25 May 2006

Of Electricity Tariff Increase and Being Fark-ED

I was gonna write something very very very very very the funny tonite! but my mood are gone when i login and read Linpeh post about Electricity going up.

Of coz i hope its just a joke so i decided to visits PPS just to double confirm this piece of bad bad news and I found several other people toking bout it to!

May 24, 2006 14:59 PM

Lim Announces A 12 Pct Average Increase In Electricity Tariff

PUTRAJAYA, June 24 (Bernama) -- Minister of Energy, Water and Communications, Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik Wednesday announced a 12 percent average increase in electricity tariff effective June 1, 2006.



This is what crossed my mind when i found out bout the increase!
  • -WTF wei?!!! We havent been able to fully change our lifestyle to adapt to the latest increase of the petrol price now the gomen is asking us to change our lifestyle again???
  • -WTF wei?!!! Do "they" really care about any of us?? They dont pity us one huh?
  • -WTF wei?!!! Where does all our Taxes money went to?!!!
  • -WTF wei ?!!! Where to find more money to fund theirs expensive hobby lidis?!!
  • -WTF wei?!!! I alredi negative balance every month how to fork out more??!!!
  • -WTF wei?!!! the last 4.4 billions you guys finish liow now kambing back for more izzit?!!
  • -WTF wei?!!! Do they seriously think we are stupid and blind??
  • -WTF wei?!!! How come Monopoly business also can lose money??!!!
  • -WTF wei?!!! How log more you wanna squeeze us lidis??!!!
  • -WTF wei?!!! After Sarawak election only you announce increase la!! kanneh!!!
  • -WTF wei?!!! Do they really thinks that our economy is very the strong ka? Can simply increase price?!
  • -WTF wei ?!!! Use energy more efficiently?? Why dont you show me?! start with you lar! diu! tok is cheap bcoz supplies exceeded demand!
  • -WTF wei?!!! MAHAI!!! increase what fark increase?!!! Goan fark yourself lar you farking daylight robbers!!!! POOHKEY! LUNCHEOW!!! HAMKAHLINK!!!
Those who is FARKING TULAN and FARKING BEH SONG about the increase say "AYE!" let them know we not stupid and we really unhappy ledi!!!



  1. maybe you should consider to come down here for the BBQ..rather than wait till 2007 =D

  2. Anonymous2:23 am

    I have no idea why they don't go and chase those big companies that didn't pay for their multi-million bills. Instead they come for us. KNN!

    I think it's time to change our life style, AGAIN!

  3. AYE !
    Change of life style - suggestions
    Start to use candles at home n watch tele in kopitiam (dun buy kopi)! Remind me of my younger days !
    or Use ur vote wisely next time ??
    y common people like us alwaz got the worse deal ?

  4. i have i suggestions:
    take off all the foof tile then replace with solar cell
    you get free from sun.. not person name sun

  5. pisang : the moment we do that they will impose AP on solar cells ... u think they so easy to let u go ar? All your base belongs to them!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:07 am

    So how did you think they manage to fund the MATRADE building... and also their pockets..

  7. so when incress water?.
    than incressukai pintu..than cukai hantu

  8. Every time i fork out GST and PST here I cry.. thinking abt my home and less tax and now I am feeling like the prson stuck between the devil and the sea.. on one hand I want to return to Malaysia, on the other hand i don't know if I can afford all with the meagre salary i earn back home!

  9. Anonymous3:47 am

    You think that was bad...the increase in my area will be 72% by July 1st.


    By the way, msia government just shot themselves in the foot by increasing petrol by only 30 sens.

  10. AYE..

    Agree with Bryan. Y dun TNB go and chase / sue those dam fuking big company that owe them millions.

    Correct wo. Y after S'wak election only announce tis ar??!!

    Back to "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer"

  11. aiya brader, no need electricity lah..just live like the old days lor!

  12. Sighh... later we will have water, phone, cukai this and that being increased. Inflation will definitely go up followed by interest rate... oh shit really TLMCH!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous10:33 am


    damn tu9lan liao
    mch! everything oso wanna increase

  15. wooweee.. electricity increase!! now got another reason to increase the price of my screws already!! HOU YAEH!

  16. Anonymous11:27 am

    They are encouraging ppl to tempered the meter again. *sigh... Unless your monthly bill is less than RM50 permonth. But that's impossible leh. End of the story, benefit their kakilang lang in the kampung lo.

  17. aper. mahal siut. lucky thing here my rent include letrik otherwise fark kau liaoz lor.

  18. wingz i duuno that all belong to them...
    but i tell you all vote! 4 rocket!!! this time... but i think it still same... la..

  19. Ah Pek
    Ah Pek said...

    wooweee.. electricity increase!! now got another reason to increase the price of my screws already!! HOU YAEH!

    10:52 AM

    Ahpek : Not only increase PRICE OF SCREW but also increase your screws. Watch less TV, screw more often. LOL.

    oi, wingz si heng ah, let si jeh tells you lah (I hope that reply anon's jerk question hor?), time to pack your bag and production line. I heard thai, vietnamese, cambodian mui-muis all very fair, very virgin and very hardworking wor. Pau sai opis, fucktory and home work.

  20. AYE, bugger just increase like tat, sure all the barang increase, time 2 save and time to activate black market project to get back some of my own, why gip when gip and gip we sucked dry while somebody in fat with grease, right? Cheers!

  21. Anonymous3:26 pm


  22. wingz.. in the words of our leaders
    we must "CHANGE OUR LIFESTYLE" some more.

    that means throw away your streamyx and go back to 56k dialup

  23. AYE! AYE!

    Aiyoh! Pain ledi. Everything oso increase. Can eat, eat oso increase.

  24. Tiu ! Use nuclear la !

  25. Anonymous10:31 pm

    coming GE vote for opposition like the urban sarawakian does!

  26. 1st they ask ppl to come back from oversea to serve the country...but then here they r indirectly chasing people away...i really dunno wtf they wan la...n...I WANNA GET OUT OF M'SIA ASAP!! knot tahan them ledi ah...n finally....AYE!!!!

  27. lin peh you said use nuke ar.? they said that take 50 years tomake that hapen then they said 20years.... . they said they still not enough technology.. but i said they wan keep this projek for their grandchildren....

  28. Anonymous12:34 am

    summore they increase at strategic time..WORLD CUP fever....:(

  29. Anonymous1:52 am

    fucking goOmen. when increase petrol saying it will help to lighten the government burden. ask us change lifestyle sumore. now wanna increase electricity. then who's gonna lighten our burden?? oh by the way....this stupid fucked up gaomen has decided to DONATE RM57.6 million (USD16 million) to Pales. wtf??? the whole world reject to give Pales. money is becoz it is suspected as a terrorist country. and our smart people wanna be hero in this. BASTARD....


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