4 May 2006

The Other Side of the River

Once upon a time there is 2 Ahbengs going out for a walk by the river, 1 Ahbeng is call Pisang and anoder fler is call Kahw33 (dun ask me why they got funny name ler .... they are Ahbeng mah remembered??)

Then come to 1 point of time where Pisang saw Kahw33 on the opposite side of the river, so Pisang also call out to his ahbeng frend Kahw33 la!

Pisang : Kahw33 !!! Kahw33 !!!
Kahw33 : oi Pisang Hamisu ?
Pisang : Kitaro? (no! not the musician la! this kitaro is hokkien means where u going)
Kahw33 : Go dinner la! u want follow anot?
Pisang : Want want!

Pisang then look around and cant seems to able to find a way to the other side of the river. He then ask Kahw33

Pisang : Oi Kahw33 ! how do i get to the other side of the river??
Kahw33 : KNN!!! what question you asking la?! you are alredy on the other side of the river ledi what ??!!


  1. ::smack on the forehead::

  2. hmm...*smack head again*

  3. not only zha dou...can jump river ard..

  4. *slaps wuching forehead again*

  5. Anonymous8:43 pm

    stoopid pisang la deng~
    he go eat pisang lah~ no need dinner


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