15 May 2006

Ahpek and his Hatyai 3 Day 2 Nights Tour

End of last year Ahpek managed to get permission from his wife to let him go to Hatyai, Thailand. He used all the method available .... he begged, he cried, he even try suiciding and at last he managed persuade his wife to give him the license to join the 3Days 2Nights Hatyai tour with Linpeh

Its really the 1st time for Ahpek to be in Hatyai, he bloody excited la of coz .... after 8 hours of bus ride he and Linpeh arrived in Novotel Hatyai, they both have a room to themself and this Linpeh sneaked out leaving Ahpek all alone as soon as they check into their own room.

Ahpek then walk up n down dem kau panic .... because 5 minit ago he just took 1 bijik of viagra, he thot Linpeh will bring him out and get some action one ma! mana tau that farker curi curi go out dun let him know!

Ahpek walk up .. walk down thinking on what he should do next ... as he was walking up and down he suddenly saw this piece of "Advertisement card" on a table next to the bed. Wuah! he dem kau happy i tell you .... below is the card he found on the table beside the bed.

Without thinking (because he sked the viagra effect habis liow then he rugi la!) he grab the phone and fast fast dial 056-236452 .... the phone is ringing!!! Ahpek thot "Wuah!!! FAT DAT LAR!!!"

*TooT TooT* - (phone ringing lar! this is the sund effect! diu)
Girl : Helo
Ahpek : Helo! You derno how happy I am to hear your voice!
Girl : Thank you! What can i do for you sir?
Ahpek : I want a girl! please send a massage girl to my room in Novotel room number 967
Girl : Massage girl??!!!
Ahpek : err ... ok, I'll be honest ... I dont want a massage girl! I want a kinky girl that will have wild passionate kinky sex with me! Oh! please ask her to bring all her own kinky toys ok? I want leather whips, chains, handcuffs, candles, dildos etc... I want you to tie me up and drip wax on me, then I want you to whip my ugly ass and make me cum!!!
Girl : That sound very exciting sir.
Ahpek : You bet! Now please send her to my room ASAP! I just took viagra and looks like I m gonna get erection very soon!
Girl : Sir, thanks for telling me all that, but if you wanna dial an outside line, may i suggest you press the number "9" first then followed by the telephone number you wanna dial. By the way .... this is the Hotel's telephone operator you are speaking to.
Ahpek : OMFG!!!!! *Dig a Hole to hide his face*



  1. eeyerrr.. lin peh so bad 1.. left 1st timer ah pek alone.. somemore he so blur 1.. LOL!!

  2. Anonymous9:33 am

    this is a funny one.

  3. Anonymous10:09 am

    bodoh+bangang+pekong best descibe you...

  4. Anonymous11:10 am

    Oi, Pai(Go) Hatyai Samwan SongKhen (3D2N)quite quite ar?? Next time call me oso la, Duii.


  5. anonymous : diuniahmahchowfhai diuniahyeemowhamhailan diuleilowdausangfahlau diuleiloupohhuijoukai diuleiahpohfantaukah

  6. lol at wingz scolding anon

  7. kehkehkeh, ahpek so innocent ah? Dunno how to call chicken oso?

  8. Anonymous10:35 pm

    I thought the operator will offer herself for the service too? :O :O :O :O

  9. ah pek always go to hatnai he dunno how to call chick meh?

  10. This is a work of fiction.
    Because I don't believe ah pek dunno how to kiew kai in haatyai.


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