19 May 2006

Ahbeng Finally Said It!

Was in IJN the whole day, oldman already admitted ... surgery will be on this weekend. Thanks for all the help give by fler bloggers Luncheon-meat, Eggy, Shiryen, Zara Mama, Linpeh and many others .... my oldman is getting more n more depressed by the day, so we decided to burn a HUGE hole in our pocket and discarded all the cheaper alternative (which apparently will takes longer). Money can find again but oldman only got one so .... I wish the operation will be smooth and oldman is gonna be well again! *Namo Amitabha*

What i been thru today kinda reminded me of an old jokes i came across sometime ago ....

There is this Ahbeng diagnosed with final stage cancer and his doctor told him that he is not curable anymore on top fo that Ahbeng only have a few more days to live only.

Ahlian, Ahbeng 's wife were devastated! she was with Ahbeng throughout his last few weeks. she was there all the while till the last few minutes.

The time is near for Ahbeng .... he knew this is his last few minutes and he wanna get something off his cheast before he leave for good. He gathered all his leftover energy and said ...

Ahbeng : Laupoh ar ... you have always been by my side through all the bad times, through all my troubles in life. Everytime I failed you were there .... *cough cough*

Ahlian : Laukung .. dont say lidat ler *sob sob sob* we married so many years ledi still need to kira meh? You rest lar laukung, dont tok so much ... rest and get well ... *sob sob*

Ahbeng : No Laupor ... lemme get this off my chest now, i know i dont have much time left ....

Ahlian : *CRY!!!* Laukung dont say lidattttt!!!!! *wailss*

Ahbeng : Laupoh ... dont cry ... listen to me first, I wanna finish this before i go ....

Ahlian : ok Laukung I listening ...... *sniff sniff*

Ahbeng : Laupor ... when I got fired from my jobs, you were there ... when my business chap lap also you were there ..... when I lost the house also you were there .... when I kena heart attack also you were there .... I kena declare bankrupt also you were there ..... when doctor told me I got cancer also you were there ... *cough cough cough cough n take deep breath*

Ahlian : I know I know .... I will always be there for you .... its my duty as your wife. *sob sob*

Ahbeng : Waitt... wait ... i havent finish yet .... lemme finish first .... everytime when things gone wrong you were also by my side .... I wanna tell you this long time ago but only now i got the courage to tell you .... *cough cough cough*

Ahlian : No laukung no need tell one *cry cry* I understand one ... this kinda things no need tell .. no need tell ....

Ahbeng : Laupor .... lemme finish this please *cough cough* you were alwasy there by my side when thing goes wrong ... you wanna know what I thinking now ?

Ahlian : Laukung please tell me what you thinking now ..... I wanna know ..... *CRY*

Ahbeng *COUGH COUGH COUGH ... with his last breath Ahbeng said*

Ahbeng : I think you are bad luck la! *Dies*

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  1. ah lian said:(shout loudly)
    MCH.... you gamble all day where got money!sam more you Bkam bookie in football! you think you got money meh?

  2. ah lian said: (shout loudly)
    MCH... you bet heavily on Arsenal, you think I dunno meh??

    P/S: Have faith, the operation by-pass will be a successful one on your oldman.

  3. Anonymous3:49 am

    Wingz, thank you for providing all the humours even when you are going through tough times. I am sure your dad's operation will be a success and you will share the good news with us next week ya!!

  4. Anonymous4:06 am

    Everything will be fine for your father.

  5. aiks. I tot I read this b4 from Rojaks.No meh?! Ah Lian really cham.Like that aso kena blame..

    *Wingz,ur old man sure fine.

  6. don't worry too much lah bradder. heart ops nowasdays very common. no problem wan lah!

  7. Ahahaha... very funny indeed!

    Anyway, all the best with your father's operation. Take care...

  8. aiyoyoyo, ini macam also can cerita wan meh... teruk punya rojakz....

    Anyhoo, all the best in that heart op there.


  9. Don't worry man, no matter what is the outcome, be strong!!
    We sappot you!

  10. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Hi Wingz,

    I like reading your blog and it makes me laff!!!
    Everything will fine with your father's operation. Take it easy.

  11. Ahbeng like all men.. don't know how to feel grateful for all the blessing of having a good wife.


    Hope you ah pah will get well soon

  12. Aiyoh, this guy said it out, sure die even faster. Must kena rat poison. lol

  13. pisang : knn ahbeng die ledi larrr Ahlian toking to who?

    ace : thanks

    tux : tenkiu for your kind wishes

    lp : tenkiu vehlee much

    young : no ler never blog bout this b4 ... thanks

    ahpek : taikor dun wanna worry also knot lar ... oldman also worry ... poket also worry sigh*

    ian : tenkiuu

    joec : thanks

    inevitable : will you contribute to my oldman by pass fund anot ?

    anonymous : thank you

    zmm : but ahbeng is dying wor! anyway thanks for your well wishes.

    helen : but ahbeng sei 9 jor worrr rat poison to poison who ler ? :P

  14. my prayer is for ur papa man.

  15. Anonymous3:53 pm

    I sappot you all the way! Your old man will be fine.

  16. Anonymous4:03 pm

    hope ur father will be allright.
    keep the strong heart to blog .
    we all support u
    the ah beng ohhh o c tak keluar, say the floor is keras lor
    by willlll

  17. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Your papa will be alright.
    I'll remember him in my prayers, be strong. ^_^

  18. he's always in my prayer. *hugzz*

  19. all the best wif ur dad! cheerio!

  20. *smacks rojaks's head*
    Like this oso you can joke somemore. But true lah, tell your old man, he namyantaicheongfoo, save that ahpoh so now, sure everything smooth-smooth wan lah. All da best! God bless!


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