15 May 2006

AhBeng First time Staying in a Hotel

God give women PMS ... what do we guys get? Suicidal mode? I think Im gonna write a book titled "Are all Guys Suicidal?" who wanna buy?!

There is this Ahbeng Friend of mine, (No i didnt say his name is dSaint! if you guessed it then its not my fault!) well he told me a secret about himself.

That time he was newly outta college and he landed himself a job (not because hes capable ok? they just pity him lol) anyway, not even 3 days on the job they sent him to Penang to attend to some problems there. Its was already 6pm when they broke the news to him, he dont even have time to pack, they just send him to the bus stop and he is gone.

The bus ride took about 4 and a half hours and once he arrived he checked into the hotel booked for him by his company. Its his 1st time in a hotel, he never stayed at a hotel before so hes kinda cranky abit.

The check in were smooth and even tho hes cranky but hes hiding it really well .... no one seems to realised its his first time staying in a hotel.

Then the bellboy showed him to his room on the second floor. He got into his room and boy he was impressed! he got so excited he kinda got carried away and forgot that its his first time in a hotel. He lie down on the bed for 20 minutes or so watching tv ....... suddenly he feel hungry, so he thot he wanna go out to get a bite .....

He walked around the room feeling nervous and cranky .... he seems to be looking for something but he is unable to find it! Finally he gave up .... he picked up the phone and made a call to the front desk.

Ahbeng : Hello? hello? this is hotel har?
Front Desk : Yes sir! this is the hotel front desk, what can I do for you?
Ahbeng : How come my room got no exit wan?
Front Desk : I am sure they are exit in your room sir. Have you look properly?
Ahbeng : Yes I did! I cant find it!
Front Desk : Sir, have you try looking for the door?
Ahbeng : Yes .. you see ... there is 3 doors in my room, 1 door i opened liow i can see toilet, then another door i open liow i can see another door.
Front Desk : oh! thats the door connecting your room to the next room sir, that is not the exit.
Ahbeng : There is this last door which i havent open yet.
Front Desk : I think that is the exit sir.
Ahbeng : I dont think so leh!
Front Desk : May I ask why sir?
Ahbeng : Biao (well) .... I think there is someone inside that door, I dont dare to open ler!
Front Desk : Are you sure ??!
Ahbeng : Yala .... there is this sign on the door that says "DO NOT DISTURB" leh!



  1. Wakakazz ROTFLOL!

    Got people so chunchoy wan, ka?


  2. ROTFLMAO!!!

    This is a good one! Sounds like some tai hiong lei staying in hotel for the 1st time.

  3. Die lah, it is 1.30 am and I cannot stop laughing!

  4. dam u wingz i wanna to sleep oledi.
    read your story now i kanot sleep liao.....
    btw it is funny.....
    did he tip the bell boy ah?
    kesian i think he still in front that ah beng room .

  5. wakkakaakaaa!! ah beng so klewer!!

  6. LOL..Nice 1.

    Yalo, so the bellboy still standing in front of the door waiting?

  7. ^%$&$^$&%(*$#&

    Kam Tou Tak?

  8. aiya, cannot blame him lah..he's not very bright wor!

  9. Anonymous10:12 am

    LOL another good one!

  10. wakakakakakakakaaa... this is dem 9 funny LOL

  11. plink : hes ahbeng mah

    cocka : haha when i do this joke that time i also got think ... what if that fler never stay hotel b4? then they wont understand this joke liow!

    5xmom : try luffing urself to sleep ler

    pisang : diu knot sleep go TFK till u r sleepy laa

    crazygrrl : wuah u no nid to sleep one ar ? *winks*

    youngbrat : wah lau eh the bell boy wait so long mehh

    inevitable: duck la duck la ... sometime too concious wont be happy wan

    wuching : ya ler we r toking bout Ahbeng here! lol

    laksa : haha tenkiu!

    5chanyoke : wuah i havent thot till that level yet lol

  12. Anonymous7:32 pm

    tat's some funny shite! :D
    eh write somethin like this everyday lar.. my exam comin.. tense. need to laff. lolz

  13. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Whuahahaha...Sohai AhBeng kena again!!

  14. lolz...this ahbeng damn clever liaw, at least he know how to read english...hehe

  15. did that really happened or wingz u just simply crapped for fun? it's damn funny wei... lol


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