7 May 2006

Whats in my handbag? A meme for a Dear Friend

I was reading a meme in helen's blog about the kinda stuffs a woman got in her handbag, then one blog leads to another and i read 4 blogs so far doing this meme ( simplyhantam, 5xmom, lilmissmay & Helen) I somehow felt obliged to do this for a friend of mine who I think would probably do it herself if shes not in coma now.

I think Im destined todo this meme on her behalf .... its kinda like I m the chosen one lidat la! it so happen that 3 days before she fell unconcious she showed me whats in her handbag and i took several pictures of it. So i decided to do this meme for her.

Please take note that this is not my handbag! this handbag belongs to my dear frend - Scb.

ok lets get on to the questions

What’s the regular handbag you carry?

This one! Soli i derno whats the brand and derno what make and model also.... i just have the pikture of the bag. Maybe u guys can tell me what brand is this handbag?

What’s inside?

errr.... got this low calories artificial sugar "Equal"

and ...

Wallet, lighter, Salem Light, comb, face blotter, plaster, slimming pills, makeups, lipstick, etc ....

-End of meme -

Looking at those pics, it makes me felt like it was just yesterday we met ..... for those who are there, I am sure the memory is still fresh .... its like only yesterday we met her....

I heard from someone that she had been transfered back to ICU due to some complications .... i will keep praying for her.

Its time like this that makes you feel how lucky you are to be well and be with your love ones and family.

Have a great weekend everybody!



  1. Anonymous9:48 am

    you took pictures of her handbag contents that night when she was emptying it out? heheheh! well, whaddya know... it's great that you could do this meme on her behalf. she would've obliged herself, for sure. thanks for sharing. and keep the prayers going.

  2. any lastest news?

  3. thankz for doing the meme

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Yes bruder ! It was just like yesterday :-(

  6. so coincidental that you took those pictures.
    So thoughtful of you to do this meme on her behalf.

  7. This is sweet:-)

    I wish SCB all the best.

  8. keep praying for her. effect of her meme is deep....cb scb

  9. Anonymous11:27 am

    That is very nice, sweet and thoughtful of u wingz...as u sed, it's as if "destined" dat u got a look in her bag.

    let's keep on praying for her.

  10. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Pray for her, get well soon SCB.


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