to be born on this day also .... Happy Birthday to our good frend Little Miss May and many happy returns.

After so many pieces of good news why am I still feeling crappy? ....... becoz my wife sms-ed me this morning and said i should apologise to her for what happened on Sunday!!! WTF!!! kena tortured n neglected ledi then hafta apologise??!!!! Halo! I m nice but, that doesnt mean I m a sucker ok?! U dint apologise to me sommo you want me to apologise to you?! WOMEN!

My life sucks! The End!


  1. aiyah wingz.. be a genitalment and apologize 1st lor. nothing to lose wht..

  2. Anonymous2:41 pm

    And where is THE Photo, arh?!!... What colour first?.. Hurry, kancheong already.

  3. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Give and take lor.!!

  4. commander needs apologies .......kena buat jugak bro

  5. Dunno la, sometime u gip, sometime she gip, gip some here gip some there, gip here and there.... if can gip gip u gip la if cannot lor then raba raba la until hot hot :) need to hold summit talks ah?

  6. If u lup her then u gip la, if she lup u then she understand la, where is the lup and how much is the lup to u and her?

  7. c'mon brader, us men always have to bite the bullet & apologise for the sack of peace lah. we r not as hormonal as them!

  8. NO! No! NO! We man cannot apologise wan!!!! apologise oredi next time somemore where got place to stand?!!!

  9. You still sleeping on the outside verandah ar??

  10. Anonymous12:35 am

    first, second time...sorry sorry...
    later lama lama always say sorry, the women will say what u know...'u always say sorry, never mean it oso say sorry, u think i wat... 5 years old ah'... that's why lah.. left oso wrong right oso wrong.. makan loti loh...

  11. I rather lose a few words( and say sorry) than lose the peace of mind la..

  12. hey bro...~
    come on, apologise to her first then start to nego with her lo.. tell what u felt that day.

    if nego fail then nego another day la.. things have to be solved mah.. if continue this way i think it will come to worst..

    Man punya pride is important, we are the leader in the house somehow have to give and take no matter wat.

    cheers bro..

  13. seng kor : wuah ... once u apologised then for the rest of ur life u will hailat liow lol

    lb : she dun lemme take laaa

    aceone : all da while i give she take ... this time no cant do

    foodcrazee : no sir!

    joec : if i give that means she dun lup me lar izzit ?

    wuching : knot everytime let her win one .. especially shes the one at fault!

    ahpek : wah caya sama lu! mch apologise ledi next time where got place to stand sommo?

    jomel : how nice if what you said is true ... but reality oftens go against theory ...

    helen : no la the house is mine!!! i no kick 9 her out kira i good ledi ok?!!

    anon : dats why i dunwan say soli laa!!!

    immigrant :no cant dooo!!!!

    kahwee : if u apologise hor ... that means i goan suicide ... i dont plan to die yet!

  14. Eh, say sorry satu kali, dua kali, never mind. Later panjat atas kepala how? You know what I would if I am in Mrs. Wingz's shoe? Laukai until I got tired and then, kwai-kwai crawl back and give bj. LOL. After that, sure get diamonds. Worth it, you know? Of course, you can never trust a word I wrote.


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