11 May 2006

Can I have 1 Strand of your Beard ?

There is this Bhai (Jaswan singh) that works in one of the department store in KLCC as jaga (security guard la!) This bhai got this well groomed beard that is as white as snow and it does attracts quite a number of peoples all these while but never before he got into a difficult situation untill he met David.

David was a tourist from UK, hes on holiday in Malaysia and was shopping in KLCC when he met Jaswant at the entrance of the departmental store. Upon seing his beard so very the white he walked up to Jaswan and introduce himself and he told him how much he admire his beard. and ask Jaswan's permissin to touch it.

Jaswan at first hesitated but not wanting to dissapoint David he let him touch it.

"as smooth as silk" said David after he touched Jaswan beard, "how does it gets so smooth?" asked David.

"Well there is this traditionally method that we punjabis used which were passed from generation to generation." said Jaswan.

"If you wanna know I could send the details instructions to you by pos" Jaswan added.

"thanks a lot" said David, I have another request said David "Can I have 1 strand of your beard for remembrance?"

"no no no ... knot knot!!! hair is very sacred thing to punjabi, knot give to other people knot! knot! " says Jaswan

David isnt gonna surrender just lidat, he keep on begging and begging and begging untill a big crowds gathers at the entrace to see this funny angmoh begging the jaga. As the crowds grows larger Jaswan is getting worried, hes worried with all this attention the crazy angmoh created he will get fired from his boss later.

So he thot might as well give this gila angmoh what he wants and disperse the crowds before his boss get to know about this commotion.

Jaswan : ok ok will you stop all this nuisance if i promise to give you 1 strand of my beard ?
David : yes I promise!

Jaswan then put his left hand into his pocket try to reach for something .... ater a while of searching he seems to let out a soft "ouch" and pull out a strand of hair.

Jaswan : Nah! here! take it and go on with your shopping! dont disturb me anymore!

*David took the hair and look at it closely ...*

David : hey! this is not what i wanted ....
Jaswan : no no no! sir, its the same, now you got what you want pls go!
David : no no this is not the deal, the deal is you gimme 1 strand of your beard not 1 strand of hair from "other place"
Jaswan : Aiyoyo! same one sir! both also made by the same factory! the one up here (beard) is from the showroom and the one you are holding is from the storeroom! Now go!



  1. Anonymous6:49 am

    hahaha wingz i rurps u! u make my life very the happening. i also wishes to grow beard likes jaswant, but sadly ntg happenings even whens i wet it and feed it lard every morning. APU!

  2. I need no beard. I got it all in my storeroom...

  3. the bayee's name is "diu nia singh!"

  4. or maybe "just one singh" because he give one hair oni!

  5. Anonymous9:10 am


  6. *collapsed on the floor*

  7. LMAO~!
    *Laughing till tears drop*

  8. wingz u've done it again!

  9. muahahhahahahahahhahhahah..sungguh keji

    *gelak guling-guling*

  10. You kena hantam time, I come by again and enjoy the bloodshed, ok?

  11. LOL!! That's a good one!!

  12. Anonymous5:30 pm

    hahaha...good one!

  13. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Kakakaka..laughed till chow kan!!

  14. wingz are bek orledi......
    Bware bloggers he will kena u all!

  15. superb! : wah lau eh u got misai wan dun lafu meeee!!! the beard thingy hor .... u kena apply minyak sapi only will grow one laaa

    inevitable : diuu spare us the details plsssss!!!

    ahpek : ahpek later u kena rogol u dun blame me lerrrr lol

    anon : tenkiu! everytime i see that word i will think of u :P

    joec : why collapsed? u know Jaswan Singh one ka ? lol

    kahw33 : i thot u watch korean drama only will drop tears wan?

    wuching : what i done? what i done? I didnt do it, noone saw anything, you cant prove anything .. :P

    applepie : haha manerlar ade keji oii

    mmh : ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Luffing My Ass Off!

    quick : ok! u scaring me!

    5xmom : tarak lar i tarak make fun of other race this time lol

    crazygrrl : good lehh!!!

    laksa : tenkiu!!!

    aceone : chow kan??!! pakaila minyak angin cap kapak! Sungguh Mujarab! lol

  16. pisang : kanneh put me on table again la!


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