15 December 2005

You know that Xmas and CNY is around the korner When .......

I arrive into the opis around 11am den i saw everybody lepaking outside instead of working inside the factory. So, i wondering whats happening la skali I was told there is no water bcoz both our water meter kena tibai by some PUKI HAMKAHLING who need extra money to buy ganja, heroin to get high or to buy Xmas present for their kids.

MAHFAHAI HAMKAHLING !!! how much can those sohai make if they sell the water meter to the kedai besi buruk ??!!! MAHCHAUHAI !!!!! I curse/sumpah this puki(s) mati kena langgar lori !!!!!!

Now i kena go make polis repot, then goto PUAS and show them the Polis repot and apply for 2 more new meter and the worst thing is I gotta pay them for it!!! Mahai !!!!!!

Whole block mia water meter gone!

Some even the tap also he whacked! so cant stop the water from dashing out anymore!

Xmas n CNY is around the korner .... our economic situation of the country is still like a pile of shit so be extra cautious of your surrounding. Lotsa ppl are in desperate need of money and they are willing to do lotsa nasty stuffs to get it. Take care!



  1. KNNCB! brady hrap, why ppl so like tat wan.... oie, got suspect your ppl ah? how to secure the paip to prevent round II ah? cheers!

  2. Sorry to hear that..... but are you in the spa business or anything to do with washing?? If not, what has the missing pipe to do with lepakking office ppl??

    I'll call Trump and ask him to tell them..."YOu're FIred!" lol

  3. waa new template ka? with EVEN MORE ads? :P

  4. joeC : mahai i m so gonna weld the new meter onto the pipe permanently liow!

    helen : yar my kinda line are water related one ... no water = no bizz

    KY : more ads ?? u sure anottt .. this template less ads laaa

  5. aiyooohhh!!! diu lor! diu! diu! diu! one million dius!!!

  6. litat oso can ah!
    MCCB LJ!
    if the same happen to me ah... tat fler beter be careful... will curse his lj drop off by itself or kena gigit by dogs!!

  7. waaa...pity u. rilek ah dont angry angry

  8. boss, lu mia water meter have to cheng ledi. so yesterday nite i go uninstall it, if not later windows kenot start.

  9. ahpek : lu jual hardware wan rite ? sebijik water meter new one how much ar ?

    eggy : u know any powderfool bomoh anot ?

    applepie : dont angry ? how not to angry ler

    alex : -_-"""

    surfnux : time lidis memang got lotsa ppl do this kinda stuffs one

    wu : eh u go curi other ppl one to gimme larrr

  10. I wonder how much can they sell also. Idiot soh hais !!

  11. eh ok ma.. see gamen hepchu woh!!!



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