29 May 2006

10 Life's Simple Pleasure

My taikor Cocka tagged 9 me with this meme (does anyone knows actually why izzit call a meme ar? sounded like a gayish name for a tag). Anyway This is one of those simple meme that stupiak people like me would love to do.

here goes!

10 Life's Simple Pleasure
  1. If Petrol would stay the same like 10 yrs ago and gomen tarak corruption so we dont hafta pay the more to feed some greedy farker and buy him helikopter, nice cars and nice hotels!
  2. If Electricty would remain the same price like 10 years ago so we dont have to fork out additional 12% to feed some greedy hamkahlinks.
  3. ALL Monopoly businesses in Malaysia would make lotsa profit so they wont ask the gohmen to slaughter us when they wanna buy new helikopter or new personal island or new cars. (I really derno how da fark monopoly business can lose money also)
  4. If everyone are allowed to voice their dissatisFARKtion by gathering PISSfully in front of KLCC without being beaten up till head also bocor by those *Mafia*
  5. If the trehpik Pohlis would be more efficient in controlling the bad behaviour of Malaysian Driver and make driving on KL road alot safer rather than always do illegal road block and ask for *u no wat la!*
  6. If only the number of TOLL-ed road are as little as 10 years ago. 10 years ago as long as your car got petrol u can go anywhere within KL even tho you dont have any money with you but now, you can have a full tank of petrol but if you no money in your pocket you aint going anywhere far dude!
  7. If the road is wider than 10 years ago, then I wont be stuck in the traffic jam for a freaking hour before i hit home. Numbers of cars are increasing on a daily basis but the road remained the same size just like 10 years ago.
  8. If Cost of living remained the same like 10 years ago. 10 years ago 10 bucks are enuff to buy 4 economy lice + 4 cina teh ais, now 10 bucks not enuff to buy breakfast for 2 also!
  9. If my oldman is a rich latuk, then i dont hafta worry about all these!
  10. If I m still a kid then i dont hafta worry about all this shit!
If only life is as easy as this .... *sigh*

I wanna tag 9 somebody this time! I wanna tag sama :
1. MenJ
2. Fat4
3. Mack Zul
4. MageP
5. Rajan


  1. now wingz tag9 same itu orang mia very flee 4 blogging mia orang itu mia blog

  2. Oi, people ask u about 10 simple pleasures lah. why u give 10 complains?

  3. AhWingz started a new meme by eksiden, I think.


  4. yalo! like ah pek said, 10 pleasure lah not komplain komplain ajak!

  5. Oiii, lu ada betul ka tarak betul? Ppl tok pleasure lu pulak tok komplain.LOL

  6. heheh
    i don't think i've ever seen mack zul do a meme

  7. Komplen also can give pleasure hor?

  8. hehehehhee - his pleasure is complaint mar

  9. oikz...y'all dunno meh
    komplain to wingz is pleasure la
    makahai,can reach orgasm 1 leh
    dun play play hor...

  10. Anonymous9:36 pm

    hahaha...complaint instead of pleasure...zli

  11. Tiu, I should have read your blog before tagging you again .... damn

  12. i think you must tag lim kit siang blog lar .....

  13. frostier : kanneh lu mia till my head also pain lol

    ahpek : but but thats pleasure mah! where got komplen ler?

    plink : new meme? but if those things were lidat them my life is very pleasurable wor!

    wuching : just imagine ... if life in msia is lidat pleasurable anot???

    aceone : kanneh lu suma nampak surface ajer ... kena tengok beyond that lar ... rojaks also got dept one u know (sometimes) kakakaka

    boss stewie : hahaha 100% of the ppl i tagged wont do it one la lol

    nyonyapenang : but but mine is pleasure wor IF it happened laa

    foodcrazee : but but i got put "IF" in front of every sentence wat ?

    demon : ok la ok la u got me ... i just cari chance wanna weck garment only

    angel : -_-"""

    invitable : ppl said i sa;ah write ledi ahhh!!!

    pisang : limkitsiang is my heeloh!!!

  14. Anonymous10:07 am

    complains? did you vote CORRECTLY? its the gomen most of the ppl choose lar.


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