27 May 2006

of Flash Flood in KL and Massive Traffic Jam !!!

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5:30pm Kuala Lumpur
FLASH FLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!! mahkahai!!! All the longkangs not working!!! Those farkers know how to ask for this cukai, that cukai but longkang also cant fix! Mahakahai !!!!! Ask a few banglas come cut grass then charge kau u a few hundreds buck! lidat I also can do lar!

We paid so much cukai but we gotta live with crappy drainage systems??!!!! OI! who da fark telan all da money ledi??!!! Faster tell!!!! YAMAFULAT!!!

Mintak luit panai lar! Makan luit lagi panai! Cakap manyak, kerja tarak! pukitiang lu! ini naik, itu naik! Today because of your imcompetencies I waste half a tank of petrol! Can i farking sue you for it?! not to mention my 2 hours stuck in the jam!!! if there is 10,000 cars on the road today how much would it all worth? (time, money, petrol, phycological tortures and vehicles wear & tear) Who gonna pay for all that??!!! You pay ar? MCH lu!!!



  1. Anonymous1:23 am

    Kena stucked at Sg Buloh. Pui..Puiii..

  2. yeah, there was a thunderstorm in JB too, but while you farkers were getting caught in the jam, I was having a nice char guat session. Why go back so early? After all going to kena stuck in the jam.

  3. *gives chill pill to Rojakz*
    Heng tai, cool down ler. Weekend liao, lepak at home, naked. No use petrol, no need fan and aircon. Don't on TV, PC, sindiri pigi buat lu mya own porn.

  4. Anonymous3:18 am

    Haha... Can understand... I am not a patient person too... Honestly, is that the longkang problem or citizen dumping problem?

  5. It's a conspiracy! Proton probably coming up with an amphibious car soon hence all these floods to ensure we will buy buy buy!

  6. niamah hai punya kerajaan

    reach home then got stucked, fuckin dumb retards doing all the town planning is it now ... or there is not even such thing in the goverment and local council, thats the only probable reason for all the longkang to be so small and gets fill up so fuckin fast everytime there is a slightly longer than usual rain ...

  7. whoaaa..so much the angli..

    nebermind, come visit my hamsap site & u'll feel better!!

    learn fr Cocka la, go char-kuat or chung leong or happy hour or eat "KFC"..

    so angli also hv 2 pay la diuuuuu...

  8. be cool wingz...
    research show that 80% in our life spend in traffic jam and traffic light

  9. Anonymous1:24 pm

    MaCCB - puak long kau. Took me 2 hours to reach home that day. Normally only 45min.

  10. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Dudes, KL is not called "Kuala Lumpur" for nothing. Mayb this is the reason y gahment doesnt want to upgrade those drainage system, to preserve thr ture identity of KL, :)

  11. Anonymous2:25 pm

    true identity, sorry.


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