28 May 2006

Voices From The FIFA World Cup 2006 Herbert Gronemeyer Celebrate The Day

I found it! FIFA World Cup 2006 Official Song in Yingrish wan!!! This song is called :

"Celebrate The Day" by Herbert Gronemeyer

Link to the song HERE


Please make sure you are adequately prepared for this FIFA World Cup Hibernation Party, Here is the Check List :-

  1. 10packs x 30 sachets x 50gm Big Nescafe 3 in 1 Rich? - √ Checked!
  2. FIFA Ahbeng Song? - √ Checked!
  3. FIFA German Song? - √ Checked!
  4. FIFA Yingrish Song? - √ Checked!
  5. Bookies Telephone numbers - √ Checked!
  6. AhLong Telephone numbers - √ Checked
  7. Ambulance Telephone numbers (just in case of heart attack) - √ Checked!
  8. New 50" Samsung Plasma TV - √ Checked!
  9. Wife safely locked inside the room - √ Checked!
  10. Kids all safely locked too? - √ Checked!
  11. Fake MCs with random serial numbers all Scanned and Printed? - √ Checked!
  12. ADIDAS Football ready? - √ Checked!
  13. Favourite Jersey Washed ledi? - √ Checked!
  14. Maggi Cup Noodle masuk stock ledi? - √ Checked!
  15. Friends Invited ledi? - √ Checked!
  16. Bought Enuff Snacks and Coke? - √ Checked!
If all the above checked ledi then you are ready to RAWK N ROLL!!!!

FIFA here we come!!! OLEE OLEEE OLEEEE!!!


  1. can borrow ur 50" plasma tv ah?
    it's missing in my check list worl

  2. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Electricity bill paid anot?? Checked!
    Air-con working anot?? Checked!
    Spare TV just in case 1st wan kantoi ledi?? Checked!

    Checked lists all CHECKED.

  3. Anonymous12:02 am

    TV signal very clear anot? Checked!
    Broadband service working anot (to check latest result mah)? Checked!
    Excuses to take leave enough anot (in case MC doesn't work)? Checked!

    Alright, set! World Cup 2006, here I CUM!

  4. you all forget 1 more thing..

    astro bill pay anot? NOT!
    faster pay mah later kanot see

  5. Anonymous1:45 am

    I set alleddyy! Cannot wait woh...

  6. Anonymous1:51 am

    Weii,, remember to place your bet through Latuk Wingz or Lin Peh. Karantee can get money wan coz skool tat time oso bookie liao. Many years liao kira boleh caya lar.LOL.

  7. oi, bradder, your fever is getting worse by the day leh.


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