3 May 2006

Berjasa Untuk Negara but Negara Tarak Remember!

This is a bloody rant, this is where i express all my disastisfactions towards the system and the whole thing that evolves around it!

Was in IJN (Institut Jantung Negara today) bringing my oldman for his scheduled visit to the cardiologist. Our Cardiologist are a very nice doctor, he took the trouble to explain to us what our options are and how we should go about things.

He even direct us to the proper channel to get some kinda aid to reduce the cost of the whole triple bypass operation.

We were sent to the admission and we met a nice lady there, the lady also explains to use that we are not gomen servant and we are not entitled to any spesel discount.

Then I told the lady, my dad received a medal from Tunku Abdul Rahman before for his contribution towards the society during his younger days ... doesnt that counts as anything? Wont that be taken into consideration to reduce his operation cost?

The lady very nicely told me that the medal is of no use .... unless my dad can show him his pencen card or else there is nothing she can do to help him. She did suggest we go thru this tabung something but she warn us that the whole thing would take ages. The only problem is my oldman could not wait that long .....

My oldman and his Pingat Peringatan Malaysia

So, from that answer itself I could presume that even tho you "Berjasa untuk Negara" but if you are not a gomen servant then "Negara wont remember".

Maybe someone can prove me wrong? I rest my case.


  1. sorry to say la, but no surprise. and they so surprised that doctors don't want to come back and stuff.

  2. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Remember, you are chinese. That's more easy to explain my man... Sorry to hear that...

  3. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Oh dear, I sorry to hear that.
    Next time election time you know wat to do lar!! Go Rocket Go!!

  4. Anonymous10:59 pm

    melt down and make bullets with the pingat, and give them a good firing! hiaks!

  5. wingz i once too had similiar like your case...
    when i go to subang... it cost 50k.
    thenmy fren told us refer back to UMMC and beg! them to do the operation... and we got it......
    why don't you refer back to UMMC?

    p/s:aceone118 you are DAP pee-pel ah?

  6. Keep praying, keep praying. Other than that, I also tarak petrol mau tambah lagi. You had done all you can, seen all the people others won't have access to, so releks sikit brader...Even the old soldiers oso sometime complaint about being left out of the system.

  7. The 'hor lan sui koi' (bottle cap) tak bolih pakai wan ah?...tiu

  8. Wht M'sia need is a national health service for all free at the point of delivery. OK! I m a dreamer :)

  9. malaysia is very far behind in its health care system for its citizen, should not discriminate against ppl who r not government workers, this is favouritism..very very shameful! u can do something about it with ur vote!

  10. Anonymous10:17 am

    welcome to bolehland!

  11. PPM no good. must have PMC-Puki Ma Cina. Then sure can get spesel discoun wan.

  12. quick : tell me bout it

    wong : lets not bring up racial issue shall we? its the system we should look at not soething else ...

    ace : rocket ka kondom ka ... if its not a gomen for peeple then whats the differences?

    may : no nid melt la ... shove the whole bloody medal up to their a$$ .. bullet too small

    pisang : UMMC is what ar ?? we running outta time liow ler ... knot drag anymore or the risk is gonna go higher n higher

    5xmom: wat to do ... pray and pay la!

    cocka: the hor lan sui koi mou lan yung wan ... kedai besi buruk also dont wanna buy! Berjasa untuk negara!!!

    rub : keep dreaming la ... its good to have dreams lol

    wuching : i think hor ... u seponsor me go aus lagi easy compares the effort that its gonna take to change the system la

    ahpek : something hor .. u no i no enuff liow ... no nid say out wan

  13. Anonymous12:40 pm

    So now you know your next life what you wannabe or where you wannabe or who you wannabe.

  14. wingz, i went to Ijn ystd and i overheard someone said you can ask for discount if the patient is tranferred/recommended from/by gomen hospital. mayb u can double check with the nice lady ...


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