4 May 2006

Ahpek kena conned!!

One day Lilian, a sexy and attractive woman went up to the bar in one of the pubs in a very ulu town and called out to the barman, "Kor kor jai~~~~~~"

The barman, Ahpek got so excited when Lilian called him so he faster faster went over to Lilian. When he arrived, Lilian "hiao-ly" signalled Ahpek to bring his face closed to hers. Lilian then gently caressed his full and bushy beard.

"Lengjai~~~ you manager here har?" Asked Lilian.

"no ler ... manager not here ... hamisu?" Ahpek said.

"Can you get him for me? I need to tok to him la" Lilian said while running her hands up beyond Ahpek 's beard to his hair.

"Kenot ler ... he go home ledi" Replied Ahpek who was damn blardee stim ledi. "What can I do for you jek?" He then asked.

"Yes my dear.. I need you to give him a message" Lilian continued sexily, popping a couple of her fingers into Ahpek's mouth allowing Ahpek to suck them gently.

"Wat.. Wat.. Wat do you want me to tell him leng lui?"

"Tell him that there is no toilet paper in the ladies room"



  1. thats why i never let a girl put anything in my mouth!

  2. the story continue....
    "ah pek got all worked up from the feminine aroma.....tore at Lilian clothes, threw her on the pool table and humped her....."

  3. wahaaahahha omfg ler~

  4. Anonymous8:46 am


  5. Cipet, what have Lilian been doing in the toilet first......

    BTW, go call ScamSam read my latest Ah Lian and Lamb Burger post. And please tiu on my behalf.

  6. Anonymous4:23 am

    Good one !

    Wei wingz, you really can retire liao lah. :p


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